Michele Must have Watch Novelties for Discerning Consumers



These are Michele must have watch novelties that the discerning consumer will want to have or add to their collection of watches.


Michele’s Tahitian Jelly Bean Novelties

Tahitian Jelly Bean Novelty

These watches are tastefully luxurious. Jelly beans have never looked as hot as this collection of Tahitian Jelly Bean watches. The colors are as delightful as is the name of the watch itself. Colors include: Sea green, Steel Blue, Stainless Steel Red, Pink, Black Carousel Gold Tone, Navy Large Gold Tone, White Carousel Gold Tone, Black Gold Dial Tone. The watch has chronograph movement, large stainless steel or gold tone cases, bold dial sizes, and sporty straps and bezels. The price ranges from $325 to $375.


Michele’s New Comer: Cloette Bee Diamond Black Alligator Novelty

Michele Cloette Bee Diamond Black Alligator

This luxurious timepiece is a honey of a timepiece with playful bee accents at five and tenth hours. The mother of pearl dial is elegant, the case is 38 mm, strap is alligator leather and is interchangeable with any 16mm Michele strap, the crystal is sapphire, and it has 131 diamonds, does have Swiss movement, and costs $2,045.


Michele’s Urban Collection: Park Diamond Novelty

Michele’s Urban Park Diamond Novelty

This watch speaks urban elegance all over. The timepiece is glittered with 124 diamond accents on the elongated case bling that says “Hello, how you doing?” It has a stainless steel bracelet that can be interchanged with any 16 mm Michele strap. The case is 23 mm X 33 mm, the dial is enamel, the crystal is sapphire, it has Swiss movement and it is imported. The price for this timepiece is $1,645.


Michele’s Sport Sail Non-Diamond Rose Gold Novelty

Michele-Sport Sail Non-Diamond Rose Gold

Rose Gold is in and this watch oozes it all over! It is a Sport Sail chronograph in rose gold finish, case size if 38 mm, dial is enamel , with a 20 mm rose gold-plated stainless steel bracelet which is also interchangeable with any 20mm Michele strap. It has Swiss movement and is an import. The price of this elegant timepiece is $1,225.


Michele’s Extreme Butterfly Diamond Garnet Alligator Novelty

Michele’s Extreme Butterfly Diamond Garnet Alligator

Extreme indeed, the garnet alligator strap accentuates the already stylish 42 mm X 31 mm stainless steel case gently kissed with 150 sparkling diamonds. The dial is white enamel embellished with butterflies and diamonds having a sapphire crystal. The watch has Swiss movement and is imported. The price of this lovely timepiece is $1,745.

These are some of the hottest picks Michele manufactures among their collection of novelties that any woman will love to add to their Michele collection of watches.

The Michele Appeal Pt. Two: Reasons Why Michele is Experiencing Growth

Michele watches embody luxury and are well-made with awesome materials that lend themselves to fabulous design. Listed below are more reasons why the Michele brand is taking advantage of this economy and experiencing growth and success.


Said to be a girl’s best friend, diamonds have mass appeal and are a main characteristic of most Michele watches, with many selections flaunting over 100 diamonds. Michele watches add a touch of classic elegance with mother-of-pearl dials topped off by scratch-resistant sapphire crystals. The Tahitian styles feature stainless steel and smooth ceramic with a couple of selections highlighting ceramic with stainless steel reinforcement to add durability to the scratch resistance of the bracelet. The playful Tahitian Jelly Bean collection by Michele offers an array of colorful case-integrated rubber straps securing sun dial stainless steel chronographs, mineral crystals and enamel dials. Straps come in rubber, silicone, leather, patent leather, stingray and alligator, with many strap styles featuring nautical-inspired gold grommets and buckles. Bracelets are made of stainless steel, with many styles coated with 18 karat gold and rose gold. Michele is one of very few watchmakers that push the edge of the envelope when selecting materials to fashion their watches while competitors stick within comfortable boundaries and never deviate beyond ceramic.


And with all the unique materials, Swiss-made movements, diamonds-galore and fashionable designs, Michele watches are luxury within reason. While competitors lack any risk with materials and stick within trends with designs that look so much like everyone else, yet still demand over $5000 per watch, Michele respects paying customers a bit more and gives them something worth their modest price tags. It seems that more so-called luxury brands are products of a great marketing schematic aimed at the audience that associates value with high cost. That kind of audience thinks that if it’s expensive, it must be good, and they fall for it without questioning the material, the craftsmanship, the watchmaker. Michele is one luxury brand that doesn’t underestimate its audience and offers a quality, high-end product that’s aptly priced.


Michele Sport Sail
With 96 diamonds, the Michele Sport Sail watch is aptly-priced at $1995.


