Christie’s of Geneva to Eric Clapton’s Rare Patek Philippe Watch

Christie’s of Geneva, the luxury auction house founded in 1766 by James Christie, remains one of the most popular showcase for unique and beautiful pieces. The house has now announced that it will auction 310 exclusive watches on November 12, 2012. The experts have predicted and the auction is expected to bring in an impressive $16 million US dollars. There are a lot of pieces that have generated a lot of buzz in this auction, and none more than the ultra-rare Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph from renowned guitarist and blues rock legend Eric Clapton’s personal collection.
Eric Claptons Ultra-Rare Patek Philippe Watch
The International Head of Christie’s watch department, Aurel Bacs, says that “over the past thirty years a combined total of over two million collector’s watches have changed hands via the international salerooms, leading the worldwide community of scholars, collectors, specialists, museum curators and dealers to form, in an official / unofficial way, a list of the ten most significant wristwatches, in their opinion. To make it onto this `all-star list’ a wristwatch has to standout by its historical importance, mechanical complexity, unmatched beauty, original condition, incredible rarity and superior provenance. This autumn we are proud to offer for sale examples which deserve to be placed on that list.” Clapton’s Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph does indeed meet this criteria. The perpetual calendar model was first launched in 1951. Only two watches with platinum casing have been produced since, one being this Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph being auctioned This piece is expected to be auctioned for somewhere between $2.5 – $4 million Swiss Francs.
The legendary guitarist himself, Eric Clapton
This Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 is a perfect combination of design and function and is often regarded as one of the best watches in the world. As popular as the watches are however, they are very rare. Some of the watches are often not even intended for sale but as a celebration of the brand and displayed in museums in Geneva. This platinum 2499 watch being auctioned was first put on sale in 1989 when the firm consigned it to the historical “The Art of Patek Philippe” auction as it celebrated its 150th anniversary in Geneva on April 9. The watch is now being sold again over two decades later. This is truly an exclusive and legendary piece. As mentioned above, it is one of only two Patek Philippe 2499 ever made in platinum. The other Patek Philippe watch is in museum in Geneva.

The Fathers Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s day already almost forgotten and the guy in charge of buying those presents still recuperating we think its time dad got a little appreciation. We want to make it as easy as possible to give Dad the gift he really wants so we put together some of our nicest watches and dropped the prices really, really low. Here are some hand picked watches from the sale, from Raymond Weil, Baume et Mercier and Victorinox we know we have the right gift that will fit perfectly on dad’s wrist. You can take a look at all the watches on sale right here and take an extra %5 off with code DAD2012.















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Romain Jerome Shines with the Moon Invader 40

Romain Jerome symbolizes our achievements with the remarkable Moon Invader 40 watch. Mechanical precision and an inspirational reminder of past moon landings deliver a striking timepiece that calls out for a chance to be appreciated.

The Moon Invader 40 is part of the Romain Jerome Moon Invader Collection which uses authentic lunar elements such as moon dust, fragments of the Apollo XI and fibers from an International Space Station spacesuit. The rounded case is actually made from a union of steel and spare parts from Apollo XI. The four screws and four ball and socket joints that surround the case are reminiscent of the feet of the lunar landing pod. The traditional X pattern on the dial is a lattice array. This design was inspired by the woven metal strands on the tires of the lunar roving vehicles. The beveled case size is 46 millimeters and shows as a pleasantly rounded cushion shape.

The case-back features a grainy moonscape-textured small disk in Moon Silver representing, of course, the moon. Moon Silver is a combination of precious metal with certified and authenticated moon dust. The Moon Silver obtains a unique finish upon contact by the owner. With all these special features and materials, the Moon Invader 40 watch is sure to summon memories and the glory of the lunar mission.

The aesthetics of the dial are unique and create a grid work pattern which is new to the watch industry. The hands and inner bezel rings are coated with superluminova which shows as an exciting blue at night.

The ball and socket joints that represent a lunar landing module are mounted on axles that are moored to the case and hold the lugs of the wrist strap. This allows the strap to adjust to any wrist size. The Moon Invader 40 arrives with four color options: Heavy Metal Auto, Black Metal Auto, TI Auto or Prune.

Romain Jerome was founded in 2004 and has become known for their unique concept of bringing the “DNA of famous legends” into the watch industry. Each of their timepieces pays tribute to an event or special moment of history during the last century such as steel from the Titanic and ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

The Romain Jerome Moon Invader 40 watch is a fascinating concept that has been captured and brought to life on the wrist. A chance to claim a piece of history may be enough to tempt watch aficionados but the exceptional design and characteristics of the Moon Invader 40 will provide a definite lure.

Roundup of our favorite Swiss Legend watches (Plus huge sale!)

Swiss Legend is becoming an increasing relevant brand as it continues to provide some great looking watches but without the large price tags. We decided to put together some of our favorites from their huge collection. You can see them all here on our Swiss Legend page and let us know in the comments which ones are you favorites!

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SWISS LEGEND SL Pilot Chronograph 22828.BB.01
SWISS LEGEND Eograph 30041.YG.06
SWISS LEGEND Neptune Women’s 11844.WWRA
SWISS LEGEND Eograph 30041.GM.014
SWISS LEGEND SL Pilot Chronograph 22828.YG.010
SWISS LEGEND Commander Women’s 10114.YG.02
SWISS LEGEND SL Pilot Chronograph 22828.BB.01.GA

Which ones are your faves? Let us know in the comments!

Cartier’s Newest Flying Tourbillion Watch

Cartier Flying Tourbillion Watch
Cartier’s Flying Tourbillion Watch

Cartier watches has outdone itself again in 2012 with its released of new watches for the year. This line-up of spectacular timepieces is sure to impress anyone who witnesses them.
At the beginning of each year, watch manufacturers expose the public to the newest innovations and most interesting changes in their watch collections. Cartier has blown the competition out of the water with the releases for the 2012 season.
The most intriguing watch put out by Cartier so far this year has been the Rotonde De Cartier Flying Tourbillion Watch. This watch has a magnificent look to it, keeping with the style of all Cartier watches. Cartier has always been know for its inventive style and the watches for 2012 keep that tradition going.
Cartier puts care and the utmost quality into every timepiece they craft. The Rotonde De Cartier Flying Tourbillion Watch parallels that idea. The line is limited to only 100 timepieces produced. It is sure to be a hot commodity wherever it is sold.
The frame of the watch is in the famous flying tourbillion skeleton style with the dial having hallow parts which give the watch a unique style that will be all the rave amongst your friends. The case is made of 18k pink gold to accentuate the features of this tremendous timepiece. The Rotonde De Cartier Flying Tourbillion also features sword-shaped hands made from blue-steel and a double adjustable deployment buckle in 18k pink gold to help keep this magnificent piece of craftsmanship on the wrist.
This timepiece has everything a watch lover needs, unique artistry and reliable time keeping. Cartier has always been know for putting out a superb product and this Rotonde De Cartier Flying Tourbillion is no exception. Even the skeleton design on the dial has this watch exuding elegance and top of the line material and craftsmanship.

Tourbillion of New Cartier Rotonde Watch
The “Flying Tourbillion” of the Cartier Rotonde Watch

Cartier has been a symbol of fine timepieces since 1847 when the founder Louis-Francois Cartier took over a jewelry shop and began making luxury watches. The first big splash Cartier made was a sell to Princess Mathilde, niece of Napoleon I. The watch manufacturer never looked back. The watch company has been expanding its product ever since the first timepiece was completed. Today, Cartier is an international sensation selling luxury timepieces in over 15 countries.