Make “i’m Watch” Your Watch – New Android Smartwatch Puts Your Mobile Device on Your Wrist

Written by: Catherine Wolinski

We all know digital watches make checking the time easier, but what about a watch that could make checking your emails, texts, and phone calls easier, too?  The Italian company I’m and manufacturer Blue Sky wondered the same thing, and have developed a new product for Android that does just that—i’m Watch, the timepiece you can keep your eye on all day.

The new i’m watch, a watch-turned-mobile device, has touchscreen capabilities.

If you’re a techno savvy consumer and feel so connected to your mobile device that it’s almost a part of you, that feeling can become a reality. Appropriately described as the first real smartwatch, i’m Watch is equipped with the amenities of any smartphone—it can go anywhere, and do pretty much anything for you. Contrasting any timepiece that may have clung to arms in the past, i’m Watches are touch screen, hi-res, have a Bluetooth connection, and come with a 4GB memory card. They put your address book, agenda, and stock market data right (or left) on your wrist. Even moreso than your iPhone or Android, this device will truly become a part of you.

The i’m Watch comes in three snazzy styles: i’m Color, i’m Tech, and i’m Jewel.  The Color is light, bright, and fun—buyers have a choice of green, white, light blue, yellow, pink, red, or black to frame the one-and-a-half inch, sapphire glass encased screen. The Tech is a more sturdy option, with a tougher look and powerful performance. The Jewel, predictably, has the most luxurious style, with a shinier band and color choices of i’m Yellow Gold, i’m Pink Gold, i’m White Gold & Diamonds, and i’m Black Gold.

The sleek style and wealth of preferences won’t be the only thing keeping your eye on i’m Watch. Users won’t need to look very far to find out what’s going on in their social network or in the outside world—the watch allows Facebook, Twitter, and weather checking in addition to its other features.


Can’t part from your smartphone? i’m Watch connects to iPhone, Android, and any current or future smartphone, so you can still use your phone while it’s lost in your bag or stuck between couch cushions.

“I’m is born to match the needs of a constantly evolving, increasingly globally connected scenario,” a video advertisement from I’m states. “In a time in which everything is rapidly modified, updated, revolutionized, I’m takes up the challenge to create something completely new.”

Expected to show up at CES (the International Consumer Electronics show) this year, the wearable computer is certainly something to look out for.  The product modifies “keeping an eye on the time” to include keeping an eye out for messages, calls, and apps. You’ll be armed with a device that not only supports mp3 and AAC files, but offers a subscription based song service with access to music, where you can customize radio stations and create personal playlists.

If you’re tired of reaching into your pocket in order to text, listen to music, or check the time, look no further than your own wrist.  You’ll be gazing at this all-in-one watch, cell phone, music player, and miniature computer so much, you’ll know it like the back of your hand.

GUCCI STYLE app for iPad and iPhone Make Magazine Shopping Mobile

Written by: Catherine Wolinski

In case you missed it during the holiday rush, Gucci, the high-end fashion brand well known for its handbags and luxury watches, released a new app last month—the special addition GUCCI STYLE, a downloadable magazine that lets you browse, screen shop, and actually purchase Gucci items via your iPhone or iPad.

A Selection of Gucci Watches
A selection of watches by Gucci.

As customer consumption has transitioned from malls and magazines to desktops and laptops, many high-end fashion companies and publications have been forced to become acquainted to the World Wide Web. In order to reach their customers more directly, designers have adapted to a new marketing design that largely concentrates on online content. Reaching target audiences has necessitated company websites, web advertising, and online shopping capabilities in lieu of print advertisements and catalogs. More recently, as people have become more dependent on the quick and easy, digital presence has become even more essential for companies to connect with consumers; apps. The introduction of mobile apps have dominated the branding pursuits of companies in every industry, to the point that their existence in the fashion world is not just a tech savvy accessory, but a necessity.

