Michele Men’s Watch Straps Give New Meaning To Style

Each year watch companies come out with a new and enticing collection that is up to date on fashion.  Anymore, the fashion of your timepiece is just as critical as the functioning itself.  The men’s Michele straps have given watch owners a new style to sport with the eloquent calfskin and alligator materials.

The calfskin men’s Michelle watch strap provides owners with a soft and comfortable feel.  The straps come from France as they are created and distributed out from there.  There are plenty of options to choose from when you go with a calfskin strap.  You can either have matching color stitching for a formal look or you can go with contrasting stitching, which provides a casual and sporty appeal.

With the calfskin straps, you can either choose from brown or black.  Your decision can be made based on a number of reasons.  But many times people decide this based off of their decision on the dial color.  You can either have an 18 karat gold-plated timepiece or a stainless steel.  The typical combination is the brown calfskin with the 18 karat gold-plated timepiece and the stainless steel with the black calfskin.

As for the alligator men’s Michele watch, you can finally have an exclusive and genuine strap to show off your timepiece with.  Just as the woman’s alligator straps are constructed, so too are the men’s straps.  Alligators are raised on a farm for the purpose of their skins.  The best skins are sent to France to finish the job and sent out to wherever you are.

There are two different colors you can choose from with your alligator straps, gold and black.  It is a silver buckle that comes with the strap, but you can call and request gold strap if that is what you prefer.  All in all, this 20 mm strap will cost you $200.  Although it may seem like a lot for a strap, it is hard to put a price on style.  After all, it is style that counts the most anymore.

Michele Watches continue to release fresh and enticing products to maintain their stellar image and keep customers happy.  With their alligator men’s Michele straps and calfskin straps, they have created a way to reach to the people again.  And with a plethora of options to choose from, you can pick and choose exactly how you want your strap to look.  These soft and comfortable straps are sure to win you over.

Michele Mens Watches Three Luxury Styles to Choose From

Whether you are looking for the classy and elegant watch to wear to work or a casual and sporty watch to wear around town, men’s Michele watches have what you are looking for.  At a reasonable price, you can sport a brilliantly crafted watch without spending an arm and a leg.  Here are the three styles of men’s Michele watches.


The Men’s Michelle CSX collection succeeded in revolutionizing the industry with this first designer timepiece just like the woman’s edition did.  The globe-shaped case gives off the universal appeal that Michele watches are so infamously known for.  Each watch within this series allows you to live a stylish life without being overwhelmingly fancy.

Within this collection is the CSX traveler, which sports double time zones with dials displaying 12 and 24 hours increments.  You can also conveniently find the date placed on the dial of the watch.  This timepiece is similar to the CSX classic in that it has the same sleek and modern case.  It is most popular with the white or black lacquer dial and exchangeable straps, but it can also be found in stainless steel and 18k yellow gold-tone.


The sport men’s Michele watch collection is bold and edgy.  It has a sleek style that is perfect for every man that is on the go, regardless of the activity he intends on doing.  You can appreciate the chronograph’s streamlined and masculine silhouette that is displayed on the dial.  As with many of the Michele watches, there are interchangeable straps that allow you to pick and choose which suits you best.

Also within the sport collection is the barrel series and the extreme series.  The barrel series is fueled by a Swiss movement and is available in up to four different dial color combinations.  Among the other options you have to choose from include three lacquer dial features, two sub dials, and interchangeable calfskin straps.

The extreme series is a combination of fashion, technology and modern design.  It is the debut of the new, solid stainless steel case that has been added to the sport collection.  The chronograph sports watch can come in either white or black lacquer dial and has a 24 mm strap for everyday use.


The Michele Urban watch collection is the most versatile series in the collection because of its ability to be worn for virtually any event.  It has a European influenced design with things such as the retro-inspired, barrel shaped case.  This is a masculine series that provides class, style, and sexual appeal.

The men’s Michele watches offer a little of something for everyone.  Whether you are looking for a rigid watch to wear in the outdoors or a fine and classy watch to wear at business meetings, there is variety among the different series’ in the collection.