Travel Light and Right with Victorinix Swiss Army Architecture Luggage

As we speed through August, summer is rapidly coming to a close. It’s time to get the most out of your vacation before diving into the fall, but sometimes travel can be as stressful as work itself, especially if your luggage isn’t up to par. Nothing’s worse than toting a suitcase with a broken handle and missing zippers through airports and train stations.

If you need your luggage to outlast a war, or at least your vacation, then there’s no better answer than the Victorinox Swiss Army Architecture line. Solid, space-saving, and sporting as many pockets as their Swiss Army knives have tools, the Architecture line is a traveler’s best friend whether you’re heading for Hawaii, a business trip, or on your even on your way to college.

The economical use of space and useful pockets make the Architecture line ideal for carryon luggage. With so many options, you can pick the bag that best fits your travelling needs.
The Architecture line is defined by a particular attention to detail for those on the go. Take the Trevi with Security Fast Pass carryon bag. The specially designed laptop case is crafted to make traveling through airports with a laptop a breeze, opening easily to reveal the computer without forcing you to constantly rearrange your belongings.

If a backpack’s more your style for those who like to mix business and adventure, then the Big Ben with Security Fast Pass should be your best friend. Like the Trevi, the backpack opens to easily reveal a laptop in airport security. The pack also features a hidden zipper pocket, as well as panels with places for electronic devices, flash drives, keys, even business cards.

If your travels are less far flung, then the Tribune provides the perfect companion for a day out. The ultra-thin digital bag is only 1.75” deep and provides the best fit for iPads, Kindles, and other portable devices. With an adjustable shoulder strap, the Tribune will keep your devices safe without forcing you to carry around a clunky laptop bag.

Whether you’re living life out of a suitcase, a backpack, or a daypack, the Victorinox Swiss Army Architecture line provides a fantastic blend of useful pockets and thoughtful adjustments to help travelers breeze through even the most difficult of security conditions with ease. Since so many of us go on vacation to leave emotional baggage behind, shouldn’t our physical luggage be as breezy as the summer air?

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