Bvlgari Bvlgari Women’s Watch BB26BSS/12N Review

by Elizabeth Lowry

First things first: The Bvlgari Bvlgari Women’s BB26BSS/12N is made of stainless steel….and I’m a sucker for stainless steel. It doesn’t rust, tarnish or corrode. It’s as lustrous as silver, but is pretty much hassle-free as you don’t have to polish it. It’s close to impossible to have an allergic reaction to it. It can be sterilized. It doesn’t conduct electricity, turn funky colors or flake away. It doesn’t chip or scratch. It’s 100% recyclable…and it was used to build the top of the Chrysler building in Manhattan. You get the idea.

I am a particular fan of stainless steel watches because when I buy a timepiece (especially an expensive one), I don’t want to take it off. I want to be comfortable wearing it in the shower, swimming, at the gym and so on. I want a watch that is as functional as it is attractive…and this watch meets those criteria. This Bvlgari women’s watch sports a stainless steel bracelet that is seamlessly tapered and has a discreet folding clasp; two features that lend it a pleasantly feminine air. Some might find the dial a little bit small–the watch case is only 26mm–but the hour indicators are clearly marked with diamond indexes that provide a vivid, yet elegant contrast with the watch’s black dial. The dial is described as having a “clou de Paris treatment,” which (for those not in the know) means that the minutes on the dial are represented by tiny triangles known as “clous,” or literally “nails.”

The watch runs on a quartz movement and, the Bvlgari logo is stamped twice on the bezel. Personally, I could do without logos, but this one isn’t too ostentatious and you can’t really see it unless you look closely. The dial is what really draws your attention–which is as it should be. In addition to offering the hours and minutes, this watch also provides you with the date and is waterproof up to 30 meters, which is almost 100 feet.

The Bvlgari list price for this watch is $5,700, although it can probably be found for less from other authorized dealers. To me, this women’s watch is worth the price if you are looking for a timepiece that you can wear all the time in multiple contexts. For my money, it’s every bit as attractive and (possibly twice) as durable as watches that sell for twice the price.

Bvlgari Assioma D Women’s AA35BSS

by Jerrica Tisdale

Since 1980, Bvlgari watches have been a leader in the timepiece revolution. Blending practicality and luxury, the Bvlgari watches always standout from the crowd. If you’re considering buying one of these watches, then try one from the Assioma D collection. The collection prides itself on “The outstanding combination of material, minimalist dial and sinuous bracelet merges magnificently with the feminine soul to create an alluring piece that is timeless.”

This is one of Bvlgari’s strongest collections, offering beautiful, yet simple looking, watches. One of their simplest watches is the Bvlgari Assioma D women’s AA35BSS watch.

The stainless steel design, and the little black elements really work in unison to create visual harmony. Some other great things about this watch are:

    • Scratch resistant crystal
    • Fold over clasp
    • Quartz movement
    • Black dial

If this watch doesn’t quite work for you (something missing?) then you might consider the very similar Bvlgari Assioma D women’s AA35BSDS watch. The two watches have basically the same features, but the AA35BSDS has diamonds surrounding the front. They also differ in pricing. The AA35BSDS costs $9,700 and the AA35BSS costs $5,200. Diamond and silver are great combinations, but would you rather pay over $4,000 dollars to get that combination?

The Assioma AA35BSS has a lot of excellent qualities, but also some negative ones.


