Roundup of our favorite Swiss Legend watches (Plus huge sale!)

Swiss Legend is becoming an increasing relevant brand as it continues to provide some great looking watches but without the large price tags. We decided to put together some of our favorites from their huge collection. You can see them all here on our Swiss Legend page and let us know in the comments which ones are you favorites!

For this weekend only we have chopped prices down for Swiss legend to as much as %88 off! So take a look, who knows your next watch might just be a Legend!
SWISS LEGEND SL Pilot Chronograph 22828.BB.01
SWISS LEGEND Eograph 30041.YG.06
SWISS LEGEND Neptune Women’s 11844.WWRA
SWISS LEGEND Eograph 30041.GM.014
SWISS LEGEND SL Pilot Chronograph 22828.YG.010
SWISS LEGEND Commander Women’s 10114.YG.02
SWISS LEGEND SL Pilot Chronograph 22828.BB.01.GA

Which ones are your faves? Let us know in the comments!