Romaine Jerome Delorean DNA Watch Promises a Nostalgic Time Journey

Romaine Jerome takes a nostalgic time journey back into the 80s to revive the spirit of the Delorean DNA watch.
Romain Jerome Delorean DNA watch front view
DeLorean DNA is a collaborative timepiece project that RJ- Romaine Jerome and DeLorean Motor Company created inspired by the iconic 1980s DeLorean sports car, which was forever immortalized in “Back to the Future” science fiction adventure comedy film that starred Michael J. Fox.

Whether Romaine Jerome and the DeLorean Motor Company team actually leaped back in time is certainly questionable, the physical characteristic donned by the DeLorean DNA watch definitely evokes some dead-on design elements of the vehicle that may very well inspirationally transport some former DeLorean owners behind the wheel of the car.

The DeLorean DNA timepiece presents in a 48 mm stainless steel case with a vertically brushed stainless steel dial. The dial features an engraved cross-strut traverse bearing an “X” shaped design synonymous of Romaine Jerome brand signature. The hands of the watch are skeleton which are reminiscent of the DeLorean dashboard. It has three chronograph sub-dials all of which exhibits elements of the vehicles as well. The minute counter located at 3 o’clock has the vehicle’s wheel rim pattern with the small seconds sub-dial at the 9 o’clock position featuring both the red color and physical features of the vehicle’s tail lights.

DeLorean DNA has Romaine Jerome’s in-house Swiss Made RJ-001CH 23 jewel automatic mechanical movement revving under its timepiece hood with a 42 hour power reserve and chronograph function. The case-back reveals an engraved DeLorean DMC-12 car with open gull wing doors indicating its limited edition number. It is also adorned with upholstery black leather with an anthracite grey stitched strap.

Romaine Jerome’s DeLorean DNA watch is for those collectors and car enthusiasts waxing nostalgic for a memorable DeLorean behind the wheel experience embodied in a mobile timepiece. The DeLorean DNA watch is a limited edition timepiece of only 81 pieces. Therefore this collection will not be available for long. Collectors will undoubtedly want to grab this watch quickly, as it is highly advisable to leap on purchasing it before it vanishes. Otherwise you may actually have to go back in time using a DeLorean vehicle to acquire Romaine Jerome’s DeLorean DNA watch.

New Romain Jerome Watches Features Pac-Man

Being a child of the 80’s, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and the four infamous ghosts, Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde were a big part of my life. Many people including Romain Jerome’s CEO Manuel Emch spent many hours guiding the yellow character around a maze while trying to eat pellets and defeat the four ghosts that seemed to follow him everywhere. As one would expect, this game became a huge 80’s pop icon and will forever be engrained in the minds of many people. The folks at Romain Jerome who always seem to come up with some of the most innovative designs like the Titanic DNA which featured pieces from the actual ship in the making of the watch, created a series of watches that gives a nod to this classic 80’s childhood relic.

The Romain Jerome Pac-Man watch takes the bright and cheery character and blends it in nicely with the brand’s archetypal classy design. The collection features four different variations of the watch all of which captures the thrill of the chase and Pac-Man’s timeless look on the dials. As whimsical as this watch is, Romain Jerome did not fail to deliver luxury along with nostalgia as the timepieces all include pieces fused with parts from Apollo 11 making it part of their Moon Invader Collection. Take a look at the case back where you will see a disc made of low-oxidized silver aptly called Moon SilverRJ, which is fused with moon rocks and easily mimics the surface of the moon on your wrist.

The dials on the 46 millimeter case were manufactured with a pixelated medium with two of the lower level dials being beadblasted whereas the top level of the dial shows sleek, straight lines. All of the characters found on the dial including the famous power-up fruits were made with great attention to detail and hand-crafted boasting numerous colored varnishes or black superluminova.

With only 20 pieces each of each variation available priced around $17,900 USD, it would be expected that watch collectors, fans of Pac-Man as well as fans of space aviation will be clamoring to all get their hands on a luxury timepiece featuring such classic and imaginative bits and pieces. This will be the first time that Pac-Man is prominently featured on such a high-end piece making it perfect for those who are followers of the game and wanted to wear a commemoration of the arcade game without sacrificing style and function.

