Urwerk CC1 Cobra MARCUS London Piece Unique Strikes with Bold Presence

Urwerk CC1 Cobra watch has certainly earned its rightful accolade amongst the masterfully unique, insomuch as that it has joined the privileged ranks of masterpieces on exhibit at MARCUS London 10th Anniversary Exhibition.

Urwerk CC1 Cobra is one bold venomous timepiece to be reckoned with, so much that it may be safe to affectionately refer to it as “King CC1 Cobra” as it reigns sovereign in existence. This watch strikes with a bold black presence and red accents that are as fierce as a cobra spitting its paralyzing venom. Reading time on this exceptionally articulate watch is an aesthetic pleasure lulling onlookers into its hypnotic movement.

Yes, Urwerk’s first CC1 Cobra debuted in 2009 and it remains quite a spectacular timepiece. Its unique avant-garde arrival was absolutely stunning; however, it struck a chord of inspirational comparison to that of Patek Philippe 1958 Cobra timepiece. While the reactions to the first CC1 Cobra were astonishingly mixed, reactions to the new bold and intense majestic Urwerk CC1 Cobra for MARCUS London is by no means reserve.

Urwerk CC1 Cobra for MARCUS London striking features includes a 45.7mm X 43.5mm case in 18 carat white gold with AlTiN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride) finish with Titanium base plate and sapphire crystal. It features a linear face with Urwerk Calibre UR-CC1 self-winding movement consisting of two horizontal indications exhibiting two linear display retrograde (cylinders) for jumping hours and minutes; a vertical triple-cam operating a rack, visible through a window on the side of the case, rotates the minute cylinder which is alsovvisible through the case-back, a world first. The second display is also both digital and linear.

This unique watch is a limited piece of one, and of course in keeping with MARCUS unique exhibition criteria, there in essence can only be ONE. Of course if you want to experience the unique limited editions on exhibit at MARCUS London 10th Anniversary Exhibition, now running through October 2nd 2012, it requires a trip to good ole sporty London, the home of the 2012 Olympics Games.

Pack your bags, grab your passport and book a flight to London to experience unique masterpieces that may only be found at MARCUS London 10th Anniversary Exhibition. Just be careful where you tread though, as you can flirt with CC1 Cobra, however, its movement and hypnotic venom may paralyze your senses and invoke your will to make both a luxurious and costly purchase well worth the investment.

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