The Elegant Movado Fiero Mens Watch

There are very few watch companies that stick with a signature throughout their existence, but that is exactly what the Movado Fiero series has done.  Staying with the elegant appeal for men, each style within the Fiero series is classy and professional.  With a sleek bracelet and their signature dial, the Movado Fiero is sure to satisfy your needs.

There are four different styles that you can choose from within the Fiero series, each with similarities and differences to give you options.  The first thing you will notice that is the same amongst all four styles is the dial.  Staying with their signature dial, Movado has uniquely crafted the all black dial with no numbers or dashes whatsoever.

Along with the dial, each style has a Swiss quartz movement to view the time off of.  There are two dial hands, a minute and hour hand that run smoothly atop the dial.  To add to the already stylish appearance, each watch within the Movado Fiero series is silver with silver hands.

With so many similarities, it is hard to believe that there are any differences.  However, there are several features that separate the four styles from each other.  You will find that two of the four watches have a round dial, while the other two watches have a rectangular dial.  It really is a personal preference as they both are stylish and unique.

A minute difference between the rectangular dials and the round dials is what is displayed above the hands.  The rectangular dials have a single cabochon marker with Movado below it while the round dials only have a single cabochon marker.

While three of the four watches are shiny silver, there is one watch that is the odd man out.  The 605850 model has a black dial and silver hands like the others, but the bracelet is different from the other three.  It contains a black rubber stripe running down the middle of the bracelet with hard metal on the outsides of the black rubber.

These differences are more so about preference, but do little to the price difference.  What differentiates the four from each other is diamonds.  One of the rectangular dials and one of the round dials contain diamonds all around the dial.  As you can imagine, this increases the price a drastic amount compared to the other two styles.

Although each Movado Fiero has its differences, they all are similar in that they offer a unique elegance that only Movado watches offer.  With the slick black background and the signature single cabochon marker, this series will leave every businessman happy.

The Movado 800 Mens Watch

Keeping with its tradition, Movado has released yet another series to their already impressive luxury watch collection. The Movado series 800 has a couple of styles to choose from, assuring that you find the right watch for you. While each is unique in its own way, they both are part of a magnificent series that Movado has released.

The first of the two Movado series 800 watches that I will go over is the black model. Its black pvd finish performance gives the steel case a rugged and tough look for every man. To stay with the black theme, the dial itself is black along with a black thermoresin strap that adjusts to fit your wrist perfectly. The dark look gives off a mysterious yet elegant feel to the overall aura of the watch.

While the black model is a chronograph model, the second Movado men’s watches is a standard Swiss quartz movement. This watch is actually a unisex watch, but is more ideal for a man. Again going with the black, everything is identical to the first watch mentioned aside from the movement.

Along the outside of both of these styles, there are 10 minute spans displayed along the outside of the dial. This makes it convenient to tell what minute it is with a quick glance. In between each of the 10 minute increments, there are large dots that signal the 5 minute mark, 15 minute mark and so on.

If you would like to purchase one of the two styles from the Movado series 800, the most convenient place to look is on their website. From there, you can be directed to a plethora of retail stores within your state that you would like to purchase from. You will find that a majority of the stores listed are either watch stores, jewelry stores or other stores within the malls around your state.

Each store listed conveniently has a number that you can call to find out further details and ask any questions you may have. If you are looking for a bargain on your watch, doing a Google search for the two different styles will give you several websites that sell the watches at reasonable prices.

Despite their ongoing success, Movado continues to awe the public with elegant yet casual watches for everyday use. The Movado series 800 is nothing short from that and is guaranteed to give you what you are looking for in a convenient and stylish watch.

Purchasing a Luxury Watch Online

If you like the appearance of an Omega watch and not the price you may want to consider buying it online. Online retailers that sell watches can be just as trustworthy as buying from a department store. With online retail shops having less overhead you can save a lot of money on authentic Omega watches without ever leaving your house. Here are a few tips to consider when buying luxury watches online.

Look for a toll free number and call it. Most reputable online watch retailer will have a physical location where customers can reach them. It’s important to distinguish between a call center that is leased by a merchant and one that has people answering the phones who actually work for the website you are calling.

Buying a luxury watch online can present some problems. Since you are not able to physically hold the Omega or other luxury watch, it’s important to confirm (over the phone or email) that the watch is 100% authentic and has never been worn by anyone else. It surprises me how many people end up buying a watch that is 4-5 years old with scratches.

