New App Brings Bvlgari to Your Smartphone

Bvlgari's One Touch Luxury App
Bvlgari Launches “One Touch Luxury” App for iPhone and iPad

Written by: Vanessa Formato

In a smart move toward increased connectivity, popular luxury watch, jewelry and fragrance brand Bvlgari has launched a new app to connect fans with their brand on a whole new level.

The “One Touch Luxury” app brings together everything that Bvlgari fans value about the brand’s website and products in a mobile format. It features frequent news and collection updates and easy access to all of their company’s social media– Youtube, Facebook and Twitter– all in one place. Users of the app will be able to stay abreast of the company’s actions without spending too much time surfing the net for updates on various websites, and if anything is valuable nowadays it is certainly time.

“When news breaks, you’ll be the first to know,” read an update about the app on Bvlgari’s Facebook page.

The Bvlgari app also allows users to keep updated on the very latest products, important for enthusiasts looking to catch deals on luxury products.

The iPhone and iPad app does not limit itself to matter of business, however. Even on the company’s Facebook, one of the main features that seems to be advertised is the chance to download icons and wallpapers to your phone and computer. From a marketing standpoint, it is an excellent move: thought Bvlgari hardly needs the help becoming a household name, more people with Bvlgari backgrounds and user icons might spark conversation about products. Considering how visually impressive many of Bvlgari’s watches, rings and other accessories are, even the virtual versions are sure to be conversation pieces.

Bvlgari is no newcomer to harnessing the power of the Internet. Fans of the brand seem to be incredibly engaged and many are likely already staying up to date by checking the luxury brand’s Twitter and Facebook, which stay well-updated with photographs, news and inspirational messages. Bvlgari has used its online presence to promote their extensive work with Save the Children. Buying Bvlgari is something that many lovers of luxury goods can feel good about because of the brand’s dedication to giving back.

The “One Touch Luxury” app is available in seven languages and can be used on the iPhone and iPad.

British GQ’s 2012 Watch Guide Features Bvlgari Watch

Written by: Lisa Pearson

Bvlgari watches are synonymous with elegance and luxurious lifestyles. What started out in 1884 with creating fine jewelry, Bvlgari now has all their bases covered with collections in fragrances, fashion, skincare, watches, accessories, and even hotels and restaurants in Asia. Celebrities can be seen wearing Bvlgari fashion, jewelry and watches in movies and at red carpet appearances. Notably, Robert Downey Jr.’s character Tony Stark in Iron Man was spotted wearing a Bvlgari watch in the film.

The Rome based company stated that each piece created is stringently tested to ensure that that it upholds the Bvlgari tradition of craftsmanship and is perfectly faithful to the sensitivity and intentions of its creator. Their watches combine elegance and sophisticated mechanism and are crafted and tested against the most rigorous Swiss standards which will guarantee a watch made of the highest quality.

Photo of Bvlgari Endurer Chronosprint  All Blacks Special Edition Watch
Bvlgari Endurer Chronosprint All Blacks Special Edition Watch

GQ magazine, formerly known as Gentleman’s Quarterly, is regarded by many to be the male equivalent of Vogue magazine. GQ is a monthly publication that features men’s fashion, style, and culture and is published in 15 other countries aside from the United States.  Annually, the magazine has produces a list of the top gadgets, products, and a Man of the Year. Bvlgari has managed to make the list for a Watch Guide for 2012 without even a month into the new year.

The Endurer Chronosprint All Blacks Special Edition was unveiled in 2011 and caused quite a stir with its departure from traditional Bvlgari style with its all black design, Maori tattoo on the watch face and sportier design. The Bvlgari timepiece design was inspired by and produced in collaboration with the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

The New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team wearing Endurer Chronosprint
The New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team wearing Endurer Chronosprint

British GQ notes that the Endurer Chronosprint All Blacks Special Edition timepiece is the “watch of the collection;” coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC), a Maori tattoo design, and the case back engraved with the rugby team’s leaf logo. Also noted in the article was that since the brand went under the control of luxury giant LVMH, “a horological shake-up was in the pipeline.”

