Omega Constellation Brushed Chronometer


Written by: Krystal Esquillo

An improved, redesigned version of the now-famous Constellation Manhattan, the Omega Constellation Brushed Chronometer is a mixture of tradition and originality and is an instantly recognizable timepiece for the modern woman.

In a move that garnered recognition for the Omega brand, the company launched a distinctive wristwatch in 1982 called the Constellation Manhattan. The unique “griffes” (or claws) wrapped around the bezel left an impression on the public, and now the Constellation is one of the most easily recognized watches in the world. Omega has recently updated the collection, changing the timepiece’s features slightly for a more current look that appeals to new fans as well as its original admirers.

Important features of the 1982 design are still echoed in the new Constellation collection. The subtle-yet-significant star still graces the dial at its familiar 6 o’clock position. The horizontal links of the bracelet have improved in comfort while remaining as visually distinctive as its predecessor. Most importantly, the new collection retains the defining griffes that have captured our attention for the last 30 years. These prominent four claws have been contemporized and are a little more refined and polished.

Omega has also added a few new features to the popular design. The Constellation Brushed Chronometer has a rich blue dial with a striking seashell effect emanating from the star. In lieu of Roman or Arabic numerals, 11 brilliant diamonds surround the dial with a date window at the 3 o’clock position. Diamonds also collect around the red gold bezel like sparkling stars in the night sky. Adding to the stellar effect are the faceted, luminous hands made of 18-carat gold and coated with Super-LumiNova. These phosphorescent pigments are activated by both artificial light and sunlight, emitting an afterglow that radiates in the dark for hours.

An upgrade wouldn’t be complete without improving the technology. The new design is a COSC certified chronometer—it has been thoroughly tested for precision. Omega’s designers have also ensured that each new Constellation continuously stays accurate thanks to the added Co-Axial Escapement technology. The modern collection is also equipped with a water resistance of up to 100 meters.

– 31 mm case diameter
– COSC certified chronometer
– Steel-red gold case and bracelet with horizontal links
– Diamond-embellished red-gold bezel
– Blue dial with shell effect and diamonds
– Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
– Transparent case back
– Omega Caliber 8520 self-winding movement with Co-Axial Escapement
– Water resistant to 100 meters
– 50 hours power reserve

The Omega Constellation Brushed Chronometer is a unique, identifiable timepiece that is part of a very popular family. The colored, diamond-embellished dial reflects a heavenly beauty and makes for an attractive accessory.

Some women are not fond of highly-embellished jewelry. Though the bracelet is fairly simple, the decorated dial isn’t. These contrasting elements might be an ingenious pairing for some or an awkward match for others. A great thing about this collection, however, is its variety. You can find a Constellation in a variety of sizes, dials, accents and metals. Omega has done a good job of creating enough variety to satisfy most women.

The designers at Omega have done a great job revamping a popular design to create this Constellation Brushed Chronometer, which is available here. This timepiece keeps the essence of the original design while incorporating more contemporary features and should therefore keep a lot of women happy.


The New 2009 Omega Constellation


After collecting Omega Constellation Watches for years, I’ve become known as a bit of a “watch geek” by some of my friends, so I hesitated to gush too much when I returned from a recent trip to Switzerland.It wasn’t as if my friends expected me to return without a new watch, but even I didn’t expect to be buying brand new one.In fact, this is the first “new” Omega watch I’ve ever bought.Thanks to the release of a brand new Constellation for 2009, I didn’t come home with yet another vintage watch.This time I bought a brand new one.

This is the first Constellation that has been released in years, so it got a lot of attention at all the big luxury watch shows in Europe.It’s a little shinier than any of the vintage Omegas in my collection, but how could any collector of vintage Omegas resist this stunning combination of Omega Constellation design with all the new technology?For example, this watch comes with house-made co-axial caliber 8500 or 8501 movements, which were never available on the original, plus they have introduced a far more glitzy version of this watch in the luxury edition, which literally drips with diamonds. My taste runs a bit simpler than that, so I opted for the more masculine stainless steel bracelet. Omega Constellation Watch

What I like about the design is the way it retains the iconic “links and bars” bracelet, bezel claws and Roman numerals, while adding a somewhat sleeker, more modern appearance.It also feels better on my wrist.So I am now the proud owner of five vintage Omega watches, plus one brand new 2009 Omega Constellation.For me, this is almost like buying a new car, but it’s a little hard to get my buddies to understand it.I keep trying to explain to them that buying another Omega is more than just buying another watch, but I’m afraid this obsession of mine is lost on them.