The Michele Sport Sail pictured above features a rose-gold plated stainless steel bracelet and case, 96 diamonds which total almost half a carat, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and Swiss movement, complete with a sun dial chronograph against a white enamel backdrop. Considering the real gold and the insane amount of diamonds, the watch is aptly priced at $1995, a steal compared to other brands that make you wonder what you pay for when you shell out over five grand for something that’s not even half as brilliant. Michele offers many entry-level, well-designed styles that cost under five hundred, but when the diamonds kick in, expect to pay between $1200 and $3500 for a complete timepiece. Two grand leaves you with more than enough change to pick up a few interchangeable straps and bracelets, which range from $100 to $600, depending on material and texture.


Interactivity and Customization

Speaking of interchangeable straps, Michele offers a wide array of customization, bringing an easy to use watch bar to their website. While other brands sink most of their marketing budget into their super-snazzy website, they alienate customers by making their websites difficult to load and their customization area difficult to use and they’re shady when it comes to pricing. Most luxury brands don’t even mention price until you’ve finished customizing and indicating where you’d like to pick up your watch. When they finally do reveal the price, it’s in print so small that you have to hunt for the bottom line. To me, that displays a lack of confidence behind a product and again, is remnant of a company that’s betting on the naiveté of their target audience and hoping that you’ll just buy the damn thing without asking questions. Michele is a transparent brand that seeks only to serve their customers with unique materials, fine craftsmanship and an easy-to-use interactive customization area that allows you to pair different straps with varied watch heads so you won’t be shopping in the dark. Michele.com is a fresh powder-white website, which allows their collections to pop like paint against canvas while many competitors drape their websites in minimalist black and lack the descriptive text that puts online buyers at ease. Eventually, everything comes to light and Michele is already there, waiting on you to make the best buying decision to date.

The Michele Appeal: Five Reasons Why Michele is Experiencing Growth

Michele watches are increasingly popular. They’re luxurious, well-made with lavish materials and, compared to competitors in the same class, they’re very well-priced.

Listed below are some reasons why the Michele brand is experiencing more growth than its competitors, even in this stagnant economy.



Michele isn’t one of those watch companies that sprouted up from nowhere, slapped together some materials and deemed themselves worthy of five grand a pop. Michele’s authenticity stems from a much more humble source. In 2004, watchmaker Fossil, Inc needed a Swiss-made female answer to their newly acquired Zodiac license and looked to the Barouh family’s growing brand of brilliant watches that paired sophistication with robust energy. What began in Latin America as a popular line of children’s watches quickly developed into an avant-garde hit in the United States as Michele debuted the CSX-Diamond Chronograph that catapulted the company’s success and garnered Fossil’s attention. Fossil, no doubt interested in the Barouh family’s long story, placed the brand in the midst of a wide audience, hungry for a product that paired high luxury with the keen workmanship that had become synonymous with the Fossil name. Fossil gave it Swiss movement and refined Michele’s processes and materials, which thrusted the brand into the high-end market where it has seen unbounded success.

Inbound Marketing

Perpetuating Michele’s success is an inbound approach to marketing. Rather than spend millions on advertising over television and radio, Michele seems to do just fine by providing engaging content that has people buzzing about the watches’ designs. Michele  has both a Facebook and a Twitter page, each with thousands of followers and fans. With multiple daily posts, the watchmaker has created a community of people interested in the newest fashions and designs Michele has to offer. On its Facebook page, the company posts updates of contests, new product launches and trade shows. By creating and posting content that is relatable and relevant to its key demographics, Michele saves millions of advertising dollars and still grows a wide audience. It would do well, however, to include information that does’t push its products so much that they alienate visitors who have been trained to avoid such heavy bombardment of product pushing, advertisement and other outbound marketing. By posting information that reveals little known aspects about Michele’s history, the watch industry and the inside of the company, the current 12,422 fans on Facebook can only grow as the company becomes more revered as a vessel of knowledge and seem less like just another channel to pump products through.

Next, we’ll finish up with the three remaining reasons attributing to Michele’s success in this economy. Prices play a huge role in the market for high-end luxury and you definitely get quality when you pay for it. We’ll even discover another marketing tool the company uses to ensure it’s success in part two of the series.

Latest arrivals and trends from Michele

With 12 different collections, it is no wonder that the Michele luxury watch company has recently unveiled a new set of models, each of which adds a spark of elegance, glamor and charm to any style.

Currently, the timepieces belong to the Deco, Ceramic, Urban, Caber, CSX, Jetway, Sport Sail, Serein, Cloette, Butterfly, Tahitian and Tahitian Jelly Beans collections.

