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Bedat celebrated its 2011 collection. on December 9th, 2011 at Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The celebration at Starhill Gallery is an annual event at Asia’s biggest luxury watch and jewelry fair, with royalty, social leaders, celebrities and members of the press all present. The event included a project called the ‘Women of Caliber 2011,’ a pictorial project in celebration of women and of Bedat’s philosophy and identity as a Swiss luxury watchmaker that creates watches specially for women.

Bedat at the same time also announced the launch of its very first App for the iPhone to enhance the lifestyle of users.

The Bedat watch company was founded on October 8 1996 in Switzerland by Christian and his mother Simone Bedat. They presented their first collection of watches in 1997. In 2000 the Gucci Group acquired 85% of Bedat and incorporated the company within Gucci Group Watches. The founders departed in 2006 at which time the Gucci Group owned 100% of the company. In 2007, the company celebrated its 10 year anniversary by launching a Bedat and Company Confidential Concierge service. In 2009, the Bedat Company was acquired by Luxury Concepts, a company established in 2005 by a team of watch enthusiast who focus on introducing and managing highly specialized watch and jewelry brands to East Asia.

Bedat names its watches by numbers rather than names for a number of reasons:

  • To differentiate the company from other watch companies.
  • Calling the watches by numbers also represents a unique phenomenon within the watch business and gives the watch lines a definite form of cohesion.
  • The numbers are easier to remember than names.
  • Numbers are universal.
  • The numbers are also easily pronounceable in any language.

The collection numbers include listed below:

  • No 1
  • No 2
  • No 3
  • No 7
  • No 8

The company has offices in Switzerland, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong.

BEDAT and Co Make an Appearance in Kuala Lumpur

Written By: Jessica Mangiameli

This past December in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia marked the tribute ceremony of Bedat & Co‘s 2011 collection which was celebrated at the luxurious Starhill Gallery’s fifth annual event, known as “A Journey Through Time.” This is Asia’s largest luxury time piece and fine jewelry event. First a dinner was held for Bedat & Co’s guests at Starhill Gallery for a royal dinner. The guests consisted of much importance, including social celebrities, social elites, the country’s royalties, as well as media members at Shook!

Bedat & Co Watch Logo
Bedat & Co Watch Logo

Bedat & Co issued an exciting press conference  where they announced their newest collection to show off in Malaysia. Also at this time, Bedat & Co displayed the brand’s premier app for the iPhone which was designed to better the lifestyles of Bedat & Co’s customers and the app’s users. The area was turned into a private Art Deco section to show off Bedat & Co’s newest designs as well as the eight portraits of Malaysia’s “Women of Calibre 2011” a project meant to honor Bedat & Co’s feministic philosophy. Bedat & Co has always been known as a Swiss watch manufacturer specializing in ladies watches.

Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong XIII Tuanku Nur Zahirah and Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong XIII Tuanku Mizan, both Royal highnesses both made an appearance at Bedat & Co’s Starhill Gallery dinner. The lavish dinner consisted of a five-course meal accompanied by jazz music. The guests were especially impressed when chic stylish models appeared at the dinner wearing breath-taking Bedat & Co watches.

Awards were also given out at the dinner to the most “Glamourous Gatsby” dressed woman and man. The winners were presented with their own Bedat & Co watch as well as a certificate stating their achievement.  An award winning singer entertained the guests for the remainder of the night, Malaysia’s very own, Ms Syafinaz Selamat.

The 10 celebration of “A Journey Through Time” officially ended on December 10th. Bedat & Co walked away with an award for their Extravaganza collection Ref 288.450.910. The collection earned the Starhill Gallery’s YTL Spirit of Classical Art Award for 2011. The elegant and ritzy Extravaganza Ref 288 earned the approval of the judges at the event with its outstanding design and originality.

Bedat & Co certainly has the skill of making Swiss watches down. The brand is of the finest manufactures, ensuring reliability and precision. The Art Deco influenced watches are branded with the approved A.O.S.C. label, guaranteeing quality and promising Swiss origin. Every Bedat & Co piece ensures a five year warranty.

