Corporate Gifts


Why do luxury watches make great corporate gifts?

Luxury watches from brands like Cartier, Gucci and Movado make great corporate gifts for several reasons.

-They impress people.
-They show employees you wish to retain that you can afford valuable products like luxury watches. The implication is that you are successful and there is room for their growth.
-They show clients that you truly value their relationship.
-They don't trumpet your company becuase they don't contain your logo or contact information.The general rule in the world of corporate gifting is that a corporate gift should contain little to no information about the company that is gifting it. It is not meant to be a promotional item! A luxury watch is the perfect understated corporate gift.

When is corporate gifting appropriate?

Suitable occasions to give corporate gifts are as follows:

-An employee achieves a great accomplishment for the company.
-You successfully complete a project for a client, which you are proud to show in your portfolio.
-In honor of a holiday like Christmas or New Years.
-To celebrate an employee or client’s birthday.
-You reach a new level in your relationship with a client.
-A happy occasion in a client’s or employee’s life, like their 25th wedding anniversary.


Why get corporate luxury watch gifts from us?

You know you are getting the best deal with quantity discounting. Our prices are the lowest you will find online. We extend quantity discounts to our corporate customers that purchase a variety of watches at once to gift on one occasion or to gift gradually.

You are not taking any chances because our watches are all 100% authentic and genuine. Imagine this: You purchase a beautiful Cartier watch and your client suddenly discovers that it is not authentic! It does not look very good for your company, does it? Such a scenario will never take place when you purchase a luxury watch from us. All of our watches come with all the relevant paperwork and serial numbers. Our corporate gifting service is top of the line.

As a corporate client, you will receive exceptional service. A concierge will be available to answer any questions you might have regarding luxury watch gift ideas.

You will not have to shop at multiple places because we have such a huge variety of men's and women's watches. Our sports watches are perfect for the active gift recipients, jewelry watches suit the more glitzy types, fashion watches for those who like to be in style, and classic watches will please the more traditional clients or employees. We can cover all your gifting needs in one shot.


Tips on gifting luxury watches...

Stock up on luxury watches so that you get quantity discounting, and always have a stock of gifts ready for different occasions.

Do not despair if you cannot locate a specific watch on our website. We can source products that you are not able to find. A concierge will be available to speak with you about specific watches that you are considering for corporate gifts. We will try our very best to obtain them for you at our amazing low prices.

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