Omega De Ville Ladymatic 425.

Written by: Krystal Esquillo

High fashion meets exceptional machinery in the Omega De Ville Ladymatic 425. This innovative creation is an answer to women’s increasing desire to own a timepiece that is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside.

Omega originally released the Ladymatic in 1955. At that time the watch’s significance was twofold: it was one of Omega’s first self-winding watches specifically targeted to women and it marked the smallest automatic movement the brand had ever made.

A 2010 revival of the inventive collection combined Omega’s touted Co-Axial technology with a chic, elegant design. The Ladymatic re-launch also elected the line’s official spokesperson, Nicole Kidman. The Oscar-winning actress endorses Omega’s ability to recognize that women are as interested in quality as men are. As the line’s Ambassador, Kidman believes the new Ladymatic perfectly addresses women’s interest in timekeeping performance.

The heart of the impressive inner-workings of this timepiece is the Omega Co-Axial caliber 8521. The Co-Axial escapement and exclusive silicon balance spring contribute to the precision and durability of the self-winding movement. As a COSC-certified chronometer, this watch further demonstrates its superior timekeeping capabilities. Additionally, the Ladymatic reduces winding time by automatically winding in both directions and has a power reserve of 50 hours. The scratch-resistant sapphire covers the dial and transparent case back, exhibiting the movement’s exclusive, lavish finish: Geneva waves in arabesque.

Impeccably designed, the Omega De Ville Ladymatic 425. easily appeals to a woman’s fashionable side. Most alluring are the diamond accents and stunning white mother-of-pearl dial. A halo of sparkling, snow-set diamonds adorns the bezel while 11 gold-mounted diamond indicators circle the dial, accompanied by a polished date window at the 3 o’clock position. A swirling supernova pattern spirals from the center, where a pair of golden, alpha-shaped hands rest. With a Super-LumiNova coating, the Ladymatic watch hands are sure to be beautifully luminous even in the dark.

The titanium inner casebody rests in an 18-carat yellow gold case and the matching metal bracelet secures with a butterfly clasp. And finally, the screw-in crown set with a lustrous diamond completes the accessory, its self-locking feature enabling a water resistance of 100 meters.


– 34 mm case diameter
– COSC Certified chronometer
– Diamond-set screw-in crown
– 18-carat yellow gold case and bracelet
– Mother-of-pearl dial
– Snow-set diamond-paved bezel
– Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
– Transparent case back
– Omega Caliber 8521
– Water resistant to 100 meters
– 50 hours power reserve

If this particular design doesn’t fit your fashion sense, there are dozens of other combinations in the Ladymatic collection. If you’d like a slightly less dressy watch for half the price, a fitting alternative is the polished bezel model with a leather alligator strap. Omega’s interplay of the different metals, colors, dials, embellishments and bracelets make it easy for you to find a model that precisely fits your style, from simple to stately and everything in between.

Omega has successfully reinvented their product in a way that provides an