Bedat iPhone App Keeps Users on the Ball

Bedat's new iPhone app
Bedat launches new iPhone App

Though luxury watches may seem a bit old-fashioned, many luxury watch brands have been jumping on the smartphone bandwagon recently with their own apps directed toward fans. Bedat & Co. is no different, and late in 2011 they came out with a brand new free app for Bedat lovers everywhere to keep up to speed with news, indulge in their favorite things and stay on top of their busy schedules.

The app is free and features a number of functions. With the Bedat app, fans can find their nearest Bedat store, browse the latest collections and set various reminders, injecting a bit more luxury into everyday life.

Bedat & Co president Frank Low seems to be particularly enthusiastic about the app’s ability to program in reminders. “It reminds you of important anniversaries; it also gives you gift ideas for your loved ones,” Low said. Considering the other resources the app offers, surely Low is hinting at one of Bedat’s stylish watches as a perfect gift option.

This app also allows users to own their own Bedat watch in a virtual format. Once a favorite Bedat watch has been chosen, users can change their settings so that the current time is displayed on the chosen watch (versus the iPhone’s traditional time display).

What may be one of the more intriguing aspects of luxury watch brands like Bedat launching apps is that these launches may point toward some of the ways that watch companies are coping with the changing ways people get their basic information. While watches were, at one point, something nearly everyone owned out of necessity, watches as a concept have likely crossed entirely into the luxury category for most people, no matter the price point. Phones have taken over the role watches once played as the primary timekeeping device, so it will be interesting to see how watch brands market themselves in the coming years. Much of what must be done will surely be proving the worth of watches as more than just wrist candy.

Red8 Watches by Christian Bedat: Making Luxury Affordable

Written by: Lisa Pearson

Christian Bedat, creator of Red8 watches
Christian Bedat, creator of Red8 watches, the affordable luxury watch

Christian Bedat is a well-known name amongst circles in the high-end watch industry. His mother is Simone Bedat with whom he created Bedat & Co watches in 1997. Bedat & Co quickly gained success for their high quality components and innovative designs. In 2006 after Bedat & Co was sold to Gucci, both Bedat and his mother Simone Bedat parted ways with the company. In 2009, Bedat released his revolutionary concept Red8WORLD, presenting his new vision in high-end watches and watchmaking. In 2011, he released the Red8WORLD website. offers an innovative and exclusive concept with an online shop along with a one-of-a-kind design center and museum. The design center allows one to custom design your very own Red8 watch and submit it to the museum on the website. Every two months, a custom design will be chosen by the Red8WORLD team who will rank all of the submitted designs and choose one winner of a Red8WORLD watch. Red8 has both men and women’s luxury watches and are only sold on the Red8WORLD website.

The interactive nature of the Red8WORLD website allows the community to share ideas and interests with 3D animations to compliment the experience. Since the initial release of the website in July 2011, Bedat has revamped the website once again to improve and intensify the overall experience.

Red8 watch. Red8 watches have have a "Designed on Earth, Made in Asia" inscription
Red8 watches have have a “Designed on Earth, Made in Asia” inscription

Bedat was recently interviewed by reporter Jonathon Ho and stated that luxury has lost his path, turning into a behemoth where profit has become the be all and end all for shareholders and management. Although Badet is part of the luxury watchmaking elite, he craved change and a revitalization of sorts in the high-end watch industry. “When I was running Bedat & Co, I enjoyed the attention to detail and care when selecting the finest materials. I continue to believe in refinement, sophistication and elegance. But now, I believe it can apply to more than products, it can be a location, food even and it doesn’t have to come with a high price tag” says Badet.

Bedat went on to talk about going out on his own and being able to “flirt” with the dark such as the case with many luxury items being made in China. Bedat even went so far as to etch “Designed on Earth, Made in Asia” on the case back of the Red8 watches as a challenge to the “Swiss made” label.

Red8 offers luxury watches under $2,000 with the same quality but with a more modern and sporty flair. Bedat could quite possible pioneer a new age of affordable luxury with the Red8 watch, but will the trend prosper? Only time will tell.