TX Watches Offers Several Classic Collections

TX Watches is a relatively new addition to the luxury watch market. Founded in 2006, the watch brand is an upscale watch entry from The Timex Group. TX Watches offers several innovative collections.

TX 810 Series
The Classic Linear Chronograph, part of the TX 810 Series.

The TX Watch brand grew out of the well known Timex brand of watches. With its founding in 2006, Timex called the new brand “TechnoLuxury”. While TX Watches became one of Timex’s more expensive brands, it still maintained affordability of the quality. The brand is German engineered and Italian designed.

The TX Collections include:

  • The 310 Series, known as the Classic Perpetual Calendar. This watch includes date display, with the ability to accurately display the date, with leap year, until 2100.


  • The 600 Series, or the Pilot Fly-back Chronograph. This iconic watch offers a fly-back chronograph function. In addition, the watch offers the ability to track a second time zone.


  • The 610 Series, the Classic Fly-back Chronograph. This series is the classic, nostalgic version of the 600 Series watches.


  • The 810 Series, the Classic Linear Chronograph. The classic styling of this series is highlighted by the six hand movement run by four motors. Each of these operate independently of each other.

The TX Watches brand is an affordable, luxurious entry into the the luxury watch market. It’s collections offer classic design with a modern edge.

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