Casio Edifice ERA300B-1AV and ERA300DB-1A2V – Designed for Function and Fashion

ERA300B-1AV and ERA300DB-1A2V are Casio’s newest watches to hail from its Edifice Collection designed specifically to translate both function and fashion for every dressed occasion.

The Edifice Collection welcomes ERA300B-1AV and ERA300DB-1A2 to its technologically charged family of watches that feature solar and/or twin sensor technologies.  ERA300B-1AV and ERA300DB-1A2 features include solar, twin sensor, auto neon illuminator and a water resistance up to 100 meters.

Casio ERA300B-1AV and ERA300DB-1A2 are not only designed to be technologically functional but to also possess a daring style so sophisticated that it compliments every occasion of a man that’s on the social track or simply relaxing at home. The new design translates a new era for Casio as it reaches out to men that not only want a watch with a high level of technological functions but also makes a fashionable statement in every social arena.

Casio Edifica ERA300B-1AV Pic1

ERA300B-1AV is equipped twin sensor (digital compass and thermometer) and neon illuminator technology. An impressive unique feature is the direct compass button (located at 9 o’clock) which when pressed immediately points the second hand north regardless of which geographical position one is standing. Its seamless multi-dimensional dial incorporates digital and analog design to deliver readable information provided by various watch functions. It is a resin analog-digital watch with a partially ion plated black bezel and is adorned with a black resin strap. ERA300B-1AV retails for $330.

Casio Edifice ERA300DB-1A2 Pic1

ERA300DB-1A2V is also equipped twin sensor (digital compass and thermometer) and neon illuminator technology. It also features the direct compass button (located at 9 o’clock) which when pressed immediately points the second hand north. ERA300DB-1A2V multi-dimensional dial also incorporates the digital and analog design. It is a stainless steel analog-digital watch featuring a partially ion plated black bezel and is adorned with a stainless steel bracelet. ERA300DB-1A2V retails for $380.

Both watches also feature full auto-calendar which is pre-programmed until year 2099 and 12/24 hour formats, as well as mineral glass covering the dials.

Shigenori Itoh, Chairman and CEO of Casio America, Inc. best described both watches when he said, “The latest additions to the EDIFICE collection possess a number of advanced technological features, while still incorporating a sense of style fit for work, the ball park or a relaxing night at home.” Enough said.

G-Shock Unleashes Spring Collection of Camo and Tiger-Camo Print Watches

G-Shock is unleashing camouflage and tiger-camouflage cladded watches in a new collection of contemporary watches expected in a two wave release this spring.

G-Shock is going native with its latest collection of camo and tiger-camo print multi-angle inspired watches planned to be unleashed to roam the concrete jungle per Casio’s marketing strategy.

The first camo-cladded watch scheduled for release to roam the concrete jungle is the XL GDX6900CM (available in two models) – multi-angle tiger-camo printed dial, case and strap available in camo-colors of grey and tan.

G-Shock Tiger Grey GDX6900CM-8G-Shock GDX6900CM-5

XL GDX6900CM touts superior performance and functionality with:

  • A 10 year battery
  • A large 53.9mm case
  • Auto Super Illuminator LED light (for low light conditions)
  • 3 multi-function alarms
  • 1/100th stop watch, countdown timer
  • 12/24 hour time format, and
  • 48-city world time to help keep the urban athlete ready for action
  • Men’s watch will retail for $150 from March

The second watch scheduled for release is the GD120CM (3 models) presented in a woodland camouflage multi-angle print, available in three camo-colors of red, tan and grey.

G-Shock GDX120CM-4  G-Shock GDX120CM-5G-Shock GDX120CM-8

GD120CM presents a formidable woodland camouflage multi-angle design that touts:

  • A 7 year battery
  • A large 51.2mm case
  • The same functionality as GDX6900CM
  • Men’s watch will retail for $130 from April

Both watches have G-Shock’s 200 water and shock resistant structure and utilizes alpha-Gel® to absorb further shocks and protect key internal parts.

Shigenori Itoh, Chairman and CEO of Casio America conveyed excitement about the release of the innovative and style-driven camo watch collection. Mr. Itoh further stated, “The Casio G-SHOCK Camo watch series exudes all the performance and confidence that the brand stands for while maintaining our tradition of progressive design. Whatever your adventure- this watch is ready to come along for the ride.”

Devon Works Opens Its Headquarters and Lab Facility in Pasadena, CA

Say the name Devon Works within watch circles and thoughts of the brand’s famous Tread 1 Collection of watches immediately spring to mind. Followers of the innovative brand now have another reason to be excited  – Devon Works has opened its new Headquarters and Design Lab in Pasadena, California.


Scott Devon chose to locate its headquarter and Devon Works manufacture design lab from Michigan to Pasadena, CA, as it is a locale synonymous for its innovative technology. It is also the area where Devon’s electro-mechanical aerospace components are purchased.

