Oris contributes to Guinness Book of World Records

Written by: Mike Demertzis
Swiss watch manufacturer Oris, had one of their diving watches securely strapped to the wrist of Carlos Coste as he dived his way into the Guinness book of World Records.

On November 5th 2010 a world record was not only created, but an incredible human achievement was accomplished by Carlos Coste when he successfully completed a 150 meter horizontal dive in 2 minutes and 33 seconds holding his breath. The only two items that assisted this daredevil were a handheld torch that illuminated the treacherous twists and turns of this underwater world and an ‘Oris Chronograph’ divers watch that would enable him in maintaining a steady pace. The dive took place at an area known as “Dos Ojos” (two eyes) in Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is one of the top three under water cave formations in the world with 28 known sinkholes. With only 50.9 miles surveyed, it continues to amaze geologists and thrill seekers alike.

Carlos Coste Freediving ‘World Record’ Champion

Carlos Coste has been an ardent supporter of Oris divers timepieces and has worn one during some of his other ten world records. To honor his latest achievement, the Swiss manufacturer decided to create the “Carlos Coste Limited Edition Cenote Chronograph” that is a unique creation compared to the other watches in the Oris divers collection. It is accentuated by a number of new features that are sure to impress the few lucky individuals that will own one of the 2000 pieces manufactured. In addition to a glowing minute marker it has a triangle over the 2.5 minute mark that denotes this new “World Record” and is water resistant to 500 meters. It is encased in Titanium and includes a precision Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 along with the Oris signature ‘red rotor’ movement.

Limited Edition Carlos Coste Cenote Chronograph

Aside from sponsoring the athletic prowess of individuals, Oris is also a proponent of World Conservation Movements and partners with a number of organizations. Oris and Scuba Diving Magazine just created a program called ‘Sea Heroes’ to support and bring attention to the dedicated efforts of men and women that help protect the worlds oceans and marine sanctuaries. On December 1st 2011 they recognized Shawn Heinrichs for his shark conservation work. He was chosen among a group of “Sea Heroes” at the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) show in Orlando, Florida. He received a $5000 dollar grant and a divers chronograph from Oris to aid in his continued marine conservation efforts.

Oris’ Chet Baker Limited Edition Unveiled, Not Yet Released

Oris' Chet Baker Timepiece
The Oris Chet Baker Limited Edition

Written by: Holly Troupe

Oris Watches’ limited edition Chet Baker watch, recently unveiled at Oris’ sponsored launch party at legendary Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in Soho, London, will not be immediately available, according to Oris’ Massachusetts distributor.

When contacted about the availability of the timepiece, representatives from Oris’ factory authorized U.S. sales and service provider could provide no specific details as to when the watch would be officially released. “’It may be available in a few months,’ is all I’ve been told,” the representative said.

The timepiece, of which only 1,929 will be manufactured (1929 being the year of Chet Baker’s birth), will be presented in a 40mm stainless steel case with a curved sapphire crystal. The watch face is to be a black dial with the musical bars from Baker’s trademark “My Funny Valentine” serving as hour indexes. The case back will feature Chet Baker’s engraved silhouette playing his trumpet. The display box will have mechanically driven metronome.

Oris has a history of crafting timepiece tributes to musical greats. In 1996, Oris sponsored the London Jazz Festival and went on to forge a powerful connection to the music. Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and Oscar Peterson all have had their own limited editions. Oris has found that the harmonies and lilting intonations of great jazz serve as profound inspiration to the aesthetic qualities of their timepieces.

Chet Baker, born Chesney Henry Baker, Jr., had a career spanning the early 50s up to his death in 1988. He first won acclaim with Charlie Parker’s combo, which toured the western U.S. in 1951. His matinee idol looks combined with his prolific musical style won him wide spread notice from music aficionados, jazz publications and even from Hollywood studios, and he was cast in the film “Hell’s Horizon” in 1955. By the end of the 50s he had helped to popularize a new style of jazz, a sparse and melancholic style known as West Coast “Cool” Jazz.

Baker struggled with drug addiction his whole career, and even had to briefly “retire,” due to the fact that his teeth were knocked out during an attack when he was attempting to buy drugs. Near the end of his life his career was mainly in Europe, where he recorded with numerous small labels. He died in 1988, with cocaine and heroin in his system after having sustained severe head trauma. His death was ruled an accident.

Chet Baker with trumpet
Chet Baker, celebrated jazz trumpeter

Baker’s tragic life and mysterious death may have overshadowed his musical accomplishments, but Oris’ Limited Edition Chet Baker watch strives to celebrate all that Baker meant to music lovers everywhere. His contributions to the modern jazz canon are and will remain significant, and Oris’ beautiful timepiece should help to reinvigorate his musical legacy.

