Trunk Shows Display Best of Michele Watches

Starting this February, Michele is hosting a series of trunk shows to showcase exclusive styles, limited edition watches, and offer retail advice from sales experts. The event spans over ten states from Florida to California, with a variety of department stores including Nordstrom, Saks, and Bloomingdale’s hosting the shows. For specific locations and dates, check the Michele website, where you can also sign up for the newsletter to receive promotional benefits.

The CSX-36 Diamond Tri-Tone is a prime example of the trunk shows’ exclusivity. With its 18k rose and yellow gold fused with stainless steel, Michele has set a new standard in luxury design while retaining impeccable durability. The Diamond Tri-Tone builds upon the successful CSX-36 Two Tone, giving enthusiasts a different flavor in style.

Michele’s Sport Sail Collection not only befits those with an active lifestyle but also serves to reflect the wide range of the timeless brand. The Sport Sail Square Large fuses the boldness of the navy dial and square shape with an interchangeable 20 mm stainless steel bracelet to give users a fine-tuned balance between class and versatility. Michele caters to a wide range of tastes in terms of color, offering this piece in white, black, yellow, and navy. Owners will surely impress, as this watch sacrifices no utility for the sake of luxury. Additionally, those interested in the Sport Sail Square collection have the option of choosing a diamond-adorned version, with more than one hundred diamonds lining the edge of the face, dashing a bit of refinement on an already impressive watch.

Michele Sport Sail Square Large
Jetway Sport Black Ceramic Combo

The Jetway Sport Black Ceramic Combo may be the watch of choice for the buyer that is slightly more concerned with the elegance of simplicity. Michele aligns a jet black backdrop to timepiece’s pearl center, immediately bringing forth a suave feeling. A sunray dial leave a perfect accent to the watch, imbuing it with a unique personality that undoubtedly will catch more than just glances. The Jetway Sport Black Ceramic Combo returns some of the well-established characteristics of Michele watches that made it a world-class brand, adding a few subtle changes which seem to give life to an entire new class of timepieces.

Jetway Sport Black Ceramic Combo

A more feminine variant of this is the Jetway Mini Ceramic Diamond, which captures the essence of beautifully simple, yet unique watchmaking. Seventy two sparkling diamonds illuminate the rim, and a white-enamel bracelet adds to the svelte character of this timepiece.

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