Trend: Rose Gold Watches for Men and Women

Rose gold watches are the hottest accessory trend to enrapture the wrists of fashion conscientious men and women to date. Whether its 18k rose gold or rose gold tone jewelry or watches both men, women and yes, even celebrities are compelled by its charismatic color. Watch manufacturer from A to Z are literally leaping at the opportunity to woo men and women with their luxurious renditions of rose gold timepieces, and their efforts are panning out quite successfully.

Watches that are drawing guys and girls with their rose gold factor include:

Swiss Legend Conqueror this watch not only says “Hello” but its finesse is “code red” for alarmingly stunning. This masculine watch is housed in a round 49mm rose gold ion plated stainless steel case. It sports a red dial that contrasts perfectly with its rose gold tone case. It has a Sapphitek crystal and quartz movement. It is further enhanced with a dramatic black leather strap. (Model 20188.RG.05)

Glam Rock Women’s Chronograph cleverly marries white polyurethane with rose gold tone ion plated stainless steel cover for a beautiful presentation of time and exquisite style. It sports a black mother of pearl dial with two chronograph sub-dials at 10 and 2 o’clock as well as a circular date window at 6 o’clock. It is complemented by an elaborate rose gold tone bracelet. It has chronograph quartz movement all of which is protected by a mineral crystal. (Model # GK1147)

Invicta Russian Diver presents this drama queen timepiece in a round 44 mm rose gold plated stainless steel case with an amazing gold tone dial. A member of the Russian Diver (Special Edition 50 Years) Collection it is sure to entrance the ladies with its dramatic charm. It has a flame-fusion crystal, quartz movement and its appeal is completed with a black poly urethane and stainless steel bracelet.

Hublot Big Bang King Power shares its reign of time with a round 48mm 18K rose gold case. This masculine watch commands time with its sporty styling, skeleton dial and chronograph automatic movement. The case is accentuated with an 18K rose gold bezel and a sturdy black rubber strap. It is made in Switzerland and has a 24 month warranty. (Model #701.OX.0180.RX)

These are just a few of the beautiful rose gold watches found on Rose gold watches are definitely making a compelling statement that’s as smooth and jazzy as the lyrics of Ira Gershwin’s song, “Our Love Is Here to Stay” – and only time will tell the tale of this trendy rose gold affair.

Invicta Catches Hold on Colorful Palette of Ocean Jelly Watches


Invicta catches hold on colorful palette of ocean jelly watches. Invicta has modified many of its watch designs and emerged from the depths with ocean jelly watches. These watches are definitely stunning without the sting. The playful palette of colors and styles is sure to have something for everybody.



There is the Invicta Excursion Classic Reserve in white. It has Swiss made components, it is an automatic and the wrist band is high grade polyurethane having stainless steel inserts and buckle. It has a sunray dial with date display and Tritnite luminous hand. It is water resistant up to 200 meters.


The Invicta Russian Driver Quinotaur in vibrant yellow. This watch has professional Swiss chronograph movement, stainless steel case and screw-down case-back. It has a sunray dial with date display and Tritnite luminous hand. The wrist band is high grade polyurethane having stainless steel inserts and buckle. It is water resistant up to 100 meters.

The Invicta Akula Classic Reserve claims notoriety. It too has a stainless steel case and screw-down case-back with hydraulic pressed marking. It has a flame fusion crystal, sunray dial with applied rings. Stainless steel crown and irregular pushers with date display. The wrist strap is silicon and it comes in assorted colors. It is water resistant up to 100 meters.

The Invicta S1 Classic GMT cruises in the fast lane. It is available in solid stainless steel case and screw-down case-back. It also has a flame fusion crystal, sunray dial with transparent plastic plate. It is available in assorted colors and has a high grade polyurethane strap. It is water resistant up to 100 meters.

The Invicta Venom Classic Reserve strikes for greatness. Its appearance and looks are stunning. It is solidly constructed with chronographic features. It has a unidirectional bezel with screws on the side. It features the same hardware (stainless steel) case and case-back. It is water resistant up to 1000 meters.

