Tissot Flamingo T003. and T003. Review

Written by: Travis Farris


A long-time player in the industry of luxury watches, Tissot boasts the first mass-produced luxury watch in the year of its founding, 1853, and has been creating timepieces ever since. As expected of a company this long in the business, some interesting, weird, and excellent designs for luxury watches have been produced. One of these unique models is the Flamingo T003., an unquestionably unconventional design, but does it work?

I’m hesitant to say. As always when dealing with objects of fashion, all I can do is give my own personal opinion and leave it to the reader to decide of the product would work for them. However, with this specific version of the Flamingo, my opinion is resoundingly negative. This watch is silver all the way through, and with its simplistic design this becomes less of an appeal and more of a bore. The only thing aside from the company’s name on the watch face is a large “6” for the six o’clock marker. Maybe this was supposed to be an interesting choice of style and a departure from the convention of giving preference to 12 o’clock as the primary hour, but the effect is lackluster.

Continuing this review focusing only on this specific product, however, would regrettably be somewhat pointless… due to the fact that it’s no longer being made. Tissot discontinued this particular Flamingo model, a fact I was unfortunate enough to uncover as I was in the process of reviewing it.

But reviewing a nonexistent product would help no one, so let me offer an alternative. The Flamingo line still has several different models available, and all are vastly superior to the questionable T003. My favorite among them would have to be the T003., pictured to the right, which displays exactly the kind of unique style and grace I would expect from a long-time luxury watch producer like Tissot.

The diamonds are brilliantly placed, their symmetrical arrangement easily qualifying as artistic, and the display of only 9 and 3 o’clock seems somehow far more acceptable than only 6. It’s all about the visual design of this one, as clearly the entire flamingo line is more about fashion than function; beyond simple but effective time-telling, there’s no special feature to be found here other than its beauty.

The mother of pearl dial of this model, though, is genuinely stunning. Standing out among a crowd of solid-colored watches, the misty mix of colors on this watch’s face, bordered by silver and punctuated by a swirl of diamonds, gives this Flamingo a dreamlike quality that makes it truly unique among its peers.

Pricing on the T003. – the original subject of this review – is difficult to pin down since it’s no longer in production, but you can still find it on some retail websites around the $200-300 range. Unless you’ve somehow fallen in love with that design, though, I could never recommend it. Fortunately the T003. offers an absolutely brilliant alternative, and not much more expensive with a retail price of $400. If you’re interested in the Flamingo design, by all means visit Tissot’s website and look it up; several different versions are available for perusal. I’ve simply given you a peek at what I believe to be the best and worst of the lot.

Tissot T-Touch Trekking Men’s watch T001.520.47.281.00 Review

Written by: Jessica Plumbley

Are you searching for a wearable chronograph, compass, barometer, altimeter, thermometer and alarm all in one device? You will find it in the 42 mm-diameter case of the Tissot T-Touch Trekking Men’s watch T001.520.47.281.00. If you’re an avid hiker with a need for such devices, this watch might be a good bet for you.

The T-Touch Trekking is named as such for the scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, tactile sapphire covering its face. With this the wearer can access the features listed above…he simply holds down the crown to activate the touch feature, and then goes about his business, pressing whatever label corresponds to the feature that he wants. All is found on an orange, easy-to-read face surrounded by a rotating titanium bezel and black rubber strap. Let’s break down the features by category:

