TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER Hauls Best Technical Innovation Award

TAG Heurer MIKROGIRDER hauled the Best Technical Innovation Award at the 9th edition of the Middle East Premier Watches, Jewellery and Pens Award ceremony held in Bahrain.

Amer Al Ansari, Managing Partner for Trafalgar General Trading – TAG Heuer Middle official retailer in Kuwait, oversaw the 9th edition of the Middle East Premier Award ceremony, also coined the ‘Industry Oscars’, which presents award categories: 10 watch, five jewelry and five pens. The award ceremony, by invitation only, welcomed over 300 high profile guests, all party to a luxurious dinner reception in the Al Noor Ballroom at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bahrain November 19, 2013.

Distinguished guests applauded and congratulated industry watch makers recognized for their distinct creativity and skill to incorporate both beauty and technology in the designs of their luxury watches. TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER’s haul of the Best Technical Innovation award came with some of the most notable industry watch makers vying for the prestigious award. MIKROGIRDER’s A-List watch contenders included Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon Carbon Crystal watch and Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Ballerine Enchantée, brands known for seamlessly incorporating elaborate complications with innovative movements in the technical design of their watches.

TAG Heuer Mikrogirder
TAG Heuer Mikrogirder – Receives Best Technical Innovation Award

TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER is impervious to gravity reducing isochronous error. It is capable of precisely measuring time to 5/10,000th of a second . Mikrogirder also features a new mechanical regulator – cultivated from three centuries of hairspring/balance wheel mechanical regulators. TAG Heuer’s latest introduction of its impressive 5/10,000th of a second chronograph beats at 7,200,000 beats per hour – such amazing technical features that undoubtedly contributed to its win for the Best Technical Innovation Award.

TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 Lady Yin Yang Watch

From actresses like Cameron Diaz to athletes such as Maria Sharapova, TAG Heuer has been seen on the wrists of many famous people that vouch for its dependability and functionality. Founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, TAG Heuer has been making timepieces for over a century that are of high quality in performance as well as beauty. The brand has been awarded many awards throughout the years for cutting-edge designs and excellence. The Formula 1 collection of TAG Heuer is popular with both men and women for not only its style but beauty as well.

The Yin Yang Watch is one of the timepieces in the Ladies Formula 1 collection. As the name of the watch suggests, the Yin Yang symbol is part of the design of this timepiece. The Yin Yang logo is one of the most well known symbols in the world and part of the Eastern-Oriental culture. The timepiece is stunning, sexy, modern, and elegant. One of the most noticeable features of this watch is the long rod diamonds that adorn the edges of the stainless steel bracelet. They are nicely contrasted by the black center of the bracelet. The central link is made of shiny black ceramic. The baguette-cut diamonds can also be seen inside the case forming the TAG Heuer shield at the 12 o’clock and on the bezel. These diamonds give the watch a rich and luxurious look. The stainless steel case, which measures 32 millimeters in diameter, has a beautiful dial that is made of 18-carat white gold. The Yin Yang symbol that is very visible inside the case is made of black and white diamonds. The Yang is made of white diamonds while the Yin is made of black ones. All these stones, which are intricately and meticulously placed on the watch, are striking and give this timepiece its unique beauty. The baguette-cut diamonds have sharp and geometric shapes that nicely complements the spherical cut round diamonds inside the case.


One of a kind beauty

Stainless steel case and bracelet

Black ceramic central link

Dial made of 18-carat white gold

Baguette-cut diamonds covering bezel and edge of bracelet


No hour or minute markers

This beautiful watch is the perfect accessory to accompany you to any special event or occasion that calls for a little bling and style. It is beautifully designed with care and precision for dependability as well as beauty. You will be in style and on time with this lovely watch.

Swiss Luxury Brands Bucked Western Economic Trends, Posted Record Profits in 2011

Despite international austerity and the depressing economic outlook of many countries, luxury retailers had a banner year in 2011, posting significant gains where other retailers are still seeing losses. The Swiss watch industry, the heart of haute horology, has been at the forefront of the recent boon and has been a huge factor in driving industry growth over the last few years; in fact, 2011 was a record-breaking year for many Swiss watch and jewelry brands. The Swatch Group, LVMH, and Richemont have all seen sales growth of 15 percent of more, crediting their fine jewelry and watch brands for generating much of that burgeoning bottom line. Much of this success can be attributed to opening markets on continents other than North America and Europe, as well as enhanced marketing practices.