The Invicta Subaqua NOMA III was engineered as an iconic divers watch ready for complex time and adventure. It has the stainless steel case and case-back. Unidirectional turning bezel. Flame fusion crystal, date dislay with Trinite luminous hands and indexes. It is available in assorted colors and has a rubber wrist strap with stainless steel inserts and buckle. It is water resistant up to 500 meters.

The Invicta Ocean Jelly are exiting and the above mentioned watches are just reaching the surface, there are even more swimming in the depths of the Invicta ocean. Check them out on Invicta’s website at

Invicta Introduces Russian Diver Artist Series Collection

Combine Swiss watchmaker Invicta with famed graffiti artist Erni Vales and what do you get? A very unique, contemporary timepiece that is a brilliant work of art! Invicta has released three limited edition watches that ooze character and an intense sense of exclusiveness.

Invicta, originally founded in 1837 in Switzerland, was re-established in 1991 by descendants of the Invicta family. Building on the founding principle, the company continues to use a hands-on approach to ensure quality and the highest standard in their watches.

In case you have never heard of Ernie Vales, he is a highly regarded graffiti artist who has created many art pieces for clients such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Google, Mountain Dew, and Nikon. His talent has included large-scale murals featured in many Hollywood scenes. Thus Invicta’s partnership with Ernie Vales has produced timepieces that are trendy, innovative and a collector’s dream.

Invicta Russian Diver Artist Series watch
Invicta Russian Diver Artist Series watch – Leather Twin

The three Artist Series Limited Edition timepieces are a part of the Russian Diver Collection and include the:

  • Lace Twin
  • Leather Twin
  • Panda Suit

Each watch comes with a unique “bear” on the face and the artist’s signature on the case back.

The “Lace Twin” Artist Series Limited Edition watch face appears with a red background and features a cuddly bear that is wrapped in a net of lacework. The watch comes in a combination of red and black colors with a high grade polyurethane strap with stainless steel buckle.

The “Leather Twin” Artist Series Limited Edition watch face is also seen with a red background and contains a blue teddy-type bear that is sitting hunched over apparently sleeping. The watch strap is a black and chrome high grade polyurethane.

The “Panda Suit” Artist Series Limited Edition watch face seems to be a version of the teddy-type bear zipped up in a panda suit. He appears sitting on a blue floor with an orange backdrop. A white and chrome/gray high grade polyurethane watch strap completes the timepiece.

Each watch is highly colorful and comes packed in a Special Edition Artist box. Only 777 timepieces were created for each edition.

Invicta has definitely opened a new door with this partnership. Before, a timepiece could be considered a work of art due to its history, quality and superior craftsmanship. Now, “work of art” takes on a new meaning. We have a master Swiss watchmaker paired with a famed graffiti artist. It is a fusion of crafts and a vision few could foresee. The Invicta Russian Diver Artist Series can quite frankly be considered a masterpiece.

Invicta Presents Reserve Specialty Limited Edition Mechanical Tourbillon Watches

Invicta Reserve Specialty Limited Edition 1574 Watch
Invicta Reserve Specialty Limited Edition 1574 Watch

 Invicta Watch Group reached a landmark in its watchmaking history in December 2011 with the launch of the Reserve Specialty Limited Edition Mechanical Tourbillon Watches. This line signified Invicta’s foray into their first mechanical models in combination with the tourbillon movement. Consisting of three timepieces of different colors, this collection is truly limited edition as each color comes in only 200 pieces.

This limited edition line is part of the Reserve collection, a completely hand-made series that tends to exhibit a pattern of round and chunky steel watches with the chronograph feature.  The Reserve collection also tends to include bigger watches, and takes the title of the Invicta collection with most watches measuring 50 mm or larger in diameter. The Specialty Mechanical Tourbillon Watch follows this formula quite faithfully, with a casing of 52 mm diameter and 21 mm thickness. These types of large watches tend to aim towards the male audience, although the Reserve collection also has oversized watches for women.

