The Devon Tread 2 Watch on Track for a Fantastic Debut

The first Devon Tread was like something from out of a science fiction movie, but sounded as loud as a particularly old model of farm tractor. The much-anticipated Devon Tread 2 takes all of the futuristic qualities of the original and pairs it with dozens of clever tweaks that make this watch more appealing than ever.

The first Devon Tread was already beyond cool. One of the first electro-mechanical watches and completely new in its design of three “tracks” that rotate to display the time, the Devon swept through the watch world earning praise and acclaim along the way.  Quirky, cool, and unlike anything the watch world had seen before, the Devon 2 has only improved upon the original’s standout qualities.

First off, the watch is much less clunky than the original model. Now with only two tracks instead of the bulky seconds track, the watch is much more streamlined. By simply pressing a button, you can switch between the minutes and seconds function.

The fun doesn’t stop there. A few more clever clicks of the button and you can use chronograph functions on the watch! It’s a very simple process and moves very quickly through the modes with almost no wait time in between (and even while you wait those 2.5 seconds, you’re watching the tracks dance around the watch, which is its own sort of fun). It makes for a much less noisy, much more attractive looking watch without losing a shred of its functionality.

The watch can also turn on and off—a nice plus for those few moments when you don’t want to be kept hostage to the clock, or if you want to preserve the battery. Simply turn the watch back on and an optical sensing system will locate the spot on the belt that indicates the proper time.

The watch also has the added plus of being fascinating to look at without being completely distracting. The rotating tracks are a unique twist to the watch—it’s also a great way to get a conversation started at a party.

Perhaps most exciting of all, the Devon Tread 2’s price tag is significantly lower than the original’s $15,000. At a projected price of only $5,000, what’s not to lose? Functional, fun, and the latest development of excellence in a world where mechanical superiority is the norm, the Devon rises above its peers on a one-track road to success.

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