Shine with Michele’s Evening Shimmer Strap Collection

Michele watches have long been known to supply women with elegant timepieces that are not only timekeepers but are fashion accessories. They consider their design philosophy to be a synthesis of eternal elegance and modern fashion which appeals to fashionistas and watch lovers of all ages.
Michele Shimmer Straps
One of the distinctive features of Michele luxury watches is that their timepieces are interchangeable. The versatility of Michele watches makes them perfect to wear for any occasion as you can easily go from casual to formal in matter of minutes.

Imagine all of the fashionable possibilities with easily interchangeable watch straps! You can go on a vacation with just your Michele watch and a few extra watch straps and you’re fashionably prepared for any occasion, anytime! You will no longer have to worry about toting along extra bracelets or watches on trips. Michele’s stainless steel luxury watches are easily passable as a gorgeous watch and a luxurious bracelet.

Having their finger on the pulse of all things luxurious and stylish, Michele watches recently introduced a line of Evening Shimmer Straps to their collection of gorgeous watches and accessories. The Evening Shimmer Straps Collection combines straps made with bright jewel-toned colors featuring contemporary designs, shimmer and leather.

The metallic straps come in a range of sizes from 12 millimeters to 20 millimeters and will correspond with any of the watches in the existing Michele collections. As versatile as Michele watches and accessories are, this particular collection will likely appeal most to those who favor a more casual look with its beautiful metallic colors and understated glamour. You can expect to see stunning jewel-toned colors paired with stylish textured leather which Michele describes as interchangeable glamour for utmost versatility.

Any of the watch straps from the Evening Shimmer Collection would perfectly match ready-to-wear pieces, upscale casual wear and even office attire. Again, these watch straps match any of Michele’s existing timepieces of the same size. This option gives you the freedom to pair your watch strap and dial however you see fit and allows you to customize your look.

The Michele Evening Shimmer Straps Collection combines the ultimate in fashion and quality craftsmanship with versatility and convenience. There are very few other luxury watch brands that enable wearers to showcase their personal style while still exuding timeless elegance, convenience and dependability. Consider one of some of Michele’s Evening Shimmer Straps to add to your personal collection of watches and accessories!

Top 10 Watches to Wear at a Wedding for Women


As you can see, there are many suitable timepieces to wear to a wedding and it basically comes down to your individual style. These watches are extremely fashionable and timeless and would be a fabulous accessory to wear to any formal event. Watches make the ideal embellishment to wear to a wedding to look chic without losing track of time.

Summer watches for 2012

Summer’s practically here, which means you’ll need a great timepiece to keep track of time before it flies by. With so many wonderful watches out there, there are so many choices to choose from. Luckily there are a few trends this season that have the potential to last a lifetime in a timepiece. By combining bright designs with a touch of sporty elegance, these watches will keep all of your summer plans on track—and keep you looking great, as well!

For the Ladies:

Bold, bright colors are a huge hit this season. There’s no reason why your watch should be humdrum when the sun and the style of today are so bright! For a fun watch that will last all year long, take a look at the Michelle Deco Day Gold Diamond watch (MWW06P000124). With a bright watchband that sparkles both in and out of the sun and a set of diamonds sweeping around the bezel, this watch will add extra shine to all your activities.

Or, if you like a little less sparkle and a bit more style, try the Tahitian Jelly Bean (MWW12F000050). The chronograph watch is big, bold and bright—perfect for those outings where a more durable watch that’s easy to read will come in handy. The comfy rubber strap is sporty, but the sunray silver dial is undeniably luxurious. The watch comes in a variety of colors to match your mood, so take your pick!

For the men:

Sporty looks are in, and just in time for the summer. The nice thing about these watches is that the timepiece is not only great to look at, but great to wear. Tissot watches may have nailed this end of the market down. Not only are they the official timekeepers and/or affiliated with numerous sports, ranging from racing to swimming, even to fencing, Tissot watches are embracing the new trend—and improving on it.