  • The silver and black balance each other
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s not too showy
  • The silver design works better with the bracelet look then the gold design did


  • Not a lot of emphasis on the clock
  • Too much emphasis on the bracelet element
  • Not many extra features
  • It’s designed a lot like the other women’s watches in the collection

The Bvlgari Assioma D women’s AA35BSS watch really shines in silver. The black and silver harmoniously work together to create a unique bracelet watch. It’s fun, flirty and functional. Unlike, other watches of similar design in this collection, the AA35BSS has what others lacked. The silver makes it standout less than some other watches, and that could be a good thing. That’s a really important element if you’re a more modest woman. It’s nice to enjoy the finer things, but maybe you don’t want to declare it to the world. Some things this watch lacks,  like others in this collection, is a true focus on the clock window. It’s a very small clock window and overpowered by the silver clasp. This might not bother you if you want a bracelet and watch combination, if you just want a really nice watch then this might not be for you. The price is really good for a luxury watch, so the lack of extra features makes sense, and Bvlgari wanted to create simplicity with this collection. In this piece, I think the watchmakers did just that. So if you’re a girl that likes luxury and simplicity then this might be a perfect fit. This watch as well as many other Bvlgari watches are available at

Bvlgari Watches Buying Tips

Written By: Jean Flint

BVLGARI (or Bulgari) is an Italian company primarily known for its jewelry, but it has a Swiss subsidiary responsible for its line of luxury watches. The creative Italian design and traditional Swiss high quality attract counterfeiters, however, so be on the lookout when browsing for your own Bvlgari timepiece.

How to spot a fake Bvlgari watch

Spotting a replica of a designer brand watch is sometimes just a matter of common sense. A very cheaply made replica will probably have many warning signs of low-quality workmanship and materials, such as the Bvlgari logo glued simply onto the crown. Edges might appear uneven or inappropriately asymmetrical. Because the counterfeit manufacturers don’t have the quality control of the real thing, you should also be on the lookout for any hairs, dust, or fingerprints which can sometimes end up caught between the dial and the crystal of the fakes.

The most important thing you can do is familiarize yourself with the model of timepiece you wish to purchase by reading the description and technical details available on the Bvlgari website and by examining clear and detailed pictures of the genuine article. Pay special attention to the face, case back, wristband, and clasp when conducting a comparison. Any writing on the watch should be checked for spelling or grammatical errors — anything from “Eighteem Jewels” to “Made in Swiss” — and for any differences in font style, size, or placement.

Many authentic Bvlgari watches have a luminous coating of a substance called LumiNova on the hands and parts of the dial to make the timepiece easier to read in dim lighting. Replicas don’t always have similar glow in the dark capabilities, and when they do it’s usually poorer quality material that won’t glow as brightly or for as long. You can test this by shining a flashlight on the watch to “charge” the luminous material.

If you have a chance to physically inspect the watch, make sure to check that when you wind it everything works smoothly, without the feel of the movement shifting in the case.

Where to buy an authentic Bvlgari watch

Buying a genuine Bvlgari timepiece is a pricey endeavor, so be aware of the official retail price. Don’t be taken in by drastic discounts; authentic designer timepieces will show some price variation across a selection of different retailers, but not too much. To be sure of the reliability of the seller you can you can search for on the Bvlgari website for authortized points of sale. You can also make your purchase through a reputable online retailer.

Bvlgari History

Bvlgari WatchesDescended from ancient Greek silversmiths, the Bulgari family began business in the village of Epirus, Greece.  The company name is spelled in the traditional style of the Latin alphabet where a “V” is a “U” in English, the family surname of Voulgaris is the origin of the name.  The founder of the silversmithing business, Sotirio, moved to Italy in 1884 and opened shop in Rome.  In 1905 with the help of sons Giorgio and Costantino, the flagship store was launched on via Condotti.  The style focused on high quality jewelry design done in Roman and Greek art design.  In the 1940’s, Bulgari introduced their first watch done in the Art Deco style of the 1920’s.  It was extravagant and unique, the snake watch quickly gained popularity.  Throughout the history of the company, they have created wrist, pocket and lapel watches for both men and women.  The majority of their watch collection was created in the late 1970’s when the brothers began to create their own unique style.  The Bulgari Bulgari was their best selling and most recognized model with a double engraved logo.  The watches are produced in Switzerland, made to the highest standards and maintain the original style the company has always had.