PUMA Powered by BERG Mades All The Right Moves In Volvo Ocean Race


If you haven’t been following the Volvo Ocean Race you missed America’s sailing team PUMA power by BERG (PUMA is a sportslifestyle and watch manufacturing company), make all the right moves in leg four of the race. In what could become a defining moment in the annals of yachting as well as for PUMA’s ocean racing team, skipper Ken Read chose to sail Mar Mostro out of the South China Sea toward Tokyo, north the complete opposite direction of leg four’s finish in Auckland, New Zealand.

PUMA’s daring move was a strategic effort to place them in the lead of leg four against Spain’s sailing team, Telefonica, which has won legs one, two and three of the Volvo Ocean Race. PUMA being tied in fourth place of leg four and in dire need of points especially after Mar Mostro’s mast broke during leg one had nothing to lose by taking, what the media has labeled, this gamble on Saturday (February 25).

PUMA Mar Mostro broken mast

Skipper Read sought out winds in Tokyo which pushed them north speeding with the wind at 22 knots, while the other yachts sailed upwind at 11-15 knots. Read said in an interview, “This is a long-term strategy, not a short-term one.” He further elaborated that PUMA would sail in an arc (boomerang around) to hopefully meet up ahead of the other yachts.

PUMA’s strategic move paid off Sunday morning. PUMA went from being 250 nm (nautical miles) behind to less than 100 and continues to be the fastest yacht in the fleet. Needless to say the team is in high spirits with this amazing feat. While PUMA remains in fourth place, they are celebrating the gutsiest move that has now placed PUMA’s nautical miles to less than 100 something to smile about indeed.

Ranking as of Leg Three:

  • Telefonica (Spain) remains in first place with 101 points;
  • Camper /ETNZ (Spain/New Zealand) is in second place with 83 points;
  • Groupama (France) is in third place with 73 points;
  • PUMA power by BERG (U.S.) is in fourth place with 53 points;
  • Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) is in fifth place with 43 point;
  • Sanya (China) is in sixth place with 17 points.

Volvo Ocean Racing has been referred to the “Mount Everest of Ocean Racing” and if anyone agrees with that assessment it would be PUMA powered by BERG. The adversity they faced when Mar Mostro’s mast broke in the first leg was undoubtedly disturbing as well as spirit breaking. However, perseverance and ingenuity has proven to be the wind in Mar Mostro’s sails (pun intended). It is their team spirit that has helped PUMA powered by BERG make all the right moves, and hopefully such strategic moves will be to their advantage throughout this ocean race. Leg four is expected to finish approximately on March 8.

If you wish to follow PUMA powered by BERG tune into their YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/puma

Puma’s Winter Collection Features “Cell” Watch

You thought winter was drab and dreary? Wrong! Puma perks up the season with its CELL watch collection – nine CELL watches that scream color and comfort.

Puma Cell Watch
Puma CELL watch in blue

Puma, the national brand that we know for their sportswear and shoes, touts a line of watch designs that include sport, fashions and luxury. Who knew? Probably the thousands of fans whose Puma watch already adorn their wrists.

Puma, founded in 1948, has become an international brand. Beginning with the making of football shoes, Puma has kept expanding into the market with their well-known Puma logo. Footwear, a large line of sportswear/apparel and now their foray into designer fashion watches will keep customers looking for more. As Puma likes to say, “Puma starts in Sport and ends in Fashion.” Those of you aware of the Puma brand are familiar with their many sponsorships of athletes, motorsports, running, golf and football. Puma has partnerships with the likes of Ferrari and BMW Motorsport.  Puma started out mainly as a sports brand, but has certainly broadened their horizon and has joined forces with famous designer labels like Sergio Rossi and Alexander McQueen.

Puma’s winter collection of CELL watches come in nine sassy colors:

  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey
  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Yellow

The CELL is a sleek sports watch made of textured silicone rubber. Light on the wrist and stylish, the CELL digital cuff watch is a sporty, fun fashion statement.