RJ-Romain Jerome Space Invaders Blue (colette Edition)

Space Invaders is an arcade video game designed by Nishikado that was released in the 1970s and became quite popular around the world shortly thereafter. Now, French retailer Colette with watchmaker Romain Jerome has presented a limited edition watch that pays homage this game after licensing the name from Taito in Japan. This Romain Jerome Space Invaders watch is limited to only eight pieces per colorway.

The case of the watch is PVD-coated black steel and measures 46 millimeters in diameter. This black stainless steel case has integrated back that is coalesced with fragments of the Apollo 11 capsule. There is a plate of Moon Silver on the back that is nicely patterned and representing the moon. This case is water resistant to 3 ATM. Coming off this lugs is a black rubber strap with PVD-coated black steel buckle that nicely compliments the case.

Inside the case is a Swiss Romain Jerome caliber RJ001-A movement. This mechanical self-winding movement provides central hours and minute functions. The movement has frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and numerous parts that include 23 jewels. It has a power reserve of minimum 42 hours.

The dial of this watch is complex and has prominent blue colorway that is reminiscent of Colette’s web store. The four other colors the Space invaders is available in include red, green, purple, and yellow. This complex dial has three layers, and the first two are beadblasted and the “straight graining” gives a pixelated feature to the third layer. The pixelated background gives it a richness and depth and three-dimensional quality. The Space Invaders measure around 3.5 millimeters each and meticulously and carefully made one by one. The hour and minute hands are oxidized black and polished with C1 superluminova and are easily discernible.

Technical Specifics

Movement: mechanical self-winding
Caliber RJ001-A
Frequency of 28800 vibrations per hour
23 jewels part
Power reserve of 42 hours
Case: Black PVD-coated steel
46 mm in diameter
Water resistant to 3 atm
Lugs with safety screws and integrated ball-and socket joints
Integrated case-back with parts from Apollo 11 and RJ safety screw
Crown with screw-lock
Dial: Space Invaders available in blue, red, green, purple, and yellow
Pixelated and appears three-dimensional
Oxidized black hands with C1 superluminova treatment
Strap: Black vulcanized rubber
Black PVD-coated steel buckle

The iconic arcade game is well represented in this timepiece. This limited edition Romain Jerome Space Invaders watch is limited to eight pieces per color. It is estimated to cost around $14,300 USD.

Romain Jerome Moon Dust Watch Lands Among the Stars

Now that NASA is out of orbit for good, space travel for the average citizen seems light years away. For space enthusiasts who need a piece of hope, Romain Jerome provides a glimpse into the final frontier.
After Romain Jerome’s titanic success with its first set of DNA watches, the brand has decided to explore an even more adventurous undertaking: the Romain Jerome Moon Dust Watch.

Romain Jerome watches always take a unique twist on convention, not only incorporating ancient materials but a design that plays off the historic events. With the Romain Jerome Moon Dust Watch, the watch brand continues its exploration of history while breaking new barriers in the world of watch making.
The Moon Dust watch features real moondust and features four different color variations ranging from a dusty orange to white, sparkling steel, or black. The designs play off the historic events of the lunar landing and its dial design include craters and moondust.
The hands are formed to look like the antennae on Sputnik and the tiny chronograph looks like a gizmo on the spacecraft. The mechanical, self-winding hands add a nice touch without going overboard. Even the bezel hints a portal into the spaceship, or perhaps an astronaut’s helmet.
Moondust isn’t the only element from the missions: the cases are made from the Apollo XI space shuttle and space suits used during the international space shuttle mission. All the variations have a glow to them and capture the reverence of the legendary space exploration.
The watch plays up the best elements of the space explorations without becoming campy. The watch captures the reality of the missions through its materials, but doesn’t overplay its hand. Collectors will even receive a certificate to ensure that the materials are actually particles from the moon.
Space and watch enthusiasts alike will love this watch. Whether you love staring at the stars or at the clock, this watch delivers all the proud accomplishments of space travel with the authenticity of actual moon particles and materials from the spacecraft.
The limited series will feature just 1,969 units (you’ll notice that it’s no coincidence as 1969 was the year that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong launched into space) so if you want to own a bit of the moon, you’ll have to act fast to capture one of the Romain Jerome Moon Dust Watches before it goes out of orbit.