Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS/12.M

by Jerrica Tisdale

If you’re in need of a great new watch, then consider one of the Bvlgari watches. These sleek timepieces are expensive looking, but affordable. They also have a unique style that many luxury watches don’t possess. If you buy a Bvlgari watch you can expect a lifetime of quality.

If you like simple bracelet like watches then you might want the Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS/12.M watch. The stainless steel piece captures the eyes of many admirers. It’s simple, yet unique. The stainless steel clasp wristband makes it classic and the mother of pearl clock window give it a modern edge.  Here are some other features:

    • Diamond like circle notches in the clock window instead of numbers
    •  Quartz movement
    • Scratch resistant crystal
    • 22 mm diameter
    • 30 meter (99 feet) water resistant

If you don’t like the colors, but like the overall design then there are many choices. But one really similar one but different colors is the Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS.S watch. They have all the same features. Their only differences are that the Bvlgari B.Zero1 BZ22BSS.S has a black dial window and the Bvlgari B. Zero1.BZ22BSS/12.M has a blue mother of pearl one. They are also priced differently. The Bvlgari B.Zero1 BZ22BSS.S originally retails for $ 2,600 and the BZ22BSS/12.S watch costs $3,300 . So there aren’t many differences between the two watches so picking between them may depend on very small factors of colors and price.

The watch has many great features, but there are some flaws that can’t be overlooked. Here are a few:


  • It’s small enough to fit on almost any female wrist and not be too big
  • It looks expensive, but it’s affordable
  • The blue window and stainless steel blend together well


  • It looks almost plastic and fake looking in the pictures, this might kill the appeal to some women
  • The lack of numbers may make it hard to tell time
  • It looks more like a bracelet then a watch and that might kill the appeal to many people

Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS/12.M watch is beautiful, affordable, and great for bracelet lovers. This watch will look great on your wrist. It also won’t bankrupt you buying it. It’s a great watch that any woman or girl might love. The only glaring flaws are that you can’t really use it to tell time, and it almost looks too much like a bracelet to get labeled a watch. Great choice for an additional piece to add to your jewelry collection,  but not a good choice for a watch to tell the time of day.

Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS.S

by Jerrica Tisdale

A delicate watch can represent a woman’s style perfectly. She’ll wear it at special occasions and casual events. It’ll share memories with her as she grows and changes, a great luxury watch will last with all her major moments.  There are many watches that may fulfill her needs, but if she wants something small and unique then she might choose one of the Bvlgari watches.

One that might specifically meet your needs is the Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS.S watch.

This watch is a completely unique women’s watch, it’s almost a hybrid of a watch and a bracelet. It has things that make it standout from many of its competitors. Its clasp is made for very tiny wrists and it’s completely stainless steel. Some other cool features of this watch are:

  • Quartz movement
  • Scratch resistant crystal
  • 22 mm diameter
  • 30 meter (99 feet) water resistant

If you’re looking for a cool watch that really shows off a distinctive design then the Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS.S watch is a good choice. But it’s not the only watch made by Bvlgari that has this design. There are a couple others, but the one that most closely resembles the B.Zero1 BZ22BSS.S is the BVLGARI B.zero1 Quartz Women’s BZ22BSS/12.S watch. Both watches have a tiny clock window and a stainless steel wrist clap. They also contain the same features, like 22mm diameter, 30 meters water resistant and things such as that. The only real difference between them is price and the clock window. Neither watch actually have numbers, but the Bvlgari B.Zero1 BZ22BSS.S watch has little squares that stand in place of numbers. The BVLGARI B.zero1 BZ22BSS/12.S watch has little circles that look like diamonds. The inside of the clock window of the BVLGARI B.zero1 BZ22BSS/12.S is blue and the Bvlgari B.Zero1 BZ22BSS.S it’s black. The Bvlgari B.Zero1 BZ22BSS.S costs $ 2,600 (not on sale) and the BZ22BSS/12.S watch costs $3,300 (not on sale). So there aren’t many differences between the two watches so picking between them may depend on very small factors.

The Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS.S watch is really beautiful but it has some flaws. Here are some of its positive and negative attributes of the watch:


  • Small so probably a perfect fit for many wrists
  • Looks more like a bracelet than a watch, so may appeal to those that don’t like the typical watch design


  • No numbers, so it’s difficult to use to tell time
  • Pretty to show off, but no real features that make it a watch besides clock hands

Overall, the Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS.S watch is really rare in its design and any girl would love to wear it. But for those women that want a reliable method of telling time, this is not your watch. But if you just want a pretty unique timepiece then this may be perfect for you.

Bvlgari Assioma D Women’s AA35BSS

by Jerrica Tisdale

Since 1980, Bvlgari watches have been a leader in the timepiece revolution. Blending practicality and luxury, the Bvlgari watches always standout from the crowd. If you’re considering buying one of these watches, then try one from the Assioma D collection. The collection prides itself on “The outstanding combination of material, minimalist dial and sinuous bracelet merges magnificently with the feminine soul to create an alluring piece that is timeless.”

This is one of Bvlgari’s strongest collections, offering beautiful, yet simple looking, watches. One of their simplest watches is the Bvlgari Assioma D women’s AA35BSS watch.

The stainless steel design, and the little black elements really work in unison to create visual harmony. Some other great things about this watch are:

    • Scratch resistant crystal
    • Fold over clasp
    • Quartz movement
    • Black dial

If this watch doesn’t quite work for you (something missing?) then you might consider the very similar Bvlgari Assioma D women’s AA35BSDS watch. The two watches have basically the same features, but the AA35BSDS has diamonds surrounding the front. They also differ in pricing. The AA35BSDS costs $9,700 and the AA35BSS costs $5,200. Diamond and silver are great combinations, but would you rather pay over $4,000 dollars to get that combination?

The Assioma AA35BSS has a lot of excellent qualities, but also some negative ones.


  • The silver and black balance each other
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s not too showy
  • The silver design works better with the bracelet look then the gold design did


  • Not a lot of emphasis on the clock
  • Too much emphasis on the bracelet element
  • Not many extra features
  • It’s designed a lot like the other women’s watches in the collection

The Bvlgari Assioma D women’s AA35BSS watch really shines in silver. The black and silver harmoniously work together to create a unique bracelet watch. It’s fun, flirty and functional. Unlike, other watches of similar design in this collection, the AA35BSS has what others lacked. The silver makes it standout less than some other watches, and that could be a good thing. That’s a really important element if you’re a more modest woman. It’s nice to enjoy the finer things, but maybe you don’t want to declare it to the world. Some things this watch lacks,  like others in this collection, is a true focus on the clock window. It’s a very small clock window and overpowered by the silver clasp. This might not bother you if you want a bracelet and watch combination, if you just want a really nice watch then this might not be for you. The price is really good for a luxury watch, so the lack of extra features makes sense, and Bvlgari wanted to create simplicity with this collection. In this piece, I think the watchmakers did just that. So if you’re a girl that likes luxury and simplicity then this might be a perfect fit. This watch as well as many other Bvlgari watches are available at

Bvlgari Assioma D Women’s AA31WGD1GD1

by Jerrica Tisdale

“Bvlgari watches combine the extraordinary creativity and emotional impact of Italian design with traditional Swiss expertise. They are made to the highest levels of precision and the most stringent quality standards adopted in Swiss watchmaking”

A pretty bold declaration by the Bvlgari company, but with decades of experience, and excellent services, they may live up to their promise.

With hundreds of watches to choose from, you may be wondering “what’s the best watch for me?”

Does gold shine in your eyes? Do diamonds mesmerize you? Do you want a watch that makes traditional watches look dated? Are you the trendsetter among your inner-circle?