A screenshot of the lastest edition of the GUCCI STYLE app
A screenshot of the lastest edition of the GUCCI STYLE app

One of the leading companies to get on board with the trend is Gucci, well known to be the biggest selling Italian brand due to the popularity of its clothing, timepieces, and handbags among high income consumers. Their latest app, compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch, was released in December, presenting the next necessity for luxury franchises—an app that not only showcases the latest trends, but allows users to purchase items right from the mobile store.

Sections of the magazine include:

  • Gold Rush, a display of cocktail looks for women
  • A Formal Affair, sophisticated looks for men
  • Objects of Desire, a gifts section
  • City of Angels, a travel guide to Los Angeles
  • Art + Film, a Gucci celebration of the moving image
  • Black Diamonds, “girl’s new best friend”
  • The Playlist, songs shared by creative director Frida Giannini
  • Made to Measure, a personal tailoring area, and
  • James Franco, an interactive interview with the actor/director/artist

Within the sections of this table of contents come features such as photos, videos, and written description of Gucci’s new men’s and women’s collections.

The GUCCI STYLE app comes with the usual finesse, equipped with elegant photography and the latest releases.  However, what sets this app apart is not just its informative display, but its usefulness. The app has inspired positive reactions on fashion blogs, as well as received a majority of 5-star ratings from downloaders on the iTunes store. A concluding likeable quality of this special edition app is that it is free of charge, so Gucci fans are able to take advantage of this “shoppable magazine” with payment or hassle. All in all, GUCCI STYLE seems to be a helpful hand, and a good find for fashion fans.

Breguet to Celebrate 200th Anniversary of Wristwatches



Breguet Reine de Naples watch with pearl wristband
Breguet celebrates the 200th anniversary of the wristwatch

Written by: Vanessa Formato


There is much more to watches than beauty and precision. Little do some consumers know, wristwatches have a long and interesting history, one that the big players in the luxury timepiece world enjoy celebrating. From January 16 to February 12, 2012, Breguet will be commemorating the 200th anniversary of the wristwatch in time to coincide with the annual Salon Internacional de la Haute Horologie (SIHH).

For just under one month, Breguet will be holding an exhibition in Geneva’s Cité du Temps to celebrate the anniversary, one that is very close to the company’s heart.

In 1810, Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples and Napoleon’s sister, ordered a custom timepiece from Abraham-Louis Berguet. A.-L. Berguet had been a renowned watchmaker for some time and Murat had admired his work. It took two years for the piece to be completed and delivered, and in those two years Breguet unknowingly changed the watch business. The watch he gave to Murat would be the world’s first wristwatch, a functional piece of jewelry that, even today in the age of cell phones, many people cannot imagine living without.

Breguet was also a favorite in the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Today, the brand continues to produce watches for people that enjoy the most luxurious aspects of life.

The dates of the Breguet exhibition coincide with the SIHH, one of the most prestigious events in the watchmaking industry. The event usually includes brands premiering new collections and opportunities for members of the community to network with one another. It is invitation only. Breguet’s event will surely be one that the SIHH participants– which include well-known fine watch brands such as Audemars Piguet, Cartier and Panerai– will not want to miss. Though the story of the wristwatch is uniquely important to Breguet, it is also the story behind every wristwatch no matter the brand.

Breguet will also be “immortali[zing] the [tenth] anniversary of its stellar Reine de Naples ladies’ watch connection.” It is quite fitting that Breguet will be taking the opportunity to recognize their more modern achievements at this time. Looking back upon the successes of the past would ring hollow without a future to look forward to, and Breguet has, with hard work and a beautiful aesthetic, created a brand that is sure to continue being a large part of the history and mythology of horology.


Blancpain Gets Romantic with Saint-Valentin 2012 Chronograph

Blancpain's romantic Saint-Valentin watch for 2012
Blancpain’s romantic Saint-Valentin watch for 2012

Written by: Vanessa Formato


How do you show the woman who has everything how much she means to you? It’s certainly a challenging dilemma. Hot on the heels of the winter holidays, the early months of the year can be a stressful time for couples in love. Valentine’s Day comes up quickly and one must think carefully to create a special day year after year. Blancpain has made a tradition of relieving some of the worry by offering beautiful limited edition luxury watches with true love in mind, and 2012 will be no different as the watch brand releases its 2012 Saint-Valentin watch.

