Bamford Watches ‘Wimbledon Pack’ Two Limited Edition Rolexes

Wimbledon is the world’s oldest, biggest, and most prestigious annual tennis tournament. The tournament has been held at Wimbledon, London at the All England Club since 1877. It is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. It is also the only major that is still played on the game’s original surface, grass. The other three majors include the US Open, French Open, and Australian Open. This tournament takes places over two weeks in the summertime, in late June and early July. Wimbledon has long standing traditions which include a strict dress code for its competitors and spectators.

Bamford Watch Department’s motto is “if you can imagine it then we can create it.” The company specializes in personalizing a range of steel sport watches. Founded about 10 years ago, the company takes various iconic sports watches from some major brands and personalizes to customer’s requests and needs. Customers get to choose designs and other specifications from various options the company offers. This is perfect for watch lovers that like exclusive and one of a kind timepieces. These brands include iconic brands such as Rolex, Heuer, Patek Philippe, and Audermas Piguet. The company works independently from thise brands and has its own two year warranty.

Bamford Watch Department has now released two limited edition Rolex watches to celebrate the 2012 Wimbledon tournament. These ‘Wimbledon Pack’ two limited edition Rolexes are a great way to celebrate and commemorate this esteemed tennis tournament that both tennis lovers and watch lovers can appreciate. These Bamford watches include the Rolex SE Explorer I and the Rolex Milgauss SE. Both these limited edition timepieces have black case that is treated with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposit). The bracelets are also PVD treated and complement the case well.

The Rolex SE Explorer has green dial that is very easily noticeable. The 3, 6, and 9 hour marks are in purple Arabic numerals. The hour, minute, and second hands are also in similar purple. The Rolex logo and name is easily seen under the 12 o’clock position. The Rolex Milgauss SE has light purple dial with green rims around the edges. The hour, minute, and second hands are of similar green as well. The hour marks are in a bright white that is visibly against the purple background of the dial. Both these watches are very user friendly and made to tell time with simple glance of the watch.

Bamford DRX army watches

Bamford Watch Department and King Features Syndicate and Darren Romanelli aka Dr. Romanelli of fashion brand DRx have partnered up to create and release two limited edition Rolex Submariners. The Army vs. Navy Rolex collection features characters Beetle Bailey on a Submariner and Popeye the Sailor on a Yachtmaster. The watches come with custom comic strip and special case marked specifically for both watches. The watches are priced $24,500 – $32,500. This limited edition Army vs Navy watch collection is released at Just One Eye, LA, The Webster, Miami, Colette, Paris, DSM, London and Tokyo, Lane Crawford, Hong Kong, Exit, Hong Kong and E’ Collezione, Singapore.


For those who do not know, Beatle Bailey started as a college-themed strip in 1950 with few newspapers. The story changed when Korean War began, which had Beetle enlisting in the Army. Shortly after, Beetle Bailey became a huge success and grew from just a few hundred newspapers circulation to thousands. Now, after six decades, Beetle Bailey is still one of the most popular comic strips in the world. Like Beetle Bailey, Popeye has been around for a long time and remains of the of the most widely recognized and beloved personalities ever. Popeye was first introduced in 1929 in an already existing comic strip and made it to the silver screen in 1933 in a show titled Popeye the Sailor. He is short, balding, cantankerous man with big, muscular arms that everyone knows and adores.


Named after such beloved character, these watches have custom finishes that is indicative of their names. Both versions integrate the characters in to the watch face and hands. Beetle Bailey appears in a customized Submariner and Popeye appears in a customized Yacht Master. The muscular arms of Popeye point out the time in one version, while Baeetle Bailey’s hands are used as hour and minute indicators on the Submariner. This is a fun and creative way to integrate the characters with the function of the watch. The watches further feature rotating ceramic bezels and simple black dials with the characters featured prominently in the center. The hour markers are easily legible and there is a date window on the three o’clock position. The case backs of each of these watches are engraved with the Dr. Romanelli logo and also have their limited edition numbers. Both watches come with Army or Navy themed metal box, nylon strap, and custom comic strip.

Celeb Obsessions with Rolex Watches

Celebrities may go in and out style, but one star has been a favorite for years: Rolex. From the retro to modern day, celebs go gaga over their Rolexes. Let’s take a look at big names through the years who thought that Rolexes packed as much star quality as they do.
The hardest part? Deciding whether Rolexes are the coolest thing around, or the hottest items to wear.

Paul Newman, star of Cool Hand Luke wore his Daytona until the day he died, but he was lucky enough to get a Daytona Rolex set of watches named after him. Paul Newman Rolexes are exceedingly rare as they have been out of production since the early 70s, but

Steve McQueen aka the “King of Cool,” wore his Rolex Submariner for almost 22 years straight. After supposedly gaining the Rolex during a motorcycle transaction, he and best bud (Bud Etkins, in fact) were as inseparable from their watches as they were from each other.

Arnold Schwarzenegger who made first won Mr. Universe, and then went on to conquer the movieverse is no stranger to Rolexes and be seen sporting a Rolex Mocha GMT from time to time.

Brad Pitt has been seen wearing—and rocking—many Rolex watches, from the Daytona to the Submariner, to the GMT Master II, both on and off screen. His old flame Jennifer Aniston can also be seen sporting a Rolex Day-Date. It just goes to show that true love never dies—for Rolexes, that is.
Lately, it’s become a trend for women to wear men’s watches, and some lady celebs have taken to the trend with delight!

