The Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra Tunes Up for Inaugural Season with Movado as Lead Sponsor

Movado has partnered to serve as the lead sponsor for the Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra Inaugural Season which includes two performances at world-renowned Carnegie Hall March 23, 2014.

To celebrate their mutual collaboration Movado hosted a private affair at the Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola in New York City January 14, where the talented Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra, a 17-member big band consisting of high school students, made their initial debut performance with Movado’s brand ambassador Wynton Marsalis.

Wynton Marsalis performing on stage with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra.

Mary Leach, Movado Group, Inc. Chief Marketing Officer expressed excitement about the sponsored initiative with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis involvement in support of the arts and his active role supporting the musical performance of the talented youth orchestra.

Wynton Marsalis is serving as the Managing and Artistic Director overseeing the youth orchestra’s musical education along with members of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and Vincent Gardner, Director of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra. This dynamic trio is working with the students in rehearsals familiarizing them with big band repertoire and performance techniques in time for five additional concerts in their first season, including their two performances at Carnegie Hall where the youth orchestra will perform Duke Ellington’s music.

Movado is known for its association with the performing arts and innovative Modernism designs, an integral part of its established branding for 132 years. Movado has been a key supporter of the Jazz at Lincoln Center, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the New York City Ballet. Other supported performing arts on Movado’s vitae include Ballet Pacifica, the Cooper Hewitt, The Joffrey Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Miami International Film Festival, and the National Design Museum.

Movado Group, Inc. manufactures design brands HUGO BOSS, Coach, Concord, Ebel, ESQ Movado, Tommy Hilfiger, Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Movado, and Scuderia Ferrari brand watches worldwide.

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Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionelle 14-Day Tourbillon goes Platinum

Vacheron Constantin has included Patrimony Traditionelle 14-Day Tourbillon to its Collection Excellence Platine.

Platinum Patrimony Traditionelle 14-Day Tourbillon is one of Vacheron’s elegant timepieces featuring both a tourbillon, at 6 o’clock, and a 14-day power reserve indicator, at 12 o’clock. It has a minimalist dial presentation with Vacheron Constantin signature Maltese Cross emblem to the left of its 3 o’clock hour indication mark.


However, an element that makes this version of the Patrimony Traditionelle 14-Day Tourbillon so distinguished is not only its platinum 42mm case and dial, but its dark blue Mississippi alligator leather strap which is hand-stitched with silk and platinum thread – talk about sparing no expense.

The platinum dial is sandblasted, synonymous of the Collection Excellence Platine, and also houses the Vacheron’s Calibre 2260 manually wound manufacture movement. The platinum caseback frame bears the Vacheron Constantin name, No. 1/50 and PT950 which is inscribed between 4 and 5 o’clock.




Patrimony Traditionelle 14-Day Tourbillon impressive 14 day power reserve uses four barrels that are interconnected and discharge concurrently, which is responsively slower than a single barrel system. Its tourbillon carriage is also shaped in Vacheron’s signature Maltese Cross, which is visible through the dial and partially from the sapphire crystal caseback. Its meticulous craftsmanship and design characteristics have afford it the Hallmark of Geneva award.

Platinum Patrimony Traditionelle 14-Day Tourbillon is a limited edition timepiece of only 50 pieces and is said to set to retail for $323,500.

Written by Chaz Nash

Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Extraordinaires Spins Limited Edition Lucky Charms

If luck is indeed a lady, Van Cleef & Arpels’ Charms Extraordinaires Watch Collection spins such exquisite tales of time that even the ladies are finding it difficult to resist their lucky charm!

Van Cleef & Arpels Charms watch collection made its lucky debut in 2008. Fast forward five years later and Charms’ continues its lucky tales of time which aesthetically unfolds in the details and craftsmanship of an exclusive limited edition watch collection donned the Charms Extraordinaires Collection.

Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Extraordinaires is a special collection of four limited edition timepieces, artistically translating four distinctive tales of “lady luck” presented in hand-painted guilloche or mother of pearl dials, beautifully embellished with diamonds and precious stoned bezels set in pink rose or white gold cases and Van Cleef & Arpels signature diamond charms which glamorously dangle from each of the round 38mm or 32mm watch cases. All four of these amazing watches features quartz movement with each watch design having a limited edition of only 22 pieces.


Charms Extraordinaire Lotus Watch dons a pink lotus flower hand-painted using a complex champlevé enameling technique to give it its lucky appeal. The lotus known for its perseverance to rise from mud and blossom into an exquisite flower also symbolizes elegance, beauty and perfection synonymous with Asian cultures. It features a white gold 32mm diameter case showered with blue sapphires and Paraiba tourmalines and of course a lucky diamond Lotus charm. It is adorned with a baby pink leather strap that accents the overall presentation of this incredible watch.

Charms Extraordinaire Hirondelles Watch features two dark blue lucky swallows against a mother of pearl dial with beautiful hand-painted flowers (swallows are said to symbolize the coming of spring as well as tender love). The round pink gold 32 mm case showcases a bezel with a uniform parade of pink and violet sapphires. It also features a lucky clover diamond charm and is adorned with a purple leather strap.

