Tissot T-Touch T-Tactile Trekker Mens Watch T0015204406100

The Hiker, the Mountain Biker, the Camper, and the Urban Trekker, look ye hither for a review on a device that just might make your life in the great outdoors less directionally challenging, temperature ambiguous, plus it tells the time! Do you remember as a kid having those cheap plastic watches that had buttons that did cool things and the case had a practical use too? Well how about getting back to your childhood roots while maintaining a manly appearance with the Tissot T-Touch T-Tactile Trekker Mens Watch T0015204406100.

The Tissot Trekker has some pretty nifty functions you loved as a kid, and will still find useful and fun as an adult.  Not only does it have an analog dial, but it also has the digital time above the 6 o’clock position. Pretty cool for when you want the time lickidy split, and don’t want to take those extra seconds to figure out which hand is the big one, and which one is the small one, and what does the mark its pointing to mean again?

Besides the time it also has a date function, a compass on the bezel, an alarm, and a stopwatch. Really like to get technical with your watch? This one also comes with a thermometer, barometer, and altimeter. What more could you need for a watch to go exploring with? How about a pretty decent water resistance of 100 feet? Yeah that’s right, go swimming in your Tissot watch.

All right, let’s talk about the basic structure of the watch.  The case is made out of titanium, is 42 mm in diameter and 13mm in thickness. The strap is also of titanium with a push button deployment clasp. The bezel with the compass on it is bidirectional and rotates. The watch is battery operated with quartz movement. The dial color goes along with the color scheme of the rest of the watch by being grey.

Pros: All the cool functions, and how easy they are to use. For being titanium it’s light weight.  Two year warranty. I’ve found it online for between $482-$539, which is pretty cheap compared to other watches that don’t do nearly as much.

Cons: If you use the functions often the battery life has a short life. Some people have found the Tissot watch to lack durability; in fact it may not be the best watch for doing serious amounts of outdoor activities. Also, the water resistance wasn’t up to pare as was hoped for as well. Accuracy of some of the functions has also been called into question too.

Variations of this particular watch include the choice to switch up the dial color from grey to green, orange, yellow, or black. You can also switch up the titanium bracelet for a black rubber strap.

Is this the right watch for you? If you like a watch with all of the above functions and don’t particularly feel like you’ll be smacking it around too much, it just might be for you. If you are serious about your outdoor excursions however, you may  want to look for a watch can take a beating a little better.

The T41148353 Tissot Le Locle Men’s Watch is Traditionally Designed and Sophisticatedly Appointed

The T41148353 Tissot Le Locle Men’s Watch shows off a softer side of this sport watchmaker’s abilities.  The delicately designed men’s timepiece is one that brings back old world charm and pairs it with exceptional functionality.  Tissot is most known for their highly advanced sport watches, but the T41148353 Tissot Le Locle Men’s Watch is more elegant than utilitarian.   It reminds me of the wristwatch that my dad used to wear…its sophistication goes with everything from jeans to a dress suit and that type of versatility is great for a man.  The black dial is adorned with slight Roman numeral hour markers and sleek arms.  The case and bezel are crafted from strong stainless steel and the case has an appropriate diameter of 39mm.  This Tissot men’s model has a self winding automatic movement and is equipped with a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal.

The T41148353 Tissot Le Locle Men’s Watch has apertures for day and date and is as lovely from the back as it is from the front, with its skeleton case backing.  The best part about this watch, as with many Tissot models, is the price.  The T41148353 Tissot Le Locle Men’s Watch can be yours for just under $400!

Tissot Issues Pit Road Precision Award

Tissot awarded its Pit Road Precision Award to Juan Pablo Montoya’s pit crew for their excellent performance in this year’s Daytona 500. Montoya’s Target Chevrolet was the vehicle that spent the least amount of time on the pit road, thus earning them the award.
“What a great way to start the season – the Team Target pit crew worked extremely hard this off-season and to have it pay off at the Daytona 500 is incredibly rewarding,” said pit crew coach and rear tire carrier Chip Goode. “To win the Tissot award and post a top 10 in the season-opener is a huge momentum builder for this team, not to mention the fact our teammates (Jamie McMuarry’s No. 1 team) were celebrating in Victory Lane.”
Montoya’s pit crew includes Trevor Lysne, Eric Bilyeu, Chris Mcmullen, Chip Goode, TJ Ford, Mike Bodick, Heath Silver and crew chief Brian Pattie.
As the winners of the Tissot Pit Road Precision Award, Montoya’s team receives $5,000 each and a Tissot VA Quartz chronograph watch. At the end of the season, the team with the most Tissot awards receives a $105,000 bonus and even more Tissot watches.
Tissot is the official timekeeper for NASCAR, the MotoGP World Championship, the Ice Hockey World Championship and the Cycling World Championship.

Tissot Reveals New T Touch Classic T33.1.388.41

Tissot has released the revamped T Touch Classic (T33.1.388.41) at the Baselworld watch show in Switzerland. Tissot, famous for its engineering and stylistic prowess and the new edition of the T Touch Classic does not disappoint. They combine functionality, high-tech features and designer fashion to create a line of impressive timepieces.

The original T Touch Classic watch was equipped with quartz multi-functioning movement, a tactile multi-functioning dial and the titanium, polished bracelet. The watch also had an altimeter, thermometer, compass and alarm. It was truly a watch that offered superior function with stellar style.
Now, Tissot has upped the ante on this already stand-alone watch. It carries all of the original features and now is water resistant up to 30 feet, or 100 meters. This added feature makes it a must-have for sportsmen and those who demand high function with low-profile styling.
Tissot managed to squeeze all these features in to a slimmer body than the original T Touch Classic, an impressive feat.
And as if your fairy godmother is in the mood to grant all your timepiece wishes, this incredible watch has also been set at a competitive price point which makes it accessible to even the most rugged of sportsmen.

Omega Men’s Watches Have A Legacy Of Performance


watches may not be widely known to the average consumer, but watch connoisseurs know the brand for its stellar reputation in technologically-advanced mechanisms and world-class quality. Omega timepieces have been along for the ride during some of the greatest feats ever accomplished by man. Buzz Aldrin wore an Omega men’s watch as he travelled through space, and the Omega watch has been the official stop watch of the Olympics since 1932. 2012 will mark Omega’s 80th year as an Olympic partner. Omega continues to frequent space as the Speedmaster model is the timepiece of choice.


Omega watches have been adored by celebrities such as Nicole Kidman (spokesperson), Goerge Clooney and Michael Phelps. They also created the co-axial movement watch in 1999.

Though impressively advanced and peerless in their reputation and quality, Omega watches are also beautiful. They offer luxurious designs with details like diamond bezels, diamond-encrusted bracelets and Mother of Pearl faces.

Further, Omega recently announced a limited edition Seamaster model which bonds Liquidmetal® with ceramics. This watch is resistant to corrosion, a diver’s dream. Omega has partnered with divers for years, continuing to develop timepieces that meet the specific needs and desires of these underwater explorers.