The Rotonde de Cartier Mystery

Written by Evan Gabriel


Since 1912, Cartier—a high-end jewelry brand—has been a veteran producer of the intriguing “mystery watch.” Along with designers such as Quinting and Konstantin Chaykin, Cartier has just released a new and especially mystifying timepiece for 2013.


The Rotonde de Cartier Mystery is unique because of its striking appearance: a transparent hole in the left center of the watch gives the hands the illusion of sitting, or “floating” freely in a glass window on your wrist.


But why is this watch a mystery? Because the clock hands of the Cartier’s new timepiece are mounted with sapphire crystals the hands look as if they are floating in the centerpiece, giving the watch and wearer the illusion of defying gravity.


Along with a black leather strap, the watch’s dial is numbered with black roman numerals. The power reserve has an impressive life of 48 hours.


The Rotonde de Cartier Mystery boasts a dazzling 27 jewels and is comprised of 158 parts. The watch is 42 mm in diameter and 11.6 mm in thickness, and requires manual winding.


With a more discrete display of the Cartier name, the Rotonde de Cartier Mystery has a classier appearance than its 2013 counterpart: the Rotonde de Cartier Double Tourbillion Mystery Watch. In addition, the Cartier Mystery has a cleaner, less busy feel with its single set of floating hands.


Such a sleek and intriguing piece as the Rotonde de Cartier Mystery looks like it would serve as James Bond’s mechanism to check his time before detonating a bomb.


For 2013, the watch is available in either 18K white gold or pink gold. This timepiece is water-resistant up to 30 meters.


The Rotonde de Cartier Mystery is listed at $52,500.

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