The Seagull TY800 is a mechanical, Chinese-made automatic movement that powers the tourbillon, set in the case of the watch with 27 jewels. With a power reserve of about 40 hours, the mechanisms gleams with 27 jewels as it runs on 21,600 vibrations per hour. A Cote de Genève motif peeks out through the case back to adorn the Seagull TY800. These “Geneva Stripes” or Fausses Côtes are created by a special type of geometric lathe to achieve a result similar to a spirograph engraving.

Sophistication and innovation come together in the design of the Specialty Mechanical Tourbillon Watch, with a beautiful case made up of more than 48 parts. A screw-down crown and a fixed bezel emphasize the hard work put into the model’s construction, and the trademark Invicta flame-fusion crystal grips the dial of the piece. A spider-shaped decoration lies in the background, with the tourbillon cage representing its body and the metal detailing depicting its legs. The tourbillon mechanism rotates once a minute and functions as a display of seconds.

Sold at $2,715 for each lustrously colored model, the only difference between the pieces lie within the dial hue. The 1574 model shines with red gold, as does gun metal for model 1573, and blue achieves a cooler effect in model 1684. The tips of the hands for both hours and minutes gleam to ensure maximum legibility. The carefully built watch can withstand up to 500 meters of water pressure and is enclosed in a stainless steel, 31 mm wide bracelet.

Invicta Reserve Specialty Limited Edition 1684 Watch Caseback
Invicta Reserve Specialty Limited Edition 1684 Watch Case Back

Invicta Care Foundation donates funds to charitable causes

With the help of the Invicta Watch Group, the non-profit Invicta Care Foundation strives to aid overlooked areas and charitable causes by providing financial support.

The mission of the Invicta Care Foundation is to improve the life of less fortunate, overlooked and otherwise neglected areas by donating funds to pioneering organizations that work to help charitable causes. The Invicta Watch Group fully supports the efforts made by the foundation, enabling Invicta Care to donate 100 percent of all donations and sales to the organizations that aim to help areas in need. The Invicta Watch Group also pays for the foundation’s operational, marketing, production and managerial costs.

The Invicta Care Foundation has financially supported numerous multinational causes in recent years.

When Hurricane Katrina – one of the most deadly and destructive hurricanes in the history of the U.S. – hit the Gulf Coast, the Invicta Care Foundation raised $127,846 to support disaster relief causes. The donation was given to the Red Cross to help those in need after the hurricane wreaked havoc in several areas.

The foundation has also partnered up with Red Wing Shoes and the Nashville-based Soles4Souls, donating tens of thousands of pairs of shoes to those who were in need of them. The footwear was sent overseas to multiple countries.

Emmaus Medical Mission
The Invicta Care Foundation financially supported the Emmaus Medical Mission in helping the poverty stricken community of Mindo, Ecuador.

In 2010, the Invicta Care Foundation donated $15,000 in one day – during Invicta’s Sunday Run – to the Emmaus Medical Mission, an organization that serves to provide medical care and supplies to those people in need of urgent help and attention in the impoverished community of Mindo, Ecuador. The organization provides care to treat conditions and diseases such as malnutrition, diabetes and asthma. Supplies, including toothbrushes and vitamins, are also given to the community to help control personal hygiene and prevent further medical measures.

During the Sunday Run, subscribers to “The Movement” newsletter get the chance – for 24 hours – to purchase a featured luxury watch model from the Invicta collections. Since the Invicta Watch Group fully supports the foundation, 100 percent of sales from that one particular Sunday was donated to the Emmaus Medical Mission.

In another instance, the Invicta Care Foundation was able to raise $30,000 during a one day run event. 100 percent of those proceeds was donated to the Hetrick-Martin Institute, a New York City based non-profit organization that serves to provide social support and programming for at-risk youth. The organization particularly focuses on the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning youth.

The Invicta Care Foundation continually seeks to support charity-based causes.