Wryst prototype Airborne watch

Are you looking for a watch as extreme as you are? Whether you prefer diving into the depths of the ocean or out of an airplane, Wryst Airbone watches have you covered. With a mix of materials every bit as tough as you are and a unique look that simply screams “action!,” the Wryst Airbone FW3, FW4, and FW5 watches are the only timepieces that won’t leave you hanging when you need them most.

Luxury watches can be a great investment, but their delicate mechanics can be more of a hindrance that a helpful tool, especially for those who live life to the edge. The Airborne series is reading to break ground and records alike with uber-tough materials and a love of adventure.
These watches are made for the man—or woman—in action. The carbon coated case mimics the toughness of diamonds—one of the hardest minerals on the planet. The carbon coating makes the watch incredibly resistant to scratches and wear and tear.

Keep track of all your movements with the Ronda Startech 3540D quartz movement which powers the three chronograph functions. This is the first quartz chronograph ever to power the counters at the six, nine, and twelve o’clock locations on the dial.
The Airbone watches are made to weather all types of weather and every sort of activity you could dream of. Diving, surfing, waterskiing—if it’s on your bucket list, then this watch is made to survive it.
The watch is not only scratch resistant thanks to its carbon coating, but is also water resistant up to 100 meters and features K1 mineral crystal. The crystal is shatterproof and treated with an anti-reflective coating for extra durability.

This watch isn’t just made to endure adventure, it looks great during and after even the most rugged terrain. The bright colors on the rubber strap add punch to the futuristic design, which looks like a gadget from out of a Mission: Impossible movie. Choose from bright green to solid black, to a wild orange, depending on your preferences.
The unique shape of the face of the watch adds its own sense of character to the watch. The hexagonal shape of the watch is fun and functional and cleanly contains all of the elements of the watch.
Whether you’re surfing the seas or the web, Wryst Airborne watches are your best companion. Tough as diamonds and twice as eye-catching, these watches are sure to keep your adventures running right on time.


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