Regardless of ownership or control of the company, Bvlgari’s Endurer Chronosprint All Blacks Special Edition watch garnered many rave reviews from watch enthusiasts when it debuted at Baselworld 2011, a world famous jewelry and watch trade show in Basel, Switzerland. It will be exciting to see what is in store for the future of luxury goods powerhouse, horological shake-up or not.

Bvlgari The Height of Luxury Watches

Perhaps you’ve seen the Bvlgari name before, and if you are like me, you equate Bvlgari with the ultimate in luxury.  This reputation is no accident.  It is true that Bvlgari has been the pinnacle of Italian taste in jewelry for over a century. bvlgari logo

Not only do they use the highest quality precious metals and gems, their creative spirit that draws its inspiration from centuries of Greek and Roman art.  This aesthetic appeal comes through in everything Bulgari designs.  This is because Sotririo Bvlgari, the founder, called on his Greek roots for inspiration, and incorporated the sophistication of the Roman culture he so embraced. It is no wonder that Bvlgari chose to open his first store on the Via Condotti in Rome.  It was not long before this location became a meeting spot for the aristocracy, and celebrities in the world of culture.

Bvlgari has proven that when the sky is the limit – and your best customers consider money no object – it allows for the pursuit of pure luxury watches without limits.  This is what Bvlgari represents today, particularly in its High Jewellery Watches, with their daring combinations of the finest cut diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.  These watches symbolize opulent beauty like no other collection of watches I’ve seen, and they are meant to get noticed on a grand scale.

But if your style is somewhat less flashy and more conservative, don’t let the Bvlgari High Jewellery collection scare you away.  The well established Bvlgari Bvlgari collection is one that may suit you well, and can be worn more casually.  The real icon of Bulgari’s assortment of watches is the BVLGARI BVLGARI line.  The most distinctive feature of this collection is the double logo engraved on the watch’s bezel.  Purely modern in their design, these watches are meticulously fashioned and sophisticated.

Other  Bvlgari collections include Assioma, , BZero1, Diagono, and Ergon.  These are available in a wide selection of high quality materials, including yellow gold, white gold, titanium, stainless steel, pink gold, diamonds and more.

Whatever you choose from the Bvlgari Watches collection, it will certainly become one of the most treasured pieces in your collection.

Assioma D The Latest Bvlgari Watch To Be Launched

The Bvlgari watch company has made a name for itself over the last few years. After just seven years, it has skyrocketed into the mainstream of the watch industry and is certainly a top company. With already a number of staggering collections to choose from, Bvlgari has launched yet another impeccable collection.

The latest Bvlgari watch to hit the market is the Assioma D collection. This ladies collection is a compilation of feminism and seduction with a balance of shapes and designs. It has a classical elegance to it that you will find with no other watch in the company, let alone any watch period. And with very little dial design, it remains classy and sexy at the same time without feeling overwhelmed with diamonds and rubies.

The dial is a white emailie dial with raised curve decorations. You can choose from white gold, pink gold, or yellow gold to suit your wants of the dial. There are rodium plated numerals that are 12″ and 6″, along with rodium plated hands as well. With a simple yet elegant design, the dial is sure to fit every woman’s desire.

The case is 26mm 18 karat gold and is polished to perfection. It is curved and set with brilliantly cut diamonds. The curved sapphire crystal scratch resistance gives your watch a protection level that makes it impossible to ruin your watch. And to give you the personalization of the watch, the back case is engraved with the Bvlgari logo, the Assioma D label and the individual number of your watch.

Lastly, the bracelet the watch sports is an 18 karat white gold bracelet that is set with beautifully cut diamonds on the external links. There is also an 18 karat white gold invisible clasp that gives you the extra comfort if needed. It is easily adjustable and will fit perfectly to your wrist.

In all, there are six different models to choose from within the Assioma D collection. There are some watches that have a blue case as well as a pink case to liven it up and personalize your Bvlgari watch that much more. But a majority of the models are fairly similar and give you the eloquence every women dreams of.

With so many collections already on the market to choose from, Bvlgari has done it again with their Assioma D collection. It offers a number of brilliantly crafted features and is sure to please every customer.