Always confirm the watch return policy. A reputable watch retailer will always offer a no questions asked return or exchange policy. One important thing to look out for is the restocking fee. This fee may range from 10-30% based on the merchant’s policy. It’s imperative that you read the faq and return policy pages to inquire about these rates. A luxury watch website that doesn’t have this information available is probably a scam.

Review independent user reviews. If you find a luxury watch website that has your dream watch then take a minute to review the rating and testimonials. This will give you a real heads up on the type of service you will receive from the online retailer you are purchasing from.

As always use your gut instinct before buying a watch online. However, you should know that it’s not unusual to find a genuine Movado, Omega or other luxury brand for 20-60% off what you would find in department stores.

Movado Mens Sport Luxury Watch – What Makes It So Hot

Most times when people think of movado watches, the first thing that comes to mind is class and style. However, the movado men’s sport watch has been generating a great deal of popularity as well. While it still displays a classy appearance and a high price tag, it provides versatility at the same time. If you are looking for a high-end watch that allows you to do many things with it, the movado men’s sport watch provides exactly that.

The feature that makes the movado men’s sport watches stand out the most is its water resistance capabilities. This sports watch has the ability to be taken 30 meters, or 100 feet, under water while still maintaining full functionality. Many would never consider bringing a high priced watch such as this into the water that deep, but it is built strong for the rugged sports you may perform.

Another feature that is common among many movado men’s watches is its scratch resistant material. The watch is built with a solid sapphire crystal scratch resistance allowing it to look new even after wear and tear.

One of the best features with the movado men’s sport watch is the precise time displayed. With 1/10th of a second, small seconds, and 30-minute registers, you are guaranteed to have the exact time down to the dot. This can be crucial for a number of activities you may participate in with your watch.

As mentioned above, despite its sporty build it still displays a classy look. It has a precise silver quartz movement with sparkling silver tone and hour markers. To add to the tone and hour markers, the dial and three sub-dials are silver colored with an automatic calendar date revealed at the 4 o’clock hour mark.

The retail price for the movado men’s sport watch is at $1,695 and is worth every penny. If you price compare from store to store, the odds of finding it cheaper are pretty good. Some of the better places online to look include and

With the combination of class and versatility, the movado men’s sport watch is every mans dream for a watch. From its water resistance capabilities to the precise timing, this watch is perfect for every activity you can think of. And, unlike most sports watches on the market, it still puts off a sparkling silver tone to top it off. There is no wonder why the movado men’s sport watch is so popular on the market.

Movado Gold Watches That Impress

Movado watches have a persona of being silver and white high priced items. However, many people do not realize how large the luxury watch collection of a Movado gold selection there is. One of the biggest benefits of Movado gold watches is the price decrease. While they still maintain the same quality, the gold watches offer a cheaper material than the diamonds and stainless steel silver.

It is not uncommon to find an array of Movado gold watches between the price ranges of $400 to $800, which is virtually impossible to do with the rest of the Movado selection. Depending on where you look, you can sometimes even find gold watches that fall below $200.

There are a number of different Movado gold watches to choose from for men and women. One of the more popular Movado gold watches is the Esperanza women’s two-tone watch because of its polished steel and lustrous gold plate.

The strap has three sleek and appealing gold lines that are separated by a silver outer layer. The contrasting gold and silver color scheme puts off a flashy style unlike any other gold watches.

The Movado gold Esperanza is a characteristic Movado watch in style. With the dark black dial and the signature Movado concave dot, it is apparent what type of watch it is with a quick glance. What is surprising is the fact that this watch shadows some of the more expensive Movado watches, yet this one is a steal at around $700.

The most common Movado gold watch for men is the Movado classic museum. As with the women’s Esperanza, the museum contains the signature black dial and Movado concave dot. This watch, however, contains no silver whatsoever. From the leather black strap to its characteristic black dial, this flashy watch is perfect for the businessman. It is countered with a gold plate and gold colored hands that sleekly move across the black dial. This is a very handsome and professional watch at an affordable price of just $199.

For whatever reason, the selection of women’s Movado gold watches is much larger than men’s. Because of this, there are a number of popular women’s gold watches that vary in price. With the variety women have to choose from in gold watches, the price range is much more significant than with men’s Movado gold watches. Even between the more popular models for men and women there is a $500 difference.

Regardless of the price difference, both men and women have a great Movado gold watch selection to choose from. Although it is smaller for men, the quality and professional appearance is still there. With a Movado gold watch, you have the ability to pay less for a quality watch made by the same company.