Then a watch that might fulfill your timepiece needs is the Bvlgari Assioma D Women’s AA31WGD1GD1 watch.

Completely covered in yellow-gold, and diamonds surrounding the inner layer, the Assioma AA31WGD1GD1 is not for the occasional gold lovers. This watch is for a girl that knows her style and knows what she wants in life. The finer things are important to her, and style is even more important. Besides, radiating gold and diamonds, some other great features of this watch are:

    • Scratch resistant crystal
    • Water-resistant for 50 meters (167 feet)
    • 31 mm diameters
    • Hidden clasp

This watch is beautiful, but might not perfectly fit your style. Maybe you love gold, but not diamonds? Well if that’s the case then the Bvlgari Assioma D Women’s AA31WGG watch may be your perfect fit. The watches are almost completely designed the same and have all of the same features. The only differences are that the AA31WGG is only water resistant for 30 feet, costs $23,600 (the AA31WGD1GD1 costs $50,000), and the AA31WGG has no diamonds on it. The major two factors in deciding between these are probably cost and appearance; gold or diamonds?

Sometimes gold can be a very big asset for a timepiece, sometimes it can be its downfall, where does gold fall for the AA31WGD1GD1?


  • For women that love gold this really shines
  • The water resistant feature makes it practical and pretty
  • The diamonds really work well with the piece


  • Looks less like a watch and more like a bracelet
  • The clock is really small and may make it hard to see
  • Not many features for the price

Overall, the Bvlgari Assioma D Women’s AA31WGD1GD1 watch has a great appearance. The appearance makes a bold statement, and it’s bound to draw attention to you. However, it looks so much more like a bracelet, and gives no real focus, or consideration to the timepiece aspect of it. Instead of buying this, you’re probably better off buying a gold and diamond bracelet and getting your watch elsewhere. Bvlgari does create a visually pleasing watch, but fails to accentuate the key component of this piece: the time window.

Perrelet Turbine XL America is a Grand Old Watch

Want to feel like a patriot all year round? The Perrelet Turbine XL America Limited Edition Watch will have you singing “Yankee Doodle Dandy” with joy. Perrelet matches good old American charm with its modern day technology to bring watch collectors a timepiece that will have them seeing stars.

The spoke design of the watch brings to mind the original American flag with its stars set in a circle and is a fun tweak to an American design and even includes thoughtful details, such as the small 1777 etched on the front of the watch, reminding Americans of the year of their independence.

The design of the watch is a delicate balance between the bold American symbols and common-sense durability. The stars of the flag can be found at each index, adding up to a total of fifty stars. The swirling red and white stripes in the background of the dial not only reference the flag, but also invoke the image of an American pinwheel.  A black spinning rotor on the front face of the watch adds to the visual pinwheel effect, mimicking the inner rotor of the watch that keeps the timepiece ticking.

The black case provides a solid backdrop to balance to the bright red, white, and blue of the timepiece, making sure that the watch doesn’t venture into the land of kitsch. The luminous, bright white hands of the watch make the watch easy to read, even with the fun twists on the pattern of the stars and stripes.

With a scratch-resistant stainless steel case and black rubber bracelet strap, this watch is as durable as a revolutionary soldier. The watch features a power reserve of 40 hour, uses automatic movement, and is water-resistant up to 50m (150 ft).  The scratch-resistant, anti-glare treated sapphire crystal of the dial window and automatic movement make this watch practical as well as patriotic.

You’ll want to keep your eye on this grand old timepiece if you want to add it to your collection. A limited edition exclusive from Perrelet, there’s only a short amount of time before this watch will only be seen in museums and history books.

Bold, fun, and patriotic, the Perrelet Turbine XL American Watch is sure to win everyone to its side. Some loyalists may protest that this American classic is made in Switzerland, but the United States is known as a melting pot of culture. Who’s to say our watches shouldn’t be the same?