Philip Stein Watches Improve Sleep, Study Shows

Philip Stein Luxury Watches
Desperate for some shut-eye? Try a Philip Stein Watch

Written by: Holly Troupe

According to a study published in the Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy medical journal, the Natural Frequency Technology (NFT) embedded in Philip Stein watches may assist in improving sleep quality. The study offers the first clinical evidence linking NFT with sleep improvement.

The double blind study, authored by sleep specialist Michael J. Breus, was performed on 28 healthy participants (20 female; 8 male) who typically experience restless or un-refreshing sleep. The study found that participants who wore Philip Stein watches felt more refreshed, had more pleasant dreams and fell asleep faster.

The conclusion did not come as a surprise to President and Co-Founder Will Stein. “These results provide the clinical evidence to support what we have known and heard from our clients all along – that the Natural Frequency Technology found in Philip Stein watches, enhance people’s overall well-being and promote better sleep,” he said. “To have these results published in a scientific journal is further validation of the testimonials we hear regularly.”

NFT involves the practice of harmonizing Earth’s natural frequencies with those produced by the human body. The result is said to be relaxation, better focus and overall well-being.

Phil Stein Watch during Oprah's 25th anniversary
Natural Frequency harmonizing watches are some of Oprah’s favorite things

The study results were put to the test by Sam Hopkins in an article in the Financial Times. “When I heard about Philip Stein’s Active watches, which are not just designed to decorate the wrists of captains of industry but to help said captains sleep, I was skeptical,” he said, and added that he didn’t notice a difference on the first night of his trial. On his second night, however, “Very peaceful night. [Dreamt] about horses, being out in mountains with boys.” Hopkins said he experienced similar results for the rest of the week.

Philip Stein watches have long been the accessories of choice for numerous celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, who has it on her list of “Favorite Things.” O Magazine staffers also reap the benefits of Philip Stein watches. “Right here at O, The Oprah Magazine, a colleague who tried it swore that after two weeks, her chronic knee pain disappeared,” said Charlotte Druckman in O Magazine.

In addition to its sleep improving properties, Sam Hopkins noticed other benefits to Philip Stein watches. “The watch definitely works as a talking point,” he said. “When I told a colleague about its hidden powers, we had an interesting conversation about style and alternative medicine – topics we’ve never discussed before. It’s kind of cool to have a watch that does something extra.”

Strawberry Fruits Watch Cools Down Summer

Fruits Watches Scrumptous Strawberry Sorbet

What could be more refreshing than a big scoop of strawberry sorbet?  This sweet and fruity treat is the perfect end to a summer time bar-b-que.  Wouldn’t it be great if you experience that, everyday?  Well, you can, with the Fruits watches Strawberry Sorbet watch, by Fruitz.  This watch embodies all the invigorating elements of the scrumptious treat it’s named after.  Its soft pink dial is delicately hued and laser cut, with white.  Tiny white seedlings are presented as the hour markers, and the arms are styled with a leaf motif.  The Strawberry fruits watch is fitted with a polished steel case and adjustable bracelet.  It looks fun and fashionable, and beyond that it offers some amazing health benefits.  All the fruits watches come with Natural Frequency Technology built right in.  Through a proprietary technique, a disk within the watch emits a frequency, which matches that of the natural Earth.  Wearers of the Fruits watches report that they slept better, had more clear decision making abilities, and were less stressed.   Pretty appearance and peaceful feelings…now that’s a perfect pair.  And fruits watches are quite affordable.   The Strawberry Sorbet fruits watch retails for just $260.00, and if you order through you’ll receive prompt service and free shipping.

Take A Bite Of The Pear Fruits Watch

Crisp Pear Fruits Watch

Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better time to scoop up some of the delicious Fruitz Sorbet Fruits watches.  Fruits watches are infused with Natural Frequency Technology.  This amazing proprietary element, which is placed inside the fruits watches, will give you a more peaceful outlook, better sleep, and less stress!  Let’s not forget how great these watches look, either.  The Fruitz Sorbet collection is filled with vibrantly colored dials and straps, all in the yummy shades of juicy sweet flavors.  One of my favorites for summer time is the pear sorbet timepiece.  It features a white, laser cut dial, which is large and round.  The monochromatic dial is accented with a swooping gold second hand, white leaf motif hour hands, and tiny white seedlings, which act as hour markers.  The Natural Frequency Technology logo is placed at the 12 o’clock mark, and the watch is matched with a gold tone bezel and bracelet.  All the fruits watches are water resistant to 3 ATM, and all are quartz movements.  This watch is fitted with an expanding bracelet, formed to fit any wrist.  It is as light and tasty as the fruit which inspired it.  Make your summer a happy one, with a pear sorbet fruits watch by Fruitz!

Dig In To Fruitz Watches Blackberry Sorbet

Fall For Fruitz Watches Blackberry Sorbet

How about some blackberry sorbet to cool you off this summer?  Well, Fruitz Watches has this yummy flavor, and many more to choose from.  The fun and fruity creations offer lip-smacking style and more.  These watches are designed to make you happy!  By the use of Natural Frequency Technology, which is implanted in each Fruitz Watch, you will become more tranquil each day you wear it.  A specialized, patented chip is installed in the Fruitz Watches, which imitates the Earth’s natural frequency.  The results are better sleep, clearer concentration, and reduced stress.  What’s more, they look amazing!  These watches are styled after freshly sliced fruits.  Fruitz Watches come in an array of flavors, from limes to dragon fruit…and everything in between.  The Blackberry Sorbet is from their Sorbet line.  It is as irresistible and as tasty as it can be.  The black dial is adorned with a laser cut texture and tiny seedling hour markers.  The arms of the hour and minute indicators are styled after leaves, and the triple wave Natural Frequency Technology logo is displayed at the 12 o’clock setting.  This Fruitz Watch is paired with a polished steel bracelet, and retails for $260.00.  Who knew that happiness could be so affordable!

Philip Stein, Mind And Body Wellness

Philip Stein , More Than A Watch


It’s time you got to know Philip Stein and the amazing watches they produce.  Philip Stein watches are precision timepieces, they are high quality luxury watches, and they have some incredible designs, that’s all true, but as if that’s not enough…what makes Philip Stein watches so unique is something you can’t even see.  It is the aspect which sets them apart from other watchmakers, that puts them into a category all alone.  What is this distinguishing trait?  It’s what Philip Stein believes will revolutionize at least one facet of watchmaking.  It’s what is making Philip Stein a leader in the world of mind and body wellness.  It’s called Natural Frequency Technology, and all Philip Stein watches have it built in.  Philip Stein watches are designed with either Natural Frequency Technology or Electromagnetic Frequency Technology.  This technology emits a frequency from the watch that most closely matches that of the natural Earth.  This emission creates a calmer, you.  It serves to harmonize you, with your environment, and the results are more peaceful feelings, clearer thinking, and better sleep.  In addition, these are beautiful, quality watches, made from only the finest materials.  The designs are stylish and elegant, and the benefits can be priceless.  Get to know Philip Stein, today!