TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER Hauls Best Technical Innovation Award

TAG Heurer MIKROGIRDER hauled the Best Technical Innovation Award at the 9th edition of the Middle East Premier Watches, Jewellery and Pens Award ceremony held in Bahrain.

Amer Al Ansari, Managing Partner for Trafalgar General Trading – TAG Heuer Middle official retailer in Kuwait, oversaw the 9th edition of the Middle East Premier Award ceremony, also coined the ‘Industry Oscars’, which presents award categories: 10 watch, five jewelry and five pens. The award ceremony, by invitation only, welcomed over 300 high profile guests, all party to a luxurious dinner reception in the Al Noor Ballroom at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bahrain November 19, 2013.

Distinguished guests applauded and congratulated industry watch makers recognized for their distinct creativity and skill to incorporate both beauty and technology in the designs of their luxury watches. TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER’s haul of the Best Technical Innovation award came with some of the most notable industry watch makers vying for the prestigious award. MIKROGIRDER’s A-List watch contenders included Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon Carbon Crystal watch and Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Ballerine Enchantée, brands known for seamlessly incorporating elaborate complications with innovative movements in the technical design of their watches.

TAG Heuer Mikrogirder
TAG Heuer Mikrogirder – Receives Best Technical Innovation Award

TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER is impervious to gravity reducing isochronous error. It is capable of precisely measuring time to 5/10,000th of a second . Mikrogirder also features a new mechanical regulator – cultivated from three centuries of hairspring/balance wheel mechanical regulators. TAG Heuer’s latest introduction of its impressive 5/10,000th of a second chronograph beats at 7,200,000 beats per hour – such amazing technical features that undoubtedly contributed to its win for the Best Technical Innovation Award.

Tag Heuer Opens Up A New Store in Aventura Mall

By: L. Fahie

Tag Heuer has opened its second boutique on Monday, January 23rd  at the Aventura Mall in Aventura, Fla.  This store opening comes consecutively after the opening of their first freestanding store in Las Vegas in March 2011.The store is an estimated 800 square feet and will be placed in Aventura Mall’s new luxury wing.

Tag Heuer boasts about 115 stores internationally. According to Alyssa Mischon, Tag Heuer’s vice president in charge of strategic and marketing planning for their North American sectors Miami is among their top markets within the United States. Their high level of tourism and their constantly growing consumer base within the community are cited as possible reasons for such a booming market for Tag Heuer in this region.

Aventura Mall receives an estimated 24 million visitors a year. Often times these visitors are international customers. Mischon cites the steady inflow of customers of Aventura Mall as the perfect venue to attract even more customers whether international or Miami residents and US citizens alike. Tag Heuer has much success with their wholesale businesses. However, from their success in Vegas, they’ve noticed many dedicated shoppers desire to shop within a brand store.

The Aventura store was designed by award winning architect Eric Carlson.  Its appeal parallels that of the brand’s worldwide concept. Instead of watches being traditionally encased in traditional counters common to many jewelry and watch stores they are displayed at eye level for the customers to get a more intimate gaze at them throughout the store.

Tag Heuer has plans on adding another door this coming spring in Orlando Florida.

Leonardo DiCaprio Works With Tag Heuer to Develop Environmentally Friendly Automatic Luxury Watch

Written by: Catherine Wolinski

While many luxury watchmakers can boast celebrity ambassadors, TAG Heuer, the high-end Swiss company best known for its sports and stop watches, can be said to have one of the most enticing—Leonardo DiCaprio.  The heart throb turned Oscar winner has contributed considerably to the company’s success, as well as to the environment.  It only made sense that the conglomerate and film star work together to create a timepiece that is as charitable as it is chic—the Aquaracer 500M.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M Leonardo DiCaprio Limited Editions
Leo sporting a TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M Leonardo DiCaprio Limited Edition Watch

 DiCaprio is a passionate philanthropist who has typically used his stardom for good, involving himself in environmentally friendly activities from donating to relief efforts in Haiti to freeing a Tiger in Russia.  After signing on with TAG Heuer, a company that claims commitment to the environment as well, the two decided to work together to create a special edition automatic watch which will generate royalties for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Green Cross International.

The timepieces, officially called the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M Leonardo DiCaprio Limited Editions, are designed based on sustainability and “green” manufacturing, including criteria such as

  • Reusing heat generated by machines to heat the workshops
  • Recycling Monaco V4 drive belt scraps
  • Using vegetal roofs with insulating and water filtering properties
  • Implementing a new laser engraving system that saves 900 litres of water per hour

In 2009, TAG and DiCaprio worked with a Green specialist to develop manufacturing changes such as cutting steel scraps by two thirds, reducing water consumption by 70 percent, and reducing fuel consumption by 11 percent, all while increasing their productivity. DiCaprio has also inspired TAG Heuer to implement other green measures in its subsidiaries, such as paperless offices in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as online catalogue to reduce paper usage.

a close up of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M
a close up of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M

A luxury collection known for their local production and high quality, TAG watches have a unique power and automatic movement, said to maneuver according to the movements of its wearer. Another company secret fans might like to know? While Leo may have taken a large part in the creation of the Aquaracer 500M Leonardo DiCaprio Limited Editions, his favorite—the reportedly masculine and highly functional Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph.

Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph
Leo’s favorite, the Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph

Tag Heuer’s new and improved Formula 1 series to be released in Geneva

By: Stacy Liberatore

“Thanks to the stunning work of our R&D team, TAG Heuer will set once more a milestone in the history of watch making,” is what is to be expected with the new Formula 1 series that is to be launched in Geneva January 16.

The first series of Formula 1 was created back in ’85 when Heuer was joined with Techniques d’Avant Garde (“TAG”).  Heuer was dealing with disaster after disaster while trying to make it in the watch industry. With the combination of the two, they became one of the biggest names in Swiss watches.

The first generation F1 watches were designed by Eddy Burgener and used an innovative case construction; a mixture of a stainless steel inner case coated with Fiberglass.

Despite the success of the Formula 1, the series was to discontinue back in 2000.  It wasn’t because people weren’t buying the piece; the company thought the style and design was no longer the latest fashion in watches.  Out with the old in and with the new is what the company was getting at with this decision.

After a 4 year break, the Formula 1 returned to the public with an entirely new design and upgraded materials. The series had an entirely new look, but what did not change was the shape of the case and bezel.  Both are similar to the original Formula 1 pieces.  The Series 3 Formula 1 has a 40mm case, which is a more up-to date size compared to the previous versions that were only 34mm.

The watch was for the man how worked 9-5 in the office and on the weekends hit the mountain for some biking or skiing.  It was modern, trendy, and youthful.  Exactly how the company wanted the public to think of them.

20 different designs are in the new Formula 1 series, all are going to be launched this year at the watch show in Geneva.  All have a broad range of bezels, including brushed stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic and titanium-carbide. Things to look for on the piece are titanium-carbide “Full Black” stealth Formula 1 and for the first time ever in the series, there is both ceramic and steel version to choose from.

A simpler brushed stainless steel guard has replaced the titanium-carbide from past models, yet the new addition as the similar design as previous pieces. The design of the button at the end of the spindle, or the crown, was taken from the Grand Carrera series. So regardless of the new additions the piece can still be recognized by Formula 1 lovers.

 Jean Christopher Babin, president and CEO of TAG Heuer, is promising a game-changing new regulator, breaking all high- frequency records. All there is to do now is to wait and see what happens in Geneva.

TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Wins Sports Watch of Year Honor in Geneva

Written by Andrew Hilbert

TAG Heuer has long been known to make the finest sports and luxury watches and the honor bestowed upon their Mikrotimer Flying 1000 in Geneva further solidifies their elevated standing in the watch world. What is so stunning about this achievement is that the watch is the first mechanical chronograph ever to display time to one one-thousandth of a second. This technical achievement, along with the watch’s sleek and uniquely beautiful design, were all factors in the watch winning the very coveted, “Best Sport Chronograph” award in the 2011 Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève.

In ten years, TAG Heuer has won seven Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève. This confirms that TAG Heuer is elite and unparalleled in its master craft of wonderful timepieces. TAG Heuer’s dedication to beautiful design may hide how technically complex the watches they create are. Do not think for one one-thousandth of a second that their attention to aesthetics means that they pay less attention to their technical mastery and complexity!

The Mikrotimer Flying 1000 is the world’s fastest mechanical chronograph; that is no easy feat and recognition of this accomplishment keeps coming in the form of awards. Just in September, the Mikrotimer Flying 1000 won the prestigious SIAR award for “Best Concept of the Year.” The SIAR award is the most prestigious award for watch making in South America. In November, the Mikrograph 100, which displays and measures one one-hundredth of a second with a central hand, won the Montres and Passion 2011 “Grand Prix du Public” award. The Mikrograph 100 was the technological starting point and foundation for the technology in the Mikrotimer Flying 1000.

The Swiss watch industry’s most prestigious and competitive awards competition is the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève. Winning it seven times in the past ten years is unrivaled by any other watch maker. TAG Heuer has previously won in the Sports category two times: in 2006 TAG Heuer won the award for the CARRERA Calibre 360 Rose Gold Limited Edition watch; and in 2008 TAG Heuer won the award for the Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper Concept Chronograph watch.

TAG Heuer has achieved something once thought impossible in the watch making industry. A mechanical watch that measures one one-thousandth of a second was long thought a fool’s dream but TAG Heuer has achieved it and now have created a whole new leap and a paradigm shift in watchmaking.