  • The Chronograph. The T001.520.47.281.00’s chronograph function can be accessed by touching the area around 4 or 5 o’clock, on the bottom right corner of the face. The timer includes a split time/add time function, as well as a stopwatch with a range of 99 hours-59 minutes-59 seconds to 99 /100 of a second–all with 1/100 second resolution.  It’s countdown timer function has a range of up to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds.
  • The Compass. A click around 6 o’clock will bring up the compass function, which has a resolution of two degrees and has a declination adjustment for the true north indication. When trying to determine azimuth, users can either select a setting to for a defined bearing, or can implement the rotating bezel.
  • The Barometer. This feature–found around 12 o’clock–calculates both absolute and relative pressure ranges with +/- 3 hPa accuracy (with ranges of 300 hPa to 1100 hPa and 950 hPa to 1100 hPa, respectively). It also has a weather trend calculation, which will case the hand to swing left if the weather will be bad, and right if it will be good.
  • The Altimeter. Press around the 2 o’clock mark to discover your altitude from -400 to 9000 meters, all within a resolution of  1 meter. With this you can measure altitude difference, cumulative altitude gain or loss, and vertical speed of ascent or descent. All these must work within parameters of 1 meter/minute, with a minimum vertical movement of 5 meters, and a minimum of 5 minutes for time of movement.
  • The Thermometer. At 10 o’clock lies the thermometer function, which can measure the temperature at a resolution of 0.1 degrees C (0.2 degrees F), for all temperatures between -5 to 55 degrees C (23 to 130 degrees F).
  • The Alarm. The T001.520.47.281.00 provides not one but two auditory alarms, which are accessible around the 8 o’clock mark. These sync with the rest of the movement of the watch: the Caliber ETA E40.305 Swiss quartz analog, complete with 2nd time zone and perpetual day/date/month/year calendar.

Reviewers of the  T-Touch Trekking claim to have difficulty to stop playing with all the features on the watch, and understandably so. Tissot boasts a pretty cool and unique setup with its T-touch models, but as with any watch, the T001.520.47.281.00 has a couple of potential drawbacks.

To focus first on  issues of practicality, I am uncertain about how accurate the thermometer might be once it is attached to someone’s wrist. Body heat will certainly play a factor in its temperature reading, so you should take its numbers with a grain of salt. Also, with its lowest temperature reading 23 degrees Fahrenheit, hikers in cold climates looking out for dangerous temperatures will not want to rely solely on their T001.520.47.281.00. In fact, best not to bring this model out in the snow, anyway…with a disappointing water resistance rating of 3 atm, it won’t stand up to anything more than a little light precipitation.

Moving on to consumer issues, I would be careful spending the money for this watch unless you really need the features–not just if you find them cool. They are pretty fun, but $875 is a steep price to pay for unnecessary gadgets.
In the end, the Tissot T-Touch Trekking Men’s watch T001.520.47.281.00 will be a fun and potential useful tool to take with you on your next excursion. Just make sure you can pay for it before you purchase, and that you have back-up machinery for really important readings on your trip.

Tissot T Touch Trekking T001.520.47.361.00 • T0015204736100

Written by:  Leigh Anne Sanders

The Tissot T Touch Trekking T001.520.47.361.00 • T0015204736100 is the perfect wrist worn choice for keeping all those handy trekking tools close at hand.  This is not a watch, but a trekker’s tool chest designed to be kept immediately handy for easy use during all the situations an adventurer faces.

All of the most important tools used by an outdoors person are kept literally at your fingertips with the Tissot T Touch Trekking T001.520.47.361.00 • T0015204736100:  altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer.  A small display window is where you’ll read all of the data offered up by your amazing watch sized tool box.  One touch and you’ll get an update on what the current temperature is, what the weather is currently, and, more importantly, what the immediate forecast is for where you are.  While you will certainly be able to tell what the weather is at any given moment, knowing what’s coming around the next hour mark is a great advantage to the outdoors man or woman.

Another touch, and you’ll see the hand swoop around to give you a look at what your exact heading is, allowing you to get your bearings quickly and easily.  No need to fish around in your backpack for your compass, or try to stuff that bulky thing in your pocket.  Instead, use this watch to wear that tool right where it will be immediately handy.  More touches of your fingertip and more information will pop up on your watch, such as altitude in feet or meters to help you keep track of exactly where you are and how your trek is progressing.  There is certainly a lot to like about this watch!

Except that it isn’t a watch.  Individuals who are looking for a dial on a band that goes around their wrist and tells them what time of day it is will not be happy with this purchase.  There is only one hand on the dial, meaning that this device could not tell the time if it wanted to.  Although the “watch” does about everything else under the sun, it is not a time keeping piece, and so is not going to be a good purchase for somebody who wants an everyday watch.

