Elegance Simplified in the Zenith Elite Captain

In today’s world of overloaded, gaudy accessories, the Zenith Elite Captain stands out for its striking simplicity. Zenith watches, founded in 1865, have taken a sure but steady road to the top of Swiss watch making. Praised for their mechanical precision and flawless finishing, the watch designer is certainly among the top watch makers in the world.

Zenith’s Elite series has outdone itself with the intelligent design and forward thinking. Their previous designs have sported invisible windows to reveal the inner mechanics of the watch, but the Zenith Elite Captain removes the distracting elements of the watch and presents the flawless execution of their design in its place.

For most watches, this simple design would be boring, but the extreme attention to the flawless, graceful lines of the watch turn simplicity into a work of art. The silver sunray dial meshes perfecting with rose gold accents for the indexes and the curved sapphire glass, treated for anti-reflection on both sides provides a clear window into the time.

The automatic movement is crafted with the same excellence included in all Zenith watches and includes hours, minutes, central seconds, and date functions. The fifty hour power reserve adds to the functionality of this watch, though the low water resistance (only 50 m/165 ft) means that you won’t want to take this watch swimming, or even a heavy rain.

However, the dark brown rubberized alligator strap is sure to outlast whatever activities you put it through. If the alligator strap isn’t your type, you can swap it for the stainless steel bracelet. The alternative colors on the steel bracelet provide a subtle effect on the eye. In the stainless steel version of the watch, the rose good accents are replaced with silver and the silver sunray dial is replaced with a black sunray version.

Both versions provide a subtle contrast that complements the simplicity of the watch, but also maintains the readability of the watch. If you prefer numerals on your dial, the watch may have some issues, but the clearly marked indexes on the open face combined with the bold hands of the watch make this watch not only easy to read, but a pleasure as well.

The Zenith brand is continually producing watches at the very highest of standards. The Zenith Elite Captain is no exception to Zenith’s rule of outstanding products. Whether this brand is at the pinnacle of their success is hard to say—for the Zenith’s past 150 years prove that the brand may still be on its way up.

Bvlgari Diagono Titanium Men’s Watch T144BTAVTD/SLN

Written by: Lisa Pearson

Prepare to be dazzled with the Bvlgari Diagono Titanium Men’s Watch T144BTAVTD/SLN. This timepiece is a must-have for any serious watch collector. The bold and masculine design of this luxury timepiece will certainly complement your collection of watches or any ensemble. Unlike the typical luxury watch, Bvlgari did not inundate the piece with jewels, bright colors, or any distracting details.

The Bvlgari Diagono Titanium Men’s Watch T144BTAVTD/SLN has a very strong but minimalist design; much like what one would imagine the type of man Bvlgari had in mind when designing the watch. This stylish timepiece features a titanium and aluminum case, 44 millimeter case which displays the date, automatic movement type, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, titanium and rubber watch strap and is water resistant up to 200 meters.

The luxury timepiece prominently displays the Bvlgari logo on the bezel in black and features luminous white hands and makers, while the remainder of the timepiece is grey and black. This watch would be ideal for the man who loves luxury watches with a more understated and futuristic flair. It would also be a great match for those who crave a sporty accent to their everyday look. The Bvlgari Diagono Titanium Men’s Watch T144BTAVTD/SLN’s style makes it suitable for daily wear and would complement the wardrobe of most men.

This timepiece retails for $3500 and although it would definitely not be considered as being inexpensive; it is one of the less expensive pieces from Bvlgari.  Bvlgari has been creating exquisite pieces of jewelry, timepieces, leather goods, fragrances, skin care and accessories since the 1800’s with many of their pieces priced at $5000 and up. If you are looking for something with a similar aesthetic at a lower price point, the Fossil Decker Men’s Black PU Chrono watch which retails for $95 would be a great option. The Fossil timepiece has many of the same colors as the Bvlgari as well as the same size case. Both watches would be a great accessory to transition from the office to the gym and a dinner date however; the Fossil watch has a much more cost-efficient price tag.

The Bvlgari Diagono Titanium Men’s Watch T144BTAVTD/SLN is a worthy accessory to today’s modern Renaissance man. If you have been searching for a stylish luxury watch from a noted brand with a very versatile look, the Bvlgari Diagono Titanium fills the bill.


Piaget Limelight Twice Women’s Watch Retails For Nearly $60,000

If you’re a bargain shopper, you need not continue. This watch review is for the most exacting, most luxury-driven women’s watch lover. Piaget is a company that spares no expense in creating the finest time pieces. It pushes the envelope on what is expected of a high-end design shop and takes their styling one step further to be on the forefront of luxurious, extravagant jewelry. The Limelight Twice, despite what some have said, is not a bargain, nor is it simply two timepieces in one.

The Limelight , sparkling with diamonds on nearly every millimeter of surface area, contains a dual-sided watch face. One face is a deceptively simple with a satiny-silver face and elongated number indicators. The other side dazzles with diamonds covering a majority of the face, accented by a small dial on the lower portion of the face.

This watch is not for the woman who wants to save money by purchasing two watches in one. No, it is for the buyer who can afford not one dial, but two exquisite, lavish dials on the same watch, not sacrificing diamonds for the sake of keeping time.

The Piaget Limelight for women is impressive, unapologetic in its extravagance, and sure to add a magical sparkle to the wrist of its owner.