The Swatch Group, home to such esteemed brands as Breguet, Blancpain, Tissot, Omega and Tourbillon, had a record year in 2011, posting a sales increase of 21.7 percent and an operating profit of 12.4 percent over the pervious year. Even while European economic turmoil and exchange rates had negative effects on the ultimate bottom line, the watches and jewelry sector still showed a gain of approximately $1.5 billion. According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, “The group’s leading brands recorded very impressive rates of growth not only in the enlarged China, but also in all other regions and in all price segments. Despite the unfavourable economic situation, the Swatch Group maintained its consistent policy of renouncing short-term price increases, preferring to focus on gains in market share.” Stepping up marketing efforts within the watches and jewelry sector, instead of raising prices, the Swatch Group saw its operating profit grow by 8.4 percent.

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA reported sales growth of 16 percent last year, with an operating profit increase of 22 percent and a net profit of $4.12 billion. The watches and jewelry group within LVMH recorded astounding increases of 98 percent in sales and 107 percent in operating profits. (Equating to +23 percent and 41 percent based on comparable structures.) Dedicated consumers in the Western Hemisphere responded well to marketing and innovative additions, while growth in Asian markets added to the LVMH global marketplace. Tag Heuer successfully launched the Mikrograph and Mikrotimer; Hublot introduced a popular new Masterpieces collection; Zenith and Bulgari brought back some well-loved classics.

Tag Heuer Mikrograoh (right) and Mikrotimer (left)
Tag Heuer Mikrograoh (right) and Mikrotimer (left)
Hublot Masterpiece #1 (on left) and #2 (on right)
Hublot Masterpiece #1 (on left) and #2 (on right)

Richemont, the Swiss luxury holding company that boasts subsidiaries such as Baume et Mercier, Cartier, Piaget and Montblanc, increased its sales by 33 percent and gross profit by 38 percent – a gain of approximately $1.6 billion. Operating profit grew by nearly double that amount – 63 percent. The highest sales growth occurred in the Asia-Pacific region, at 48 percent (or, by $3.67 billion) and sales in Japan were up by 18 percent. “We will continue to invest in their organic growth through higher levels of capital spending in manufacturing capacity and in the further development of the group’s own retail network,” said Richemont CEO, Johann Rupert. “Particularly in growth markets.” To that end, the company grew its freestanding boutique stores to a total of 876 last year – primarily in growing Asian markets.

Cartier in Tokyo

While the Asian continent currently represents the largest growth market for the industry, Australia, South America and Africa have also been the focus of luxury brand marketing efforts. Tag Heuer, an LVMH brand that began opening North American retail boutiques only last year, has established stores in Australia, South Africa as well as across the Middle East and India. They have a retail location in Argentina and a customer service location in Chile also, catering to a small but dedicated (and growing) clientele in those regions.

Map of Tag Heuer Brand Boutiques Worldwide
Map of Tag Heuer Brand Boutiques Worldwide

It would certainly seem that a truly global reach is the safest buffer against increasingly unpredictable western markets. But it probably doesn’t hurt to be well known and widely respected for beautiful and high quality products either.

TAG Heuer Brings Flagship Boutiques to the States – Finally

Aventura Mall
Aventura Mall, near Miami.

After 150 years in business, Swiss luxury watchmaker, Tag Heuer, has recently begun establishing a more noticeable presence in the United States with the opening of brand boutique stores in two southern states. Typically sold through high-end jewelers and other luxury purveyors, the company – which produces eyewear and fancy cell phones as well as watches – has only 115 freestanding stores worldwide. Until recently, there were none in North America.
But last year, as parent company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton was having a banner year largely due to sales of luxury timepieces, TAG began opening its first flagship boutique shops in the US. March 2011 saw the opening of the 800 sq. foot store in Las Vegas at the prestigious shopping center, Crystals at CityCenter. In January, another in store was opened near Miami at the Aventura Mall (technically in Aventura, Fla.), and another store is in the works for Orlando, Fla. this coming spring. The company has cited heavy international travel and a growing consumer base in these areas as the reason that they were chosen over other possible locations in North America.

Both stores were designed by renowned architect, Eric Carlson, and have been referred to as “leisure lounges.” According to the company, this design is intended to create, “a warm and inviting environment that allows customers to easily interact with the product without pretense.” Customized display casings, hand-brushed aluminum, dark zebrawood and leather are enhanced by meticulous lighting and original customized furniture. Rather than traditional countertop viewing, the merchandise is displayed at eye level throughout the store and separated into separate niches by design. Carlson did the design work for the London and Paris shops as well, and has been involved with several other notable LVMH projects in Paris, Tokyo and Switzerland.

Interior of Tag Heuer boutique in Las Vegas
Tag Heuer boutique in Las Vegas

All of this is good news for American TAG fans, of which there are more than a few.

