The Best Cartier Discount Watches Available

After perusing dozens of web sites in pursuit of a real Cartier Discount watch, I soon learned that there are a wide selection of Cartier watches to choose from online.  Some of the “haute couture” styles are akin to works of art, with layered asymmetrical shapes, super-modern dial designs, and swaths of glittering diamonds.  But it is hard to find these styles at a discount, so I narrowed my selection to three classic Cartier styles, all of which are readily available at a discount. Cartier

Cartier Watch #1: Tank Divan Watches

With their extravagantly elongated Roman numerals and rectangular face, the Cartier Tank Divan Watch is another representation of the company’s taste for distinctive shapes and innovative geometry, while remaining faithful to the classic lines of a Cartier watch.  Available in mini, small, and large sizes, and in steel, white and yellow gold finishes or leather strap, the Tank Divan is coolly sophisticated.  Some models are embellished with diamond bezels, but all are designed to express the originality of the wearer.

Cartier Watch #2: Santos Demoiselle Watches

A tribute to Brazil’s famous aviator, Alberto Santos Dumont’s signature airplane, the “Demoiselle”, these Cartier watches are designed for a lady of refinement.  Originally created by Cartier specifically for his friend “Santos” to be worn during his flights, the Cartier Santos Demoiselle carries on this tradition.  Models are available in three sizes, and finished in steel, steel/gold, yellow, white or rose gold.  They are all equipped with quartz movement and are water resistant to a depth of one hundred meters.

Cartier Watch #3:  Roadster Watches

The Cartier Roadster is a self-affirming and bold statement of design, recalling the legendary days of sleek roadster automobiles in a sculptural, understated timepiece.  Available in steel or gold, with interchangeable straps, the Roadster easily transforms from a dressy metal bracelet to the relaxed chic of sporty leather.  An extra large version is available in the GMT or chronograph series, and some models can be embellished with a bezel of diamonds.

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