Tag Heuer Watches Online

Formula 1 Tag Heuer watches have increasingly popularized both racing enthusiasm and the Tag Heuer brand. I was first introduced to this iconic brand by my little cousin, who wanted nothing more than to get a Formula 1 watch for his 12th birthday. Being that I had very limited knowledge as to what a formula one watch actually is, I decided to conduct some research and price comparison.

Surprisingly, I came to the conclusion I was probably the only person on the internet that didn’t know what  Tag F1 wristwatches are, and worse, the only person in the world who had never heard of Tag Heuer. It was like Googling Nike and realizing it’s a popular shoe brand. After browsing through several sites that feature the watch, I found online watch sites to be incredibly time-saving as well as exceedingly cheaper than retail stores.

I was initially reluctant to place an order for such an expensive timepiece online, but soon realized the site offering the Formula one was legitimate. One of the fastest ways to check a site’s legitimacy is by looking through their feedback rankings on Bizrate, EBay and NEXTAG. This will also alert you as to the quality of customer service the site offers. The site I purchased the F1 from provided great customer service and was able to explain all the features and functions of the timepiece in terms that were comprehensible to me. I received the item overnight, just in time for its celebratory occasion.

I was uncertain as to whether the online watch portal would provide paper work for the watch, given that they were not actual authorized retailers for the brand. Their customer service representative explained in detail how all relevant paper work for the watch including the warranty, manual, serial number and authentic box would be provided. The “authorized” status of dealers only means you will pay retail pricing at these stores. The same watches are offered at great discounts on legitimate websites like the one I purchased from.

Another convenient factor to online purchasing is the ability to browse hundreds of watches from home. At retail stores, I would have spent weeks browsing different shopping malls for the right watch. In the event the watch suffers a malfunction, the site I used will service it for free during the warranty period, as well as pay for shipping and handling! I am definitely going to purchase more time pieces now that I have become knowledgeable of the Tag Heuer brand and have discovered the wonders of shopping for watches online.

TAG HEUER: Fashion icon, Time-keeping legend

For more than a century, Tag Heuer watches have been revered as the quintessential embodiment of watch-making excellence, and time-keeping perfection. Tag Heuer has established itself as more than just a brand in the watch industry. It represents the ever-evolving art of progressive design, as well as the timeless virtue of class and distinction. The brand’s legacy distinguishes itself from any other by constantly being at the forefront of fashion, and always incorporating the excellence of precision time-keeping, and encasing it in beauty.

Besides being a fashion icon, the brand’s success is also attributed to the quality with which its wrist watches are constructed. Tag wrist watches are accurate up to 1/1,000th of a second, and its time-keeping instruments are accurate up to 1/10,000th of a second. The various components that make the time piece movements so incredibly precise are the result of watch-making research that has been conducted by experts for more than a century.
Besides accuracy and seductive splendor, Tag Heuer time pieces are popular due to the modernity they represent. These luxury designer time instruments break away from the replicated traditional wrist watch design, which represents the past. Tag watches are the time-keeping incarnation of all that is modern in the present, and expectant of the future.

The tempting allure of Tag Heuer wrist watches has seduced many of the greatest actors, and athletes of the 20th and 21st century. Such talent as Uma Thurman, Steve McQueen, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and Jeff Gordon, have been adamant representatives of the brand.
The brand’s passion for racing has been considered one of the greatest collaborations in sports endorsement and watch design. Tag Heuer has endorsed some of the greatest racers in history, in circuits such as the Le Mans, NASCAR, Formula 1, Indy, GP2 and WRC. Recently, Tag Heuer developed a jury of racing experts, and ex-racers as judging panel to declare the world’s best racing talent on a weekly basis.

Whether you are a fashion connoisseur, a racing enthusiast, or an admirer of perfection, Tag watches are a piece of time-keeping legacy on your wrist.

The Tag Heuer Alter Ego Collection

After 144 years of innovation and revolutionizing the luxury watch world, The Tag Heuer watch company has finally released the first solo women’s collection.  With the release of the Tag women’s alter ego collection, a new definition of femininity and style is within this collection.