Once the Orlando store is complete, one has to wonder where the company will turn its attention next. The smart money is on a northern location, to reach those customers who prefer to avoid the heat and debauchery of Vegas or the humidity and gigantic bugs in Florida. If New York City is too obvious, then perhaps San Francisco or Chicago – both are cities with a glamour that is more subtly chic. Or, conceivably, further north in Montreal. It seems unavoidable, however, that LVMH will eventually get around to opening a TAG Heuer flagship in the Big Apple too.

Tag Heuer Sets Milestone with Avant-Garde “Time For Rebels” Exhibit

Tag Heuer‘s Geneva Exhibition featured art, celebrities, fast cars and even faster watches. Known for big things in watchmaking, Tag Heuer did it again with the announcement of the Mikrogrider.

On Jan. 16, 2012, President and CEO of Tag Heuer Jean-Christophe Babin announced the revolutionary new technology at a live webcasted press conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Babin called the new regulator “game changing”, saying “it hardly ever happens in the life of a watchmaker, in the life of an engineer, in the life of a watchmaster, so I’m very emotional obviously, tonight, to be part of this page of history.” Hailed as the biggest development in watch technology in three centuries, the Mikrogrider is 250 times faster than a basic watch, functioning at 1,000 hertz (7,200,000 beats per hour, about 95 times faster than a hummingbird’s heartbeat). Babin demonstrated the speed of the new Mikrogrider during the press conference by showing the near-invisible central hand rotating an unbelievable 20 times per second. The new mechanical system does away with the classic hairspring for a new blade/girder and linear oscillator system that allows the watch to measure one-two thousandth of a second.


Tag Heuer's high-tech Mikrogrider watch
Tag Heuer’s revolutionary ultra-fast Mikrogrider watch.


Tag Heuer celebrated its technological breakthrough with a memorable “Time for Rebels” exhibit to showcase the new Formula One watch collections. Tag Heuer’s “beautiful rebels” support their aggressive challenge of watchmaking standards. “Reject the unexceptional. Think ahead, and differently. Be free-minded and rebellious to the very core. Give time a new look, a new allure. Don’t just evolve, revolutionize. In a word: innovate. In two words: Tag Heuer.” The displays featured lenticular prints of Tag Heuer’s celebrity ambassadors such as Lewis Hamilton, Maria Sharapova and Leonardo DiCaprio: figures Tag Heuer believes to embody the rebel attitude. As the centerpiece for the men’s Formula One collection, a Mercedes McLaren Formula 1 racing car accompanied the watches.


But Tag Heuer’s famous style didn’t end there! In another room of the exhibit, Tag Heuer featured their most luxurious watch ever. The Formula 1 Yin Yang is the haute-couture flagship for Tag Heuer’s haute-joaillerie collection, proving they can top the fields of both innovative engineering and audacious luxury design. Tag Heuer designed the diamond-studded Yin Yang timepiece as a tribute to “beautiful rebel” Maria Sharapova. The “ideal of feminine glamor”, Maria Sharapova’s complimentary nature of beauty and attitude is symbolized in the watch’s yin and yang design. Visually, the Formula 1 Yin Yang is more yang than yin with one-fifth of the watch face (one to four o’clock) displaying black diamonds for the Taoist feminine quality and the majority of the watch set in white diamonds for the masculine element. The entire watch boasts 7.36 carats: 234 baguette cut diamonds (in the bezel and bracelet) and 245 brilliant cut diamonds in the watch face. Ever the artists, Tag Heuer continues the Formula 1 Yin Yang’s dualistic theme by adding central links of durable black ceramic to the steel bracelet. Tag Heuer calls the iconic women’s watch an unconventional and stunningly gorgeous haute-couture masterwork of symmetries and asymmetries. To display the Formula 1 Yin Yang, Tag Heuer commissioned a 2.5-meter-tall high heel shoe from British manufactures Dick George Creatives (responsible for such impressive constructions as the cryptex in the 2006 film “The DaVinci Code” and the automaton for Martin Scorsese’s recent “Hugo”). The red and chrome peep-toe stiletto proved a worthy display case for the impressive Formula 1 Yin Yang watch.


The showmanship of Tag Heuer is rivaled only by their commitment to innovation and development in watchmaking. The breakthrough technology of the Mikrogrider revolutionizes the watch industry and paves the way for dramatically increased precision in timekeeping. At the close of the press conference, Babin expressed his dedication by calling the Mikrogrider technology “A new art for strong emotions because, eventually, ladies and gentlemen, luxury is all about art and emotions and, today, for the first time ever, Tag Heuer is proposing a new art for brand new and very strong emotions.” The “Time for Rebels” exhibit closed on Jan. 19.