Kim Kardashian is such a sensation that it’s hard to tell truth from tabloid, but the images of her with her Rolex are undeniable. Rumor has it that she traded in her wedding gifts for Rolex watches. Who knows? The timepieces can be pretty irresistible.

Ellen Degeneres is the Queen of Talk Shows, so it’s no accident that she flaunts a white gold Rolex President that glitters as much as her bright smile. Something of a Rolex fanatic, Degeneres can be seen wearing numerous Rolex models, from the Daytona to the Datejust to the Portia de Rossi.

Lindsay Vonn knows a thing or two about keeping it cool afterscoring a gold medal in Olympic Skiing. Her Rolex Datejust is the perfect fit for the skier, who reportedly gained her Rolex obsession from her role model: skier Picabo Street.

Rolex Deep-Sea Challenge Watch

For almost a century, Rolex has been making state of the art watches. It has built a reputation throughout the world for not only making dependable luxury watches but for also building timepieces that are accurate and attractive as well. The brand has received many awards and certificates throughout the years for its impressive collections. Rolex makes timepiece that range from small to over-sized ones such as the Deep-Sea Challenge watch. Whether for air or deep sea, Rolex has been making functional and durable watches for aviators, divers, and everyone else in between for years.

Over five decades ago, Rolex successfully created and tested the first new and upgraded waterproof watch called “Deep Sea Special” to a depth of 10,336 feet that Jacques Piccard and Lt. Don Walsh wore on their journey to the deepest part of North Pacific Ocean. Now Rolex is introducing a new addition to their collection with the Rolex Deep-Sea Challenge watch. This watch accompanied movie director James Cameron on his latest deep sea expedition to the bottom and deep part of Pacific Ocean. Cameron made this solo descent in submarine called Deep-Sea Challenger and took 2 hours to reach the bottom and another 4 hours to explore the Ocean floor. This waterproof watch has been built as part of an effort to help deep sea exploration, and this particular project was partially funded by Rolex.

The Rolex Deep-Sea Challenge is an experimental diving watch certified waterproof for up to 12000 meters (39,370 ft.) and has set a new record for deepest diving watch. It has been built to withstand the extreme pressures found in the deep parts of the earth. The watch is very big and in this expedition, the watch was strapped to one of the submarines robotic arms. It has a 51.4 millimeter wide and 28.5 millimeter thick case. This case is made of 904L steel and able to resist extreme conditions and circumstances. The back of the case is in titanium and the bezel insert is ceramic with platinum colored numerals. This Rolex can resist up to 13.6 tons of pressure, which is essential when making such a deep descent. This watch’s dial has a blue Chromalight lume, which lasts a long time and is beneficial in the murky conditions at the bottom of the ocean.

Currently, the watch has not been made available in any commercial capacity, but it sure is a fascinating watch to contemplate having. It is commendable that Rolex continues to be part scientific exploration and researches. It will be interesting to see future endeavors Rolex will take part in.

The Rolex Sky-Dweller Shines With Its Debut

Rolex has done it again. The Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller watch unleashes with a revolutionary design that will please global travelers with its dual time zone capability and its ease of use.

As part of its Oyster Collection, Rolex has designed the Sky-Dweller with perfection in mind. It reeks of sophistication and new technology that will have watch lovers drooling. The new 9001 caliber created and produced by Rolex, makes itself known with the officially certified Swiss chronometer. The 9001 has a total of 380 components and is a completely new self-winding mechanical movement. In fact, Rolex filed four new patents for this original beauty of a timepiece.


The Sky-Dweller comes in three gorgeous colors of white gold, yellow gold or Everose gold. The local time zone is read by the traditional means of the center hour, minute and seconds hands. If traveling, the watch owner’s reference or home time can be read by a rotating disc located in the middle of the dial. There is a fixed inverted red triangle located under the local 12 o’clock position that points to the chosen reference time. It is a 24-hour display which shows even numbers two through twenty-four, with markers in between, to help the wearer differentiate daytime from nighttime. This is extremely helpful in determining the appropriate time to make that call back home.

This technological masterpiece also comes with a reference to the month and day. The day is displayed at the local three o’clock position with a magnification bubble to enlarge its size. The months are displayed by apertures placed above the local time zone numbers with January starting at the 1 o’clock position and then commencing to the right around the dial. The current month shows a contrasting color within the aperture.


The technology behind the annual calendar system, called Saros, a Greek term to designate an astronomical cycle of alignment patterns between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, is genius. The gears and wheels represent these three planetary bodies and are made to handle the irregular occurrence of 30- and 31-day months. Two gear ratios and four gear wheels were added to the Sky-Dweller for this purpose.

Rolex made sure the ease of use was indeed kept simple. The Sky-Dweller has a Ring Command bezel that operates the three functions which are of course, the date, local time or reference time. Just a turn of the bezel selects the function which can be adjusted in the appropriate direction using the winding crown.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller is a complete work of art. The expertise, design, craftsmanship and quality that went into this timepiece is a master performance. You can be sure this watch will stand the test of time and provide the owner with the elegance and prestige that is the reputation of a Rolex.