Bulgari shines with release of Perpetual Calendar Watch

Bulgari Grande Sonnerie Quantieme Perpetual watch
Face of the new Bulgari Perpetual Calendar watch

Bulgari has impressed audiences again with the release of their Grande Sonnerie Quantieme Perpetual Calendar watch earlier this year.
Bulgari is often portrayed as a brilliant jewelry maker, and the same holds true for their watches. This new timepiece is no exception. The watch offers the owner all the magnificent extras that has come to be expected from Bulgari. Another fine addition to the Daniel Roth Collection, the Grande Sonnerie Perpetual Calendar has an astounding number of components and took approximately one year to complete.
This model pushes the boundaries on the Grande Sonnerie line  with a new function that will keep the date and provide musical cues on important dates and times throughout the year. The Calendar is set to work until the year 2100.
The watch comes equipped with 923 components and 20 different functions. The Perpetual Calendar function will chime with certain cues throughout the year. Over the course of an entire year, the watch will chime 433,580 during 35,040 activations.
This magnificent piece of craftsmanship was created by only the best and brightest in their profession. Six months of the development process was dedicated to the finishing and decorating of the moving parts alone. It is up to the watchmaker to create each piece in perfect working order or the watch will cease to perform correctly.
The tones the watch produces each day are the most intricate part of the watch. Each time the watch makes a note, tiny gongs are struck within the watch. The watchmaker must be sure that the tones within the casing sound true and accurate. If even one of the tones is off, the entirety of the sound is awful. This is even more evidence of the mastery put into each of these spectacular timepieces.

Tourbillion and Sonnerie of Bulgari Grande Sonnerie Perpetual Calendar Watch
Tourbillion and Sonnerie of Bulgari Perpetual Calendar Watch

This exquisite piece of craftsmanship is designed with a tourbillion mechanism to ensure accurate timekeeping. It is held in an 18-carot pink gold case with a black alligator leather strap and 18-carot pink gold triple-blade folding clasp. The dial consists of an alternating lacquered finish, opaline anthracite and snailed surface treatment. The watch pops when one notices the sapphire discs in the case indicating the days and months.
Already being championed as one of the 10 most complicated watches every produced, the Grande Sonnerie Perpetual Calendar watch debuted at Baselworld 2011, a watch and jewelry trade show held in Basel, Switzerland. The show is held to explore the new innovations and stunning products from all the worlds top watch and jewelry companies. This watch will truly capture the jealous gaze of anyone with the privilege of witnessing it in person.

Ebel Luxury Watchmaker Sends Holiday Wishes for 2012

Written by: Lisa Pearson

E.B.E.L. or Ebel, which stands for Eugene Blum et Levy in honor of the founders of the company, Swiss watchmaker Eugene Levy and his wife Alice Levy. The luxury watch company has long referred to themselves as the “Architects of Time.” From their early beginnings in 1911 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel, Switzerland; Ebel has been creating elegant and classic timepieces with their extensive link to the world of architecture and design. Ebel created and released their first timepiece in 1912. In 1935, they became the first Swiss watchmaker to introduce the Western Electric precision and quality control standards. They became most famous for their 1911 line of sports watches that debuted in 1986.

Photo of Ebel 1911 watch
Photo of Ebel 1911 BTR watch

Regarding their rich history, the Ebel website states, “At the heart of EBEL watches beat an incredible artistic signature. One that shares with the finest architects a tireless quest for absolute beauty and perfection; one that honours know-how and talent…the EBEL brand has built its reputation upon cardinal values uniting classical elegance and sculptural designs with a passion for fine workmanship and watchmaking mastery. Faithfully preserved and yet constantly reinterpreted, these values are the fingerprint of the Architects of Time.”

Ebel has created timeless pieces which attract watch connoisseurs as well as everyday watch snobs alike. They set themselves apart from competitors by creating quality and premium pieces that are at a lower price point than other luxury watchmakers.

Ebel exudes class, elegance, and above all, they are philanthropic. In March 2011, the people of Fukushima, Japan as well as other nearby cities endured a horrible earthquake and tsunami. Many people lost their loved ones, homes, farms, cars, pets, and many other important things in their lives. Many people were also in danger of exposure to radiation as the Fukushima power plant was affected by the earthquake.

While many non-profit groups as well as celebrities as well as people from all over the world reached out to help the citizens of Japan, Ebel also stepped in to help.

In December 2011, Ebel released a short but touching video on their website titled Ebel Seasons Greetings for 2012 that simply yet powerfully says:

“In the Spirit of the Season, Ebel has chosen to share its wishes and support with a people touched by deep tragedy in 2011.Ebel is sending the nation of Japan a holiday gift to help fund the work of reconstruction. To you, our cherished friends, colleagues and customers, we offer our very best wishes for a peaceful 2012.”


Eloquently and humbly stated, Ebel shares their wishes for a peaceful 2012 for the world. Ebel, who has long made a name for themselves with their creative and quality timepieces will undoubtedly continue the legacy of Eugene Blum and Alice Levy.