Devon’s new high tech lab neighbors include CalTech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, known for their creativity and innovative technologies. A neighborhood in which Scott Devon wants his brand associated with considering his manufacture team’s diligent efforts that helped establish the brand’s innovative movement.

Devon established the company’s distinct brand of electro-mechanical watches employing a set of  kinetic Time Belts™ and micro motors created to deliver unique displays of time ranging from industrial chic (Steampunk Tread 1) to elegant yet modern and complex movements.

Devon’s distinct watch designs have amassed the brand quite a following of watch enthusiasts and collectors, distinguishing the brand from the norm of traditional watch manufacturers both in Switzerland and here in the US. Because of this distinction and their recent move Devon has employed a new Production Manager, John Thomas, whom has assembled a team of production engineers and watch assemblers that will perform in-house production of its Tread 1 watches and complete the production of its Tread 2 watch orders. These efforts accompanied by newly established quality control standards will allow Devon to improve and expand its customer satisfaction base.


Devon is scheduled to deliver its redesigned and contoured Tread 2 watches, which the company has already received 300 pre-orders for based solely on photos and prototypes that were shown at Baselworld 2013 in May.

Follow upcoming news on the upcoming release of Tread 2 here at In the meantime you can read past blog posts on Devon Steampunk Tread 1 Watch and Devon Tread 2 Watch here.

Written by Chaz Nash

Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus by Citizen @ BASELWORLD

In Basel, Switzerland at the annual BaselWorld exhibition, Japanese watchmaker Citizen recently unveiled a new timepiece. The new timepiece is part of the Eco-Drive collection, and is being called the Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus.


The Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus features a round titanium case that measures 51.5mm in diameter. Nestled into this elegant case is a matte black dial with white luminescent hour markers and hands. At the 3 o’clock position is an aperture which reveals the date. The dial of the Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus is protected with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal dome. Additionally, the Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus is water resistant to 200 meters.


Within the Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus beats the caliber Citizen Eco-Drive J280. This movement features a altimeter, electronic compass, power reserve indicator, and a solar charger. Sensors within the electronic compass and altimeter provide an incredibly precise reading of direction, depth, and height. This measurement is accurate up to a height of 10,000 meters and to a depth of 300 meters below sea level.


To learn more about Citizen and their new Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus, visit


-Written by Selena DiGiovanni

De Bethune Unveils DB25 Imperial Fountain Watch Pays Tribute to Yuanming Yuan Fountain

  Written by Chaz Nash

De Bethune unveils its DB25 Imperial Fountain timepiece which is a tribute to the Yuanming Yuan Fountain (aka Old Summer Palace) with 12 bronze Zodiac Animal Heads.

De Bethune has captured the mystical bronze zodiac carvings of the Yuanming Yuan Fountain just outside of Beijing, China. Master artist Michèle Rothen artistically recreated each of the 12 zodiac animal heads on the DB25 Imperial Fountain watch employing the bas-relief technique. Rothen used the technique to sculpt and engrave each of the 12 zodiac animal heads giving each piece a 3D appearance further enhanced by the use of color to enrich the dimensional aspects of the sculptures and engravings.

DB25 Imperial Fountain watch has a round 40mm diameter case that features a disk showcasing 12 engraved Zodiac animals heads; the inner dial features only one of the twelve zodiac animal heads as this is a limited edition watch of only 12 pieces! Circling the outer ring of the watch are two blue peripheral indicators – hour and minute hands. The outer ring also has blue indication marks for the hours. It is protected by a sapphire crystal and has an exhibition sapphire crystal caseback as well. It is adorned with an alligator leather strap with pin buckle.

Interestingly, the ornate engravings absorbed much of the space required for the watch’s movement. This movement placement challenge required both the efforts of the De Bethune watchmaking team and Denis Flageollet to innovatively address the creation of a new movement to exclusively power the DB 25 Imperial Fountain watch.

Calibre DB 2145 was created employing movements that use peripheral indicator hour and minute hands which mystically circle the ornate engraved zodiac animal head.  This new 287 components mechanical hand-wound movement employs micro ball bearings and a new conduction system capable of driving the revolving disks of this incredible watch. The new movement also works in conjunction with De Bethune’s signature silicon/white gold balance wheel and balance spring with flat terminal curve and De Bethune’s patented triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system.

As mentioned earlier the inspiration for this timepiece comes from the fountain in the Summer Palace of the Calm Seas of the Yuanming Yuan, a hydraulic water-clock (clepsydra) fountain that streamed water from the zodiac heads to announce the time of day. The water-clock fountain was constructed in the mid-1700s by Chinese artisans (for the Qianlong Emperor of China), French and Italian Jesuits.

DB 25 Imperial Fountain Limited Edition will be unveiled at BaselWorld 2013 in a few days and as mentioned earlier it is a set of only 12 unique timepieces. De Bethune has produced a passionate timepiece that pays tribute to one of China’s most acclaimed international fountains. More information about the DB 25 Imperial Fountain watch is available at De Bethune’s website.