Luminox watches pay attention to the desire of watch wearers to see something cool in their timepiece.  The overall look and design of the accessory ought to be sleek enough to seamlessly fit in to any professional atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean that neat little tricks can’t be hidden just below the surface.  That is exactly what you get with this collection.
The casing of your Luminox watch will be made of the top of the line materials, either stainless steel or a composite material.  The thickness of the casing lends extreme protection to the watch face, making sure your timepiece will be rugged enough to stay with you through whatever life brings your way.  Around the outside of your casing you will find raised markings indicating every minute of the hour.  Within that circle of numbers, on the inside of the casing, you will see a circle of markings pointing to the minute numbers.
What sets Luminox watches apart from other name brand watches is that they have the ability to light up in the dark.  Any time you want to check the time after dark without bothering to turn on a light or if you are unable to turn on a light, such as in a movie theater, you will be able to check your Luminox.

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