The brand new “Signature For Good” collection from MontBlanc

Since 2004, Montblanc has proudly supported UNICEF in it’s endeavors to bring literacy and aid to children across the globe.  It began with Montblanc’s “Sign Up for the Right to Write” fundraising initiative, and through the years Montblanc has continued to support UNICEF with the “Power to Write” and “Signature for Good” initiatives in 2007 and 2009, respectively.  These campaigns raised over five million dollars together, and hugely helped UNICEF to provide education to children in the world.


Due to the success of the original “Signature for Good” initiative, Montblanc has renewed their commitment to UNICEF with their new 2013 “Signature for Good” revamp.  The initiative has Montblanc producing several new writing implements, pieces of jewelry, and leather accessories.





There are a variety of writing implements in this new collection, including ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pens.  Each is created using black precious resin inlaid with the classic Montblanc symbol.  Each pen is available with refills in a variety of colors.   Additionally, accents are created using platinum.  The platinum cap-top ring bears a brick motif, a unique number, and a blue sapphire.




Jewelry in this collection is available for both men and women.  For women, there is a Signature for Good Bangle.  This bracelet is made of polished stainless steel with a brick pattern.  A single round brilliant cut diamond is set into the surface of this piece, in addition to a unique number.  This bangle is also available for men, in addition to cufflinks and key rings.  The cufflinks in the men’s collection are reversible, and are designed with natural stones and polished stainless steel.



Leather accessories include pouches for writing implements, long and vertical wallets, and organizers and agenda books.  All leather products are created using Italian full-grain calfskin, which is dyed through and embellished with a Saffiano print.  Leather items also feature a Jacquard lining with a blue brick motif.


As you have noticed, all pieces in the Signature for Good Collection feature a brick motif, symbolizing the building blocks needed in a child’s education.  Each piece is also labeled with a number which references a specific brick in the fundraising process.  Buyers will be able to register their Montblanc pieces using this number online to show their support of UNICEF.


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