Citizen Eco-Drive : The Nova Concept Watch

This unique watch is the result of years of research by CITIZEN. This Japanese brand has become known for producing watches with Eco-Drive movement that are solar powered for many years. The watch takes in light and releases its own sparkle, creating a very interesting visual experience for the wearer. It converts light to energy to not only power the watch but to also emit the light on its own. The Citizen Eco-Drive Nova Concept watch comes in black and white version. This Nova watch operates by quartz movement that runs on batteries that does not need to be replaced. The rechargeable battery inside the Eco-Drive movement can last up to 30 years or longer. As light enters through the dial, it recharges the battery, which consumes low energy.

The dial of the watch, as hinted on above, is a beautiful array of light and animated display. It is made up of small hexagon shapes that form a patchwork and light reflects off them. The light comes from behind, starts from what seems like a single point and moves around the entire face. The light movement created is quite interesting and grabs ones attention. The dial is incased in a large black or white case that has a large domed sapphire crystal over the face and has an intergrated strap on its sides. The watch also has a large crown on its size.

When it comes to functionality, the watch does tell the time of course. The lights come up to display the time using two “painted” analog hands. Given the nature of the creation, the Eco-Drive Nova watch doesn’t even center them in the middle of the dial. The playful concept creation is a fun toy first, and a watch second. Citizen likely uses a special display combined with a type of fiber optic light source to create the impressive effect. One of the structures the light movement creates on the dial face is two analog hands. The hands are not centered but positioned on the lower left side.

The watch is not available commercially yet but it is expected to be available in limited edition at some point in the near future. This timepiece is a perfect example of the fusion of technology and design. As the president of CITIZEN points out during Baselworld 2012 press release, this Nova watch demonstrates the ongoing innovative work and evolution of the brand’s watchmaking.

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch

Citizen has made what could be the ultimate accessory for mobile phone addicts and tech addicts alike with the Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch. Citizen might have very well accomplished what seems like the impossible by creating a sporty Bluetooth watch that’s not a complete eyesore. The majority of the Bluetooth watches already available on the market can be awkward, bulky, loud and not very attractive. Their only redeeming quality is that they are able to give you notifications without anyone having to constantly hear your Taylor Swift ringtone that drives all of your co-workers absolutely batty.

The Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch solves this problem as it comes in a sleek and sporty design and also discreetly alerts you whenever you get an email, text, miss a call, etc. Those two aspects of the watch are the biggest selling points-subtle notifications paired with a modern design. Honestly, what is the point of having a Bluetooth watch if your watch is as loud and massive as your phone?

It all sounds good so far, but unfortunately for Android users like myself the Proximity Bluetooth Watch only syncs with iPhones version 4S as well as newer versions in the future. We can still appreciate the watch from afar I suppose as it appears that Citizen has accomplished quite the feat. This analog watch bears a sub dial that is marked with the different types of notifications that your smartphone normally informs you of such as an appointment or message. The watch unobtrusively alerts you by directing one of the hands to the notification. You can also sync the time on your iPhone to the watch and there is a feature that will sound off if you cannot find the handset.

The scuttlebutt surrounding the release of the Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch is that it will be released this coming fall and will be sold at or around the $500 range. The price might sound like it is on the higher side for what you are getting but keep in mind that it is an Eco-drive which is Citizen’s light powered series of watches. Eco-drives made waves for being a light powered watch without obvious solar cells. Citizen might be the master of creating timepieces that conceal some of the bothersome features of other watches.

All in all, the Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch is smart and smart-looking with impressive physiognomies to boot. Citizen is making keeping up with our busy life easier and much less obvious than our constant companion the smart phone.

US Open Limited Edition Tennis Watch Sets Citizen to Good Advantage

The Olympics may be over, but tennis fans still have something to cheer about as the US Open begins in New York—particularly with the advent of the Citizen US Open Limited Edition Eco-Drive Tennis Watch. After 20 years as the official timekeeper for the US Open, Citizen Watches is releasing a special edition timepiece to commemorate the occasion.

The timepiece certainly wouldn’t look out of place on a tennis court: available in white and blue with a stainless steel watch case, this timepiece will fit right in with the dress code. The Cross-hatch pattern on the bezel adds extra dimension to the piece and mimics the hatching on a tennis racket, while the bubbled numbers add a fun element to the piece. The US Open logo is displayed openly right on the face of the watch.
Powered by the Citizen Eco-drive movement is the perfect choice for timepieces that are sure to see a lot of sun. The Eco-Drive movement uses 7878 movement and is powered by a solar panel under the dial, making this watch not just a great piece to wear, but energy efficient, too! You won’t have to worry about getting a lot of sun for the Eco-Drive to work; the watch is able to run for 180 days without charging in the sun.
It’s no mistake that the powerful movement was used for this piece: Jeffrey Cohen, the President of Citizen Watches claims that the company “admires the unstoppable power and dedication and of the athletes who compete at the US Open.” The Eco-Drive is one of the few mechanical devices in the market that can match up to the players!

Citizen doesn’t stop its fantastic work with stellar design; it will also donate a portion of its profits to USTA Serves, a nonprofit program that enhances the lives of children through tennis and education.
The Citizen US Open Limited Edition Eco-Drive Tennis Watch is a fun, smart watch for the US Open. With a nice blend of color and comfortable fit, the watch is the perfect choice for fans of the Open and of well-made watches. Even better, Citizen thinks beyond the tennis court, beyond its stores and salesrooms.
Whether finding energy efficient solutions for their timepieces or giving back to the lives of at-risk children, Citizen Watches has created timepieces that are not only worthwhile to wear, but worthwhile to support as well.

We added Citizen to the family!

Luxury watches are often so refined that it’s hard to imagine them being worn in everyday life. Citizen Watches, however, have made it their mission since their foundation in 1918 to craft watches that would be “Close to the Hearts of People Everywhere.”

Though the timepieces are made to be close to the hearts of the average citizen, the watches themselves take truly extraordinary measures to produce some of the very best timepieces in the world.
This is not to say that the brand is all about big business. Even as Citizen Watches have prospered, they still retain that same connection to their watches as they did back in 1918. Their commitment to bringing the best quality watches to the public hasn’t changed—it’s simply matured.

Citizen watches are recognized internationally as the forerunner of advanced technology in watches, the brand has seen many firsts; the first voice recognition watch, the first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor, even the world’s slimmest LCD watches.
Citizen isn’t just concerned with taking initiative with technology, but with eco-friendly pieces as well. The Eco-Drive collection is powered by both natural and artificial light and is available for dress to casual watches—even diving watches!

With such notable ambassadors such as Eli Manning, Paula Creamer, and Kevin Pietersen, it’s no wonder that the brand continues to flourish. But really, how could they resist with watches such as Citizen’s forward- thinking models?

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