Even though Puma is fairly new to the designer watch industry, its loyal fans can expect the same reliability and quality in a Puma watch as they would expect from the historic Puma line. Puma’s collection of watches seem to follow their brand’s history of innovation and inspiration. Trying to encompass a watch brand for all occasions, Puma has created an eclectic collection of timepieces:

  • Motorsports Watches
  • Agitation Chronos
  • Sport LifeStyle
  • Pure Imagination
  • Swap Collection for Women
  • Futuristic
  • Cardiac Heart Rate Monitor Watches

You will definitely find a fashion statement to suit your personality. Puma has combined modern fashion trend with contemporary and produced a collection of watches that ooze style.

The CELL watch collection is Puma’s latest move into fun and innovation in a watch. It will certainly have an appeal to the young and fashionable who crave modern and sleek designs. Puma does not disappoint with their foray into the world of watchmaking. Whether you’re an athlete, love fashion, or just prefer a watch that you know you can trust, there is a Puma waiting for you.

Soccer Star Alexis Sanchez Sports Puma’s Cardiac II Watch

Cardiac II Black Heart Monitor Watch
Cardiac II Black Heart Monitor Watch

German multinational company Puma and its watch line Puma Time both strongly adhere to the values, aesthetic and functionality surrounding timepieces made for an active lifestyle. Chilean soccer star Alexis Sanchez embodies similar ideals in his dedication to his profession. When Sanchez was spotted with the Cardiac II Watch, the athlete not only made a fashion statement but emphasized his commitment to a physically active way of living.

As a forward for the Chilean national team as well as FC Barcelona, Sanchez exhibits a superb talent for dribbling, terrific speed, and strength uncharacteristic of a fast winger. A career begun at age 15, Sanchez rose quickly through regional, national, and eventually international ranks. He is acclaimed for becoming the youngest footballer to play for the national team during his first international match in 2006 and receiving the title of champion from the Chilean and Argentina leagues two years later.

The Cardiac II stays true to its name in both form and function, as it not only displays time similar to that of a heart monitor but actually acts as a heart monitor with the help of an ECG chest strap. This wireless strap relays the wearer’s heart rate to the watch, and LED indicators make sure that one stays within their target heart rate zone. Equipped with a chronograph, count-down stopwatch, zone alarm, and a 99 lap counter, the design of the watch even resembles that of medical instruments. After a run or swim (the model is water resistant to 50 meters) with the Cardiac II, the watch will calculate how many calories one has burned. At 40 mm, the unisex model’s polyurethane strap flexibly fits around the wrist and is available in four colors: white, red, yellow, and black. The Cardiac II sells for $100 and comes with a two year warranty.

Puma SE was founded in 1924 as a sportswear company. Famously known for their footwear, Puma has sponsored many soccer players and even Jamaican track record-setter Usain Bolt. Puma produces many versatile and practical watches that can be enjoyed by a wide audience, from professional athletes to the casual fitness guru. Other innovative products of the Puma Time line include the Puma Calculus, a watch with a touch-screen calculator on the watch face, and the Puma Cell, a digital cuff rubber watch that supports eco-friendliness while lending a unique look to one’s wrist.

PUMA.Peace: the Athletic Brand Shows its Sensitive Side

Written by:  Catherine Wolinski

The PUMA.Peace commission proposes corporate responsibility for a better world.


For the past 64 years of its life, the major athletic company PUMA has shown its prowess in a variety of ways. Established independently in 1948, after an initial fusion with what would become Adidas (the two companies were originally Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, formed in 1924 by two eventually estranged brothers), the German multinational company has reached its paws into different areas of fashion design—namely, it’s sneakers, sportswear, and line of watches. More recently, PUMA has made its presence in another venue, the art world. Somewhat surprising for a brand whose roots cross with membership in the Nazi party, PUMA presented the “Peace Starts With Me” program last year to be included in the World Peace Festival in August of 2011.