The Tag Heuer women’s collection of alter ego watches consists of an array of different styles for women to choose from.  At the top of the line is the Aquaracer with diamonds watch, which runs at a retail price of $1,800 to $3,850.  It comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet and is accompanied by a violet mother of pearl dial.

What separates this watch from the rest of the Tag Heuer women’s collection is the magnificent sparkling diamonds.  There are 6 diamonds that circle the hour markers and 54 diamonds that set the Bezel and lugs.  While it is an amazing watch with so many diamonds, it’s still a watch that you can feel comfortable wearing around as oppose to purchasing it and putting it in the safe right away.

A more simple yet elegant Tag Heuer women’s alter ego watch is the P series that prices at $900 to $1,400 depending on where you purchase the watch.  It has a simple black dial with no hour markers.  The only marking on the watch is the Tag Heuer name and logo that is in the center of the dial.  The Silverstone hands stand out remarkably against the simple black dial giving it a professional design.

To top off the P series in the alter ego women’s collection, it includes a Swiss movement that is as precise as watches get.  There is also a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that protects the watch and keeps its magnificent shine through rough times.  Lastly, the strap fastens with a butterfly deployment clasp to ensure its security on your wrist.

If you are not about to drop over a thousand dollars on a watch, there are still a couple of models that allow you to have a stylish alter ego women’s watch without spending too much.  The Tag Heuer women’s mini steel alter ego watch is priced at $950.  This is a contemporary watch that is sophisticated in lustrous stainless steel.

Another model worth looking into is the Tag Heuer women’s steel watch.  This watch is priced at $950 as well.  This feminine looking watch is classified by its satin finished steel and violet colored dial.

With the release of its first solo Tag Heuer women’s collection, the alter ego collection offers a little bit of something for everyone.

Tag Heuer Mens Watch Collection Impresses Again

If you’re looking for a luxury men’s watch without spending a ridiculous price to sport it, Tag Heuer has the options for you. With an array of different styles and categories to choose from, Tag Heuer’s men’s watches give you an abundance of watches to select from.

One of the more popular luxury men’s watches within the Tag Heuer collection is the 2000 collection. There are several variations to the 2000 collection ranging from a 2000 aquagraph, 2000 Classic quartz and a 2000 Classic automatic watch. What makes the 2000 series so appealing is the reasonable pricing and sporty design.

With a majority of the 2000 series luxury men’s watches running around $1,000, this reasonable price for a luxury watch allows more people to sport it than most luxury watches. All of the watches in this series have a stainless steel silver bracelet and case. There are a few classic Tag Heuer chronograph models within this collection that range from $1,000 to $1,500.

The movement and dial colors vary from watch to watch. Half of the watches run on an automatic movement while the other half are quartz movement. There are an array of colors to choose from, which classifies the sporty motor racing style that Tag Heuer men’s watches offer, ranging from blue to black to white.

The signature motor racing Tag Heuer men’s watch collection is the Formula 1 Indy 500 Chronograph. This series is characterized by its bright and exhilarating colors. The dials to choose from include white, black, red and blue. The chronographs themselves bring the watch to life with bright colors as well, including black red and blue on the white dial and white red and blue on the black dial. This series is very affordable at just $650 to $850.

The last Tag Heuer men’s watch collection worth mentioning is for the person willing to empty their wallet. The Aquaracer watch collection is an expensive luxury men’s watch ranging from a retail price of $1,300 to $2,000. The aquaracer chronograph watch runs at just over $2,000, but is backed up by its luxurious features. With a 41mm stainless steel case that has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, your watch is guaranteed to remain new for years. It has luminescent hands and hour markers and a double-safety clasp to prevent your watch from falling off the wrist at any time.

As hard as it is to believe, Tag Heuer men’s watches continue to surprise the world with their magnificent luxury watches. They continue to upgrade and add additional features that separate these luxury men’s watches over any others on the market. On top of that, the affordable prices make the watch more accessible to wider range of people.