For those interested in the Chet Baker Limited Edition, check the Oris website for updates about the official release.

Nicholas Tse Becomes Oris Ambassador

Nicholas Tse Becomes Oris Ambassador
Nicholas Tse Becomes Oris Ambassador.

On October 8, 2011 Oris officially announced renowned Hong Kong singer, actor and entrepreneur Niclolas Tse as their newest ambassador. Nicholas is a huge Oris enthusiast and was specifically invited to represent the Oris Artix watch collection

Throughout his career as a singer, actor, composer, director and entrepreneur, Nicholas Tse has held himself and his work to a higher standard. Over the span of his career Nicholas demonstrated a willingness to face hard challenges head on. He has a hard work ethic, passion and self confidence. Nicholas’s high standards fit perfectly with the Oris philosophy and because of this cohesion in values Oris chose Nicholas to be their new ambassador.

Ulrich W. Herzog, Oris’s Executive Chairman stated that “With much consideration we have chosen Nicholas Tse to represent ORIS. He shares the same philosophy and values with us in sustaining the highest professional work standards throughout his career… He demonstrated his high work values when completing the TV Commercial and photo shoot. He fits our company mission perfectly: “real watches for real people”.”

Nicholas Tse responded to Herzog’s statement by explaining that “With the ORIS slogan “real watches for real people”, I

The Oris Artix Watch Collection.
Oris Artix Watch Collection.

instantly felt the coherence with my own personality and views. Throughout the process of creating the ad campaign visuals and TV commercial, I was even further assured of this and of what a precious collaborating opportunity this would be! I look forward to a prosperous breakthrough for both ORIS and myself.”

The Oris Artix watch collection that Nicholas Tse represents displays some of the attributes listed above in their classic design and the technical aspects of each complication. Oris equipped the Artix watch collection with several unique complications, including a Moonphase, a chronograph and an automatic winding date.

Oris constructed the Artix collection from the finest materials, including stainless steel, leather and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Each watch sports a large round dial in either black or white with luminous hour hands, sub dials, indices and calendars. The bezels and cases come in stainless steel, while the watch bands come in stainless steel or black/brown leather.

Each Oris Artix designer watch also comes equipped with a water repellant feature up to 328 feet and a power reserve with a energy storage capacity from 38 to 45 hours. These elegant men’s watches fit well with Nicholas Tse’s high standards and the Oris philosophy of “real watches for real people.”

Oris Rectangular Wonder

Oris Creates The First Rectangular Chronograph

Oris, famous makers of the world’s finest mechanical watches never disappoints me. These are some serious watchmakers.  Brilliant innovation and a true dedication to excellence is what goes in to an Oris watch.  Oris produces some of the most technologically advanced timepieces, which have been methodically dreamt up and created.  The Oris Rectangular Titan Men’s Watch is one of those amazing inventions.  The Titan Rectangular is far removed from the traditional Oris style.  This happens to be the first rectangular Chronograph to be produced, not to mention the first rectangular timepiece for Oris, entirely.  After you get over the unusual shape, there’s no mistaking this for anything but an Oris watch.  The materials used in its creation are distinct and the finish is impeccable.  The case is an Oris staple, Titanium, and strong as can be.  The black dial is minimally embellished with the chronographic features and two numbers marking the 6 and 12 o’clock hours.  This Oris men’s watch is also equipped with hand made from Oris’s Superluminova material for easy nigh time reading.  This watch is also water resistant to 98 feet.  The Rectangular Titan Chronograph by Oris is just one of the marvelous men’s mechanical timepieces.  Learn more about Oris and their miraculous instruments.

Oris Dives To Great Depths With Carlos Conte


The Carlos Conte Limited Edition By Oris


This watch is substantial and heavy, made from Titanium and having a massive case of 47mm.  Since being named after the famous free diver, this watch better have a crazy depth rate, and it does…3281 feet!  This is a working watch, with a super thick sapphire crystal, measuring 4.8mm.  Its Titanium bracelet comes with an extender, in case you want to strap it on over your wetsuit.  The Carlos Conte Limited Edition is a Chronograph, unlike most diving watches, which are chronometers.  The hands and hour markers on this watch are set in a dark orange, with super-LumiNova technology, making it especially easy to read in the dark depths of the ocean.

Oris is world-renown for their Purely Mechanical timepieces.  The company prides themselves working with professional divers as well as other professional racers.  If you are a serious fan of free diving or maybe a participant yourself, Oris has the perfect watch for you.  Oris watches, and the innovation and passion for excellence that goes into creating them will never let you down.  Check out Oris, today.