Peace Starts With Me was created as a part of the PUMA.Peace commission with the intention of becoming an annual promotion of a more peaceful world, stressing corporate partnerships as vehicles to making a difference. In last year’s program, PUMA accumulated the works of a range of international filmmakers in an effort to showcase content based upon on a theme of peace. Seven artists were chosen from around the world to have their work presented at World Peace Festival 2011, under the condition that they allow open downloading and online as well as live screening without any cost, in order to embody the ideology of equality and shared possession.

“The goal of our PUMA peace initiative is to create programs that foster a more peaceful world than the one we live in today,” says Jochen Zeitz, CEO of the Sport & Lifestyle Group. “Each of us can make a difference in this world as individuals, as corporations and through strategic partnerships.”

Much like PUMA products themselves, the seven short films (usually between one to 2 minutes) encompassed a diverse range of style, experimentation, and color. One film, for example, by Tom Gran and Kayleigh Gibbons, shows the intertwining of multicolored string supporting a series of knives, scissors, and other weapons. We follow the “society of living threads,” as the artists describe it, until they eventually, gently, release the bladed objects as the film concludes. Just shy of two minutes long, the animation reiterates the idea that “peace is about letting go,” and that we as colorful threads must release the urge to carry and uphold the web of violence that exists in our world today.

Zeitz continued, saying, “At PUMA, we feel that we are uniquely positioned to contribute to making the world a better place for generations to come.”

PUMA’s project certainly succeeded in showcasing fine art as a catalyst of communication; we can only hope that the presence of its products across the globe will make a similar impression.

PUMA watches
A colorful assortment of PUMA watches.

Puma timepieces fit for a sporty and active lifestyle

Since 1924, the multinational German company known as Puma has been designing products from footwear to watches, but unlike most luxury brands, Puma‘s timepieces are made exclusively for those with a sporty and active lifestyle.

Soccer athlete Alexis Sanchez, who plays for FC Barcelona and for the Chilean national team, was seen wearing the Puma Time Cardiac II heart rate monitor watch last year.

Puma Time Cardiac II Watch
Puma Time Cardiac II

The chronograph timepiece features a count-down timer, LED lights for easy visibility at a glance, 99-lap counter, alarm capabilities and a heart rate monitor that can calculate calorie expenditure post workout. The watch also comes with a wireless ECG chest trap that communicates with the timepiece, allowing one to keep track of his or her target zone during a workout. The watch can be purchased in a variety of colors to meet anyone’s styling needs, including white, black, red and yellow.

Christian Siriano, American fashion designer and winner of the fourth season of the popular reality show Project Runway, was also recently spotted wearing a Puma timepiece — the Puma Engine Men’s Chronograph Watch.

Christian Siriano spotted wearing Puma Time Engine Watch
Christian Siriano is seen wearing the Puma Time Engine Chronograph Watch.

This particular timepiece offers a combination of function and style, featuring a rose goldtone stainless steel case, black dial with rose goldtone hands and Arabic hour markers, date window, scratch resistant mineral crystal and quartz movement. The watch is also available in an all-black style with luminous hands.

Puma Time also offers a slew of other styles in the sport lifestyle collection.

Most recently added to the winter collection, the Cell Watch offers comfort, color and style all in one. Made of textured silicone rubber, the timepiece features a count-down timer, alarm, lap counter, EL back-light and is water resistant up to 30 meters. The digital cuff watch is also available in nine different colors, fit for both men and women.

Puma Time Stream Watch
Puma Time Stream Watch

Inspired by long-term racing team partners like Ferrari, Red Bull and Ducati, Puma Time showcases the Stream Watch. With an ergonomic design, this timepiece provides sleek style and comfort. The Stream features a rectangular stainless steel case, LCD display, synthetic black leather band and date calendar. Unlike most other watches, the digital display of the Stream sits on the side of the wrist, giving it a modern, original look and unique sense of style.

Though Puma designs watches based on an active lifestyle, the Time collection does not compromise flair with function — these timepieces allow one to stay fit with fashion and fitness.