The Tissot T Touch Trekking T001.520.47.361.00 • T0015204736100 has so many tools and functions, and a price tag of a mere $875.  There is no denying that having that many useful tools literally at your fingertips frees you up to enjoy your adventure without worrying about losing your compass or packing around heavy gizmos.  This watch is a great buy.

Tissot T-Touch T-Tactile Trekker Mens Watch T0015204406100

The Hiker, the Mountain Biker, the Camper, and the Urban Trekker, look ye hither for a review on a device that just might make your life in the great outdoors less directionally challenging, temperature ambiguous, plus it tells the time! Do you remember as a kid having those cheap plastic watches that had buttons that did cool things and the case had a practical use too? Well how about getting back to your childhood roots while maintaining a manly appearance with the Tissot T-Touch T-Tactile Trekker Mens Watch T0015204406100.

The Tissot Trekker has some pretty nifty functions you loved as a kid, and will still find useful and fun as an adult.  Not only does it have an analog dial, but it also has the digital time above the 6 o’clock position. Pretty cool for when you want the time lickidy split, and don’t want to take those extra seconds to figure out which hand is the big one, and which one is the small one, and what does the mark its pointing to mean again?

Besides the time it also has a date function, a compass on the bezel, an alarm, and a stopwatch. Really like to get technical with your watch? This one also comes with a thermometer, barometer, and altimeter. What more could you need for a watch to go exploring with? How about a pretty decent water resistance of 100 feet? Yeah that’s right, go swimming in your Tissot watch.

All right, let’s talk about the basic structure of the watch.  The case is made out of titanium, is 42 mm in diameter and 13mm in thickness. The strap is also of titanium with a push button deployment clasp. The bezel with the compass on it is bidirectional and rotates. The watch is battery operated with quartz movement. The dial color goes along with the color scheme of the rest of the watch by being grey.

Pros: All the cool functions, and how easy they are to use. For being titanium it’s light weight.  Two year warranty. I’ve found it online for between $482-$539, which is pretty cheap compared to other watches that don’t do nearly as much.

Cons: If you use the functions often the battery life has a short life. Some people have found the Tissot watch to lack durability; in fact it may not be the best watch for doing serious amounts of outdoor activities. Also, the water resistance wasn’t up to pare as was hoped for as well. Accuracy of some of the functions has also been called into question too.

Variations of this particular watch include the choice to switch up the dial color from grey to green, orange, yellow, or black. You can also switch up the titanium bracelet for a black rubber strap.

Is this the right watch for you? If you like a watch with all of the above functions and don’t particularly feel like you’ll be smacking it around too much, it just might be for you. If you are serious about your outdoor excursions however, you may  want to look for a watch can take a beating a little better.

The T41148353 Tissot Le Locle Men’s Watch is Traditionally Designed and Sophisticatedly Appointed

The T41148353 Tissot Le Locle Men’s Watch shows off a softer side of this sport watchmaker’s abilities.  The delicately designed men’s timepiece is one that brings back old world charm and pairs it with exceptional functionality.  Tissot is most known for their highly advanced sport watches, but the T41148353 Tissot Le Locle Men’s Watch is more elegant than utilitarian.   It reminds me of the wristwatch that my dad used to wear…its sophistication goes with everything from jeans to a dress suit and that type of versatility is great for a man.  The black dial is adorned with slight Roman numeral hour markers and sleek arms.  The case and bezel are crafted from strong stainless steel and the case has an appropriate diameter of 39mm.  This Tissot men’s model has a self winding automatic movement and is equipped with a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal.

The T41148353 Tissot Le Locle Men’s Watch has apertures for day and date and is as lovely from the back as it is from the front, with its skeleton case backing.  The best part about this watch, as with many Tissot models, is the price.  The T41148353 Tissot Le Locle Men’s Watch can be yours for just under $400!