Charms Extraordinaire Féérie Dandelion Watch casts its lucky tale with a blue mystically hand-painted guilloche dial that introduces a winged butterfly fairy carefully meticulously posed while blowing a wish towards a diamond accented dandelion, associated with luck and the spread of knowledge. A round 38mm diameter case displays bluish sapphires and diamonds in the bezel with a beautiful lucky diamond dandelion charm that gently dangles from the case.

Charms Extraordinaire Muguet Watch radiates with a fairy and her sculpted wings against a mother of pearl dial. Depicted are hand-painted sprigs of lily-of-the-valley flowers, said to make the most precious wish come true. The pink gold bezel is encrusted with breathtaking diamonds and yellow sapphires fashioned in a round 38mm case pink gold case. It features a free flowing diamond butterfly charm and is adorned with a stunning green leather strap.

The Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Extraordinaires limited edition collection was actually presented in February at SIHH, however, if you’re spirit of lady luck is finely tuned you may luck up on one of these incredible timepieces. After all, luck like timing is everything.

Written by Chaz Nash

Arnold & Son Captures the Moon and Incorporates its Essence in the HM Perpetual Moon Watch

Arnold & Son understands that not everyone can experience a walk on the moon; therefore the watchmaker has captured the moon and incorporated its essence in the luxurious HM Perpetual Moon watch.

Arnold & Son known for both its luxuriously designed timepieces and production of its in-house movements has again captivated the artistry of a moonphase complication and masterfully articulated it in the HM Perpetual Moon watch. The ornate dial visually woos with an elaborate starburst guilloche etched black background and a second disc that reveals probably one of the most beautifully hand sculpted moons to ever present a moonphase on a timepiece.


HM Perpetual Moon presents in a round stainless steel 42mm case housing a 29mm moonphase disc that orbits within the vicinity of 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock of the watch dial. The sophisticated moon is a three-dimensional 11.2mm element that is set onto the 29mm disc. The original moon element was hand sculpted, from which a cast was made and placed into production.

Arnold & Son chose to integrate the moonphase complication into its existing in-house caliber A&S1512 movement rather than employing an additional module to the movement. This innovative move reveals Arnold & Son’s outside of the box thinking and efficient mastery of incorporating complications to work harmoniously with a watch’s movement.


HM Perpetual Moon has an exhibition sapphire caseback that reveals a second moonphase indicator that allow for precision time setting. A small button offers owners the option of pushing it once every 122 years and it is set for another 100 years. It also offers a 80 hour power reserve  which is delivered via a double barrel system. HM Perpetual Moon is adorned with a beautiful black alligator leather strap.

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon will be also be available in both red gold and stainless steel cases, as well as with solid and guilloche dial options. As for the price and availability of this amazing watch, well all will be revealed at BaselWorld 2013 (April 25 – May 2) in the approaching days. Meanwhile, feel free to soak in the ambiance of HM Perpetual Moon through the above pictures.

Written by Chaz Nash

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms X Fathoms takes on the Depths of the Sea

Written by Chaz Nash

Blancpain has been an avid supporter of deep sea efforts since 1953 when it crafted Fifty Fathoms watch – its first modern diving watch. The development of Fifty Fathoms eventually evolved into a distinctive and extensive diver’s watch collection which included the creation of the X Fathoms Diver’s watch. X Fathoms quickly gained Blancpain brand notoriety when it launched the watch’s introduction at the world’s largest aquarium, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in the Dubai Mall October 2011.

Blancpains diving watch developments allowed the brand to garner relationships with various conservationists and science researchers that it lead to their active support and involvement in notable sea expeditions and scientific sea research projects including the “Pristine Sea Expeditions with Blancpain” a conservation project for National Geographic; and just last year the Gombessa Project in South Africa.

The Gombessa Project, a 40 day deep water expedition that studied and researched the habitat of the Gombessa (aka coelacanth) fish, once presumed extinct 70 million years ago. The Gombessa draws distinction in the sea world as it is said to be linked with both fish and land dwelling animals because of its paired lobe fins which extend along its body which bear a likeness to legs, as well as its primitive non-functional fatty lung.


Diver and naturalist Laurent Ballesta, donned Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms X Fathoms watch, and his team of divers were tasked with visually documenting and capturing this enigmatic fish on film for the deep sea project. Using evolved research methods, Ballesta and his team divers plunged into the depths of the Jesser Canyon Caves, as far as 120 meters below surface, to locate and shoot (photograph) Gombessa. A depth that is by no means a challenge for the X Fathoms as it is capable of withstanding water up to 300 meters.


X Fathoms (Model 5018-1230-64A) has a powerful 55.65mm satin brushed titanium case which is accentuated by a one-way rotating bezel and a retrograde 5-minute counter. The black matte dial showcases depth indication on two scales. Features include a mechanical depth gauge, decompression valve, maximum depth memory with secured reset pusher. It houses the 9918B caliber self-wind movement, which is based on Blancpain’s caliber 1315. X Fathoms is adorned with a rubber strap having 14 articulated parts that ensures a secure tailored fit.



X Fathoms is by far Blancpains most high-performance mechanical diver’s watch that it has ever manufactured of its Fifty Fathoms Collection. It may be difficult to resist this watch, as it will lull you into its deep hypnotic trance.