Cartier Tank Louis XL Model Watch is Exactly What Lola Wants

Leave it to Cartier to know that whatever Lola wants, Lola gets, and Cartier designed Tank Louis Cartier XL watch to meet her expectations to a “T”.

Tank Louis Cartier XL Model Watch (Ref: HP100705) is an luxurious redesign of its iconic Tank Louis Cartier rectangular case which is elaborately embellished to exhibit feminine ambiance and charm.

Tank Louis Cartier XL open-works case exhibits the divine mastery of its new Manufacture mechanical movement with manual winding – caliber 9616 MC skeleton, which appears to float freely within its diamond embellished 30mm X 39.2mm tank frame.

Cartier Tank Louis Cartier - XL Model 2

Tank Louis Cartier XL’s richly rhodium finished 18K white gold case shimmers set with 254 brilliant-cut diamonds for a total of 2.20 carts, along with an 18K white gold beaded crown which is also set with a brilliant-cut diamond (0.12 carats). The open-works dial is complemented by blued steel hour/minute and small second hands.

Tank Louis Cartier XL amazing caliber 9616 MC skeleton movement consists of 159 parts and 21 jewels. The overall dimensions of the movement is 26mm X 26.3mm with a thickness of 3.6mm. The balance beats at 28,000 vibrations per hour with a power reserve of 72 hours/3 days. This incredible movement is protected by a sapphire crystal and caseback. It is water resistant up to 3 bars and is adorned with a beautiful fuchsia alligator skin strap.

Cartier really does get Lola and your Lola will definitely love Tank Louis Cartier XL. This watch has all the refinement and luxury that is expected of the Cartier brand. Gents get your Lola a Tank Louis Cartier XL for her birthday, Mother’s Day or simply just because you can!

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Spectacular Diver Watches of 2014

This year top luxury watchmakers took the plunge and emerged from the deep with diving watches structurally designed to perform in extreme conditions as well as transform into stylish everyday wear timepieces. Cartier, Girard-Perregaux, Hublot and IWC established a theme with their brands launching the year with spectacular diver’s watches.


(A four part series on luxury diver’s watches)

Cartier Calibre-de-Cartier Diver - Steel

Cartier raised the bar even for its exceptional standards by adding to its already prestigious Calibre de Cartier collection a diver’s watch – the Cartier Calibre De Cartier Diver Watch.

Cartier Calibre De Cartier Diver watch incorporates the brand’s appealing style with the technical requirements of ISO 6425 producing a watch to attract professional divers and admirers of diving watches alike.

Cartier Calibre-de-Cartier Diver - Pink Gold

Cartier Calibre De Cartier Diver is presented in a pink gold or stainless steel 42 mm case contrasted by a matt black dial that exhibits Roman numerals and an oversized Roman numeral twelve (a brand trademark) done in Super-Luminova as is the hour/minute hands and sub-dial. It has high quality 120-notch unidirectional rotating bezel with five-minute markers which is also done in Super-Luminova.

Cartier Calibre-de-Cartier - Super-Luminova for Readability

Cartier Calibre De Cartier Diver houses Cartier’s in-house 1904 MC self-winding mechanism, and contains ceramic ball bearings at the center of the rotor to aide in shock resistance and durability, all of which is protected by a thick crystal and a screw-in crown assuring water-resistance up to 990 feet. It is available adorned in a black rubber strap with a stainless steel or pink gold case, as well as in pink gold or stainless steel bracelets. Prices for the rubber strap versions is $8,200, stainless steel and pink gold $10,600 or an all pink gold version $28,000.

Cartier Calibre 1904 Mechanism

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Cartier Posts 7 New Arrivals for 2014 On Its Website

Great news! 

Cartier has posted 7 selections of New Arrivals 2014 on its website.

We’ve tabulated the New Arrival 2014 watch collection for you (see below)…

According to the table below, we have come up with the most common size/movement/case material used in the New Arrival 2014 Collection:

  • Most common size: 43.5 mm, 45 mm
  • Most common movement used: Manual
  • Most common case material: Pink Gold
New Arrival 2014 Size Movement Case
Tank Louis Cartier XL Model Manual White Gold
Rotonde De Cartier 47 mm Manual Platinum
Rotonde De Cartier 45 mm Manual Pink Gold
Rotonde De Cartier 45 mm Automatic Platinum
Rotonde De Cartier 43.5 mm Automatic Pink Gold
Rotonde De Cartier 43.5 mm Automatic Palladium
Tank MC Large Model Manual Pink Gold

Tank Louis Cartier

Tank Louis Cartier

Rotonde de Cartier

Rotonde de Cartier 45mm Automatic Platinum

Rotonde de Cartier 43.5mm Automatic Pink Gold
Rotonde de Cartier 43.5mm Automatic  Palladium

Rotonde de Cartier 47 mm Manual Platinum

 Tank MC

Tank MC
Tank MC

5 Reasons Cartier is On Top in China

According to a recent report by Jeff Miller on, “China’s high-net-worth community selected Cartier as the ”best of the best” jewelry brand this year as well as for the ”best jewelry watch” (click here for complete article).

So what is the secret behind Carrtier’s success in China?

Well as I was contemplating the answer to this question, I came across a brilliant SlideShare presentation titled “Cartier’s Success in China” (click here to view it) by Juliana Loh, Founder & Director of JLOH Communications Ltd, posted in February 2013. Even though in Internet Years that may sound a long time ago, I thought that Loh’s conclusions are still very much relevant, and do explain why Cartier is still on top in China today…

Reason #1: Socialism is Significant

It’s no secret that China has a socialist market economy, based on an open-market economy and on enterprises owned by the state. Campaigns and events were successful because Cartier worked on its relationships with the government.

Reason #2: Language Lures

Cartier presented culture, heritage and history in a way that spoke to the hearts and minds of the Chinese. After all, the Chinese culture is a culture rich in tradition, values and history, so if Cartier did this right, it was sure to win over its target market.

Reason #3: Media Matters

Cartier successfully used the online/digital media to draw in consumers. For example, in June 2012, Cartier placed ads on The New York Times China website to promote its Tank collection.

Reason #4: Celebrities Sway

The Chinese were swayed by celebrity endorsements that were well thought out by Cartier. For example, Cartier used Khalil Fong, a local Hong Kong celebrity to endorse its Love collection.

Reason #5: Responsibility Reigns

Cartier practiced Corporate Social Responsibility with local Chinese communities, and the Chinese liked that. Indeed, according to Susan Scarlata, a Writer, Editor and Professor specializing in Corporate Social Responsibility:

The Communist Party’s line is that no matter how the overall economy is doing, it still pays for corporations to be responsible in the long term. One official is quoted as saying “irresponsible enterprises cannot escape the heavy toll of the economic crisis.”

(Click here for Scarlata’s complete article. It’s fascinating.)

So perhaps Reason #5 is the real reason Cartier continues to top the Charts in China, even in its current economic climate? Maybe. 

Either way, the Chinese love Cartier. ships to China, so in this economic climate, they can get discounted Cartiers directly to their doors. Click here for a selection of Cartier Watches from