The 2012 edition was announced on Blancpain’s website earlier this January. The timepiece includes dozens of precious stones and crisp white gold. The watch’s face displays three delicate, in-laid mother of pearl hearts that will surely stop yours. The heart motif also adorns the watch’s hands, where a small red heart adds a splash of festive, feminine color. If you believe that the details can take a piece of jewelry to the next level, you will find that this year’s Saint-Valentin watch goes above and beyond your expectations.

Blancpain describes the watch as pairing “the refined aesthetics of the Blancpain Women collection” with “the subtlety of a flyback chronograph.” This a piece for a woman that will not only love its chic appearance but also appreciate the complex underpinnings of the machine. This is a watch that is not just for looks, but for performance as well.

The 2012 Saint-Valentin watch will not be available to everyone: only 14 of these exquisite pieces will be produced, making it an even more precious gift if you have the quick reflexes and disposable income to nab one for your loved one. Plus, you can guarantee that this is a gift of the utmost quality: Blancpain boasts that each watch is made by a single watchmaker and that, due to their dedication to their craft, they only produce a relatively small number of watches each year. There is no such thing as a lemon when it comes to Blancpain products.

Blancpain has a certain flair for celebrating the little things in life. The brand has released special edition watches for everything from Valentine’s Day to the Year of the Dragon, and the creative team does not seem to be running out of inspiration any time soon. The special Valentine’s Day watches have been a well-loved tradition at the company for years.

This Saint-Valentin Chronograph 2012 is only available in Blancpain stores and releases on February 14, 2012.

Breguet Celebrates Royalty and Milestone Anniversary

Written by: Lisa Pearson

Parisian luxury watchmaker Breguet was established in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet. The Breguet company is one of the eldest watch making institutions who are still in business and also pioneered numerous advances in the production of watches. The most notable technology invented by Breguet is the tourbillon which is an addition to the mechanics of a watch escapement.

Historically, Breguet garnered attention and praise by royalty such as Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI; although countless distinguished individuals donned a Breguet timepiece in their time. Louis XVI was known to commission the watchmaker to create several timepieces. According to historical legend, a secret admirer of Marie Antoinette commissioned Breguet to make a timepiece with every possible watch function available at the time to be created for her.

Unfortunately, the piece was finished 34 years after Marie Antoinette passed on thus the piece was never presented to her.  The piece did go on to become Breguet’s magnum opus, the Marie Antoinette; however, Breguet was not partial to Marie Antoinette. The Queen of Naples Caroline Murat was also a “preferred customer” of Breguet.

Marie Antoinette and the Marie Antoinette Grande Complication pocket watch
Marie Antoinette and the famed Grande Complication pocket watch she never got to see

Breguet was acquired by the Swatch Group in 1976 and their timepieces are now made in Vallée de Joux, Switzerland as a result. The acquisition did not change Breguet’s trailblazing yet classic timepieces. They continued to create classic watches with both modern and vintage looks along with their innovative watch making technology.

Notably, in January 2012 Breguet is honoring the Queen of Naples with an exposition convened in Geneva’s Cité du Temps as well as the 200th anniversary of their first wristwatch. The exhibit will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the creation of the first wristwatch in horological history along with the 10th anniversary of their Reine de Naples ladies’ watch collection which is in honor of Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples.

The Breguet Reine de Naples watch
The Breguet Reine de Naples watch

The Reine de Naples watch collection is an assortment of fashionale women’s watches that emulate the design of the first watch made for a queen, namely the Queen of Naples. The timepiece can be considered wearable art with its oval shape, subtle yet enchanting details, and various dials and accents. One can truly envision these pieces being worn by royalty and can appreciate all of the workmanship that went into creating each part of the watch.

The Breguet exhibition which will be running January 16th-February 12th, 2012, is said to coincide with the SIHH, the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, which is an exclusive fine watch event held in Geneva, Switzerland.