Exclusive Gucci Watch for Grammys

Luxury watch producer Gucci has teamed up with the Grammys to produce a commemorative watch for the music award show.

In an exclusive three-year contract between Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry and The Recording Academy (the host of the Grammys), the special edition watch, the I-Gucci, celebrates the fusion of music and creative fashion.

I-Gucci in black and white
I-Gucci in black and white

Designed by Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini, the timepiece is Gucci’s very first digital watch. The I-Gucci was created for sleek functionality, with a large watch face, a dual time zone dial (for the recording artist on the go), and two digital hands reading local time.


As Gucci’s official Grammy website explains, “The cutting-edge look of the pieces draws its inspiration from the passion that music evokes.”


The double-layout of the watch’s digital display face is complementing by special tags featuring both the Gucci and the Grammy’s logo. To further emphasize the partnership, the Grammy logo also includes their special edition label. The collection comes with both black and white watches, but for those truly in the know, there are also a few rare watches with diamonds outlining the diameter of the watch face.


The technical aspect of the watch contains a yellow-gold PVD deployment on the buckle and case, which is 44 millimeters in diameter. The black rubber strap is imprinted with the Grammy’s logo, while the matching black dial shows bright yellow digits (or hands if you want to change it). The I-Gucci collection features a Swiss digital dual movement and is water-resistant to 100 feet/ 30 meters. The Swiss made pieces also come with anti-reflective coating on the sapphire crystal watch-face, and have a two-year warranty.

I -Gucci white
I -Gucci white


Gucci further explains the reasoning behind the pairing, in that the collaboration “not only underscores Gucci’s own 90-year history, during which time [Gucci] has counted among its most loyal clientele many iconic music artists, but also its commitment to the preservation of the arts.”

Included with any $1395 purchase of the I-Gucci timepiece are the iconic Gucci dog tags with sterling silver necklace chain. The dog tags themselves come in four types with wither black or white enamel with the iconic Grammy gramophone displayed in 18k gold. The white version of the dog tag also can include diamond studs. The Gucci logo is also engraves lightly over the surface to repeat the emphasis on the Gucci-Grammy partnership. The Gucci website boats, “this exclusive collection will appeal to music lovers wishing to distinguish their fashion and style credentials.”

watch and dog tag
Gucci dog tag

Gucci Goes To The Grammys

The 54th Grammy Awards ceremony held Sunday, February 2 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to once again honor outstanding achievements by music industry professionals. Performances, parties, publicity and promotions will undoubtedly abound in the California performing arts mecca this weekend. In its second year partnering up with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (aka The Recording Academy) even the Gucci fashion house has contributed to the hype with a third addition to its I-Gucci GRAMMY® collection.

Designed by Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini, the watch is a variation on the I-Gucci XXL Sport. Proceeds will go toward the preservation and restoration program of music milestones at The Grammy Museum, established in 2008, an interactive and education museum dedicated to the history of the Grammy Awards and its winners.

Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry signed a three-year collaboration agreement with The Recording Academy in September 2010 and have produced three signature timepieces since: the I-Gucci GRAMMY in yellow gold PVD, the I-Gucci Latin Grammy in pink gold PVD and the latest, the I-Gucci Grammy Museum.

It is easy to see why this collaboration works. Giannini herself colluded with Jay-Z last year before the Grammys to host a star-studded brunch celebrating both the music and the Gucci collection associated with the ceremonies. “As a designer,” she said. “I always say I find an incredible inspiration from musicians who are in the music industry. Fashion and music, they have always been together because I think we are looking to musicians and musicians are looking to fashion.”

Gucci, a well-established fashion icon with a history of unifying the complimentary natures of haute couture and everyday street fashion – especially for industry superstars such as Rihanna, Mary J. Blige and Lenny Kravitz –  is perfectly positioned to embody this inevitable dovetailing of high fashion and popular culture. As Madonna sang at the SuperBowl earlier this month, “Music makes the people come together.”

Selling for $1,395 online, it’s unlikely that this watch will end up on the arm of your typical ‘99 percent’ street fashionista, but it is symbolic of a partnership that will endure for as long as fashion and talented musicians are a celebrated part of popular culture.

With a large 49mm face, the dial is black and yellow and the rubber strap is covered in soft patent calf leather imprinted with the Grammy gramophone. It has a digital, dual time-zone display, including date and alarm. It comes with dual chronograph movement and all the bells and whistles – even a sailing option for timing regattas. No diamonds or gems for this simple piece, however; it could easily be worn with a fur coat, a leather jacket, a tailored suit or a pair a thrashed jeans.

The I-Gucci Grammy Museum Watch

Gucci and the Grammy Awards Team up to Create Special Edition Watch

Written by: Sarah Clausen


On February 12th, 2012, the 54th annual Grammy Awards will be held in Los Angeles. The Grammy Award is an accolade given by the National Artists and Scientists of the United States to honor achievement in the music industry. One way that the Grammys celebrates the music industry is through their partnership with Gucci Watches, a brand well-liked by many within the industry. Gucci has developed a special edition watch and jewelry collection in honor of this partnership.


Gucci, officially known as The House of Gucci, is a high end Italian fashion and leather goods label. Part of the Gucci Group owned by the French company PPR, Gucci was founded in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. The company consistently generates a lot of revenue; in 2009 Gucci was 41st on “BusinessWeek’s” annual “Top Global 100 Brands” lists. In addition the company is the biggest selling Italian brand.


The first Grammy Awards was held on May 4, 1959. For the 2012 Awards, there are 78 categories in which artists can be nominated. Works that were produced between September 1, 2010, and September 30, 2011 are eligible for this year’s Grammy Awards.

The Special Edition I-GUCCI
Gucci’s special edition Grammy watch, the I-GUCCI


The Gucci Grammy Special Edition watch was designed by Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini. This special edition watch is unique in that it is Gucci’s first-ever digital timepiece. Named the I-GUCCI, the watch features the ability to show either two time zones or switch to showing digital hands with the local time. The watch comes with a special tag commemorating the Grammy partnership, as well as featuring the Grammy logo on the strap. The partnership between Gucci and the Grammy Awards is a three-year one, and continues Gucci’s commitment to the preservation of the arts that started with the brand’s partnership with Martin Scorsese’s The Film Foundation. The partnership with the Grammy Awards will support the programs of the Grammy Museum.


If you are a music aficionado who is looking to purchase a new timepiece, Gucci and the Grammy Awards have made it easy to support both industries. With the special edition I-GUCCI, you get both a high-end, fashionable watch that also supports the preservation of the music industry.