Michele recently added a slew of new models to its line of watches, including the Cloette Ladybug Diamond Garnet Alligator, CSX-36 Day Two Tone Diamond, Diamond Dial Two Tone Bracelet, Deco Day Non-Diamond, Diamond Dial White Silicone Grommet Strap and Tahitian Jelly Bean Large Pink watch.

The Cloette Ladybug Diamond Garnet Alligator is a whimsical, fashionable accessory that can add a touch of playfulness to any style. The timepiece features a mother-of-pearl dial and curved case with 124 diamonds encrusted around each, 38-mm case size and Swiss chronograph movement. The watch also comes with a garnet alligator strap, which can be interchanged with any 16-mm strap available from Michele.

CSX-36 Day Two Tone Diamond, Diamond Dial Two Tone Bracelet
CSX-36 Day Two Tone Diamond, Diamond Dial Two Tone Bracelet

Adorned with 109 diamonds that surround its two-tone case, the CSX-36 Day Two Tone Diamond, Diamond Dial Two Tone Bracelet with chronograph movement features a mother-of-pearl dial, signature Michele crown accent, 36-mm case size and is water resistant up to 50 meters. The two-tone bracelet is also interchangeable with other 18-mm Michele straps.

The Deco Day Non-Diamond, Diamond Dial White Silicone Grommet Strap also features sparkling diamonds, with 12 of them marking the hours on the mother-of-pearl dial. The elegant timepiece has other signature Michele touches as well, in addition to a 33-mm by 35-mm case. Like many of Michele’s watches, the Deco Day timepiece has an interchangeable strap, which can be substituted with any of the company’s 18-mm straps.

Tahitian Jelly Bean Large Pink Watch
Tahitian Jelly Bean Large Pink Watch

With of a playful and sporty style, the Tahitian Jelly Bean Large Pink watch features a bold stainless steel sunray dial, mineral crystal type and is water resistant up to 50 meters. The whimsy timepiece is also available in a variety of colors, including coral, navy, red, sea green and blue.

Michele Watches was created by Maurice Barouh in the 1940s. Since then, the trendy and chic timepieces have been dazzling the wrists of women around the world, including celebrities Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah, Britney Spears and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Other latest trends from Michele can be viewed at the luxury watch company’s trunk shows, currently happening on numerous days this February. The shows provide fashionistas and watch enthusiasts with the opportunity to speak with Michele sales experts while browsing the newest models of timepieces.

Trunk Shows Display Best of Michele Watches

Starting this February, Michele is hosting a series of trunk shows to showcase exclusive styles, limited edition watches, and offer retail advice from sales experts. The event spans over ten states from Florida to California, with a variety of department stores including Nordstrom, Saks, and Bloomingdale’s hosting the shows. For specific locations and dates, check the Michele website, where you can also sign up for the newsletter to receive promotional benefits.

The CSX-36 Diamond Tri-Tone is a prime example of the trunk shows’ exclusivity. With its 18k rose and yellow gold fused with stainless steel, Michele has set a new standard in luxury design while retaining impeccable durability. The Diamond Tri-Tone builds upon the successful CSX-36 Two Tone, giving enthusiasts a different flavor in style.

Michele’s Sport Sail Collection not only befits those with an active lifestyle but also serves to reflect the wide range of the timeless brand. The Sport Sail Square Large fuses the boldness of the navy dial and square shape with an interchangeable 20 mm stainless steel bracelet to give users a fine-tuned balance between class and versatility. Michele caters to a wide range of tastes in terms of color, offering this piece in white, black, yellow, and navy. Owners will surely impress, as this watch sacrifices no utility for the sake of luxury. Additionally, those interested in the Sport Sail Square collection have the option of choosing a diamond-adorned version, with more than one hundred diamonds lining the edge of the face, dashing a bit of refinement on an already impressive watch.

Michele Sport Sail Square Large
Jetway Sport Black Ceramic Combo

The Jetway Sport Black Ceramic Combo may be the watch of choice for the buyer that is slightly more concerned with the elegance of simplicity. Michele aligns a jet black backdrop to timepiece’s pearl center, immediately bringing forth a suave feeling. A sunray dial leave a perfect accent to the watch, imbuing it with a unique personality that undoubtedly will catch more than just glances. The Jetway Sport Black Ceramic Combo returns some of the well-established characteristics of Michele watches that made it a world-class brand, adding a few subtle changes which seem to give life to an entire new class of timepieces.

Jetway Sport Black Ceramic Combo

A more feminine variant of this is the Jetway Mini Ceramic Diamond, which captures the essence of beautifully simple, yet unique watchmaking. Seventy two sparkling diamonds illuminate the rim, and a white-enamel bracelet adds to the svelte character of this timepiece.