If you’re planning a diving trip this summer, why not go for the Tissot Sea Touch watch (T026.420.17.281.03) which features bright pops of color and features a waterproof seal of 330 feet, or 100 meters. The timepiece includes a thermometer, alarm, compass, and even a miniature divers’ logbook. If you’re loving the bright colors of this season, you can go all out and grab the orange version of the watch. If you’re a bit more reserve, there’s a silver lining with a steel casing.

Whatever the case (or bezel), your best bet on finding a great watch for the summer is finding what watch suits your lifestyle best. Are you bright and breezy? Tough as nails? A diamond in the not-so-rough? With today’s collections, you’re sure to find the perfect timepiece for you! You can view all the latest summer watches here at

Mother’s Day gift guide (not flowers again!)

With Mother’s Day around the corner most of you are already in a frenzy trying to brainstorm the prefect gift for mom. While the easy option is flowers and a big hug, we all know they are tired of the flowers and could use something more long lasting and exciting. We think the answer is a beautiful watch, a timeless present that simply states your love and affection without having to say a single word. To make things even easier we compiled some of our top women’s watches that your mom might like. Of course this is just a small sample of the great selection of women’s watches we have that will make your mom that much more fond of you, and we can all use some of that. 😉

1. Raymond Weil Jasmine 5229-ST-00659

2. Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean MWW12F000008
3. Cartier Ballon Bleu Automatic W6920046
4. Michael Kors Goldtone Chronograph MK5223
5. Michele Sport Sail Chronograph MWW01C000064

Make Sure to check out all our collections HERE! To all the moms reading, make sure to send this to your kids 🙂

Michele Must have Watch Novelties for Discerning Consumers



These are Michele must have watch novelties that the discerning consumer will want to have or add to their collection of watches.


Michele’s Tahitian Jelly Bean Novelties

Tahitian Jelly Bean Novelty

These watches are tastefully luxurious. Jelly beans have never looked as hot as this collection of Tahitian Jelly Bean watches. The colors are as delightful as is the name of the watch itself. Colors include: Sea green, Steel Blue, Stainless Steel Red, Pink, Black Carousel Gold Tone, Navy Large Gold Tone, White Carousel Gold Tone, Black Gold Dial Tone. The watch has chronograph movement, large stainless steel or gold tone cases, bold dial sizes, and sporty straps and bezels. The price ranges from $325 to $375.


Michele’s New Comer: Cloette Bee Diamond Black Alligator Novelty

Michele Cloette Bee Diamond Black Alligator

This luxurious timepiece is a honey of a timepiece with playful bee accents at five and tenth hours. The mother of pearl dial is elegant, the case is 38 mm, strap is alligator leather and is interchangeable with any 16mm Michele strap, the crystal is sapphire, and it has 131 diamonds, does have Swiss movement, and costs $2,045.


Michele’s Urban Collection: Park Diamond Novelty

Michele’s Urban Park Diamond Novelty

This watch speaks urban elegance all over. The timepiece is glittered with 124 diamond accents on the elongated case bling that says “Hello, how you doing?” It has a stainless steel bracelet that can be interchanged with any 16 mm Michele strap. The case is 23 mm X 33 mm, the dial is enamel, the crystal is sapphire, it has Swiss movement and it is imported. The price for this timepiece is $1,645.


Michele’s Sport Sail Non-Diamond Rose Gold Novelty

Michele-Sport Sail Non-Diamond Rose Gold

Rose Gold is in and this watch oozes it all over! It is a Sport Sail chronograph in rose gold finish, case size if 38 mm, dial is enamel , with a 20 mm rose gold-plated stainless steel bracelet which is also interchangeable with any 20mm Michele strap. It has Swiss movement and is an import. The price of this elegant timepiece is $1,225.


Michele’s Extreme Butterfly Diamond Garnet Alligator Novelty

Michele’s Extreme Butterfly Diamond Garnet Alligator

Extreme indeed, the garnet alligator strap accentuates the already stylish 42 mm X 31 mm stainless steel case gently kissed with 150 sparkling diamonds. The dial is white enamel embellished with butterflies and diamonds having a sapphire crystal. The watch has Swiss movement and is imported. The price of this lovely timepiece is $1,745.

These are some of the hottest picks Michele manufactures among their collection of novelties that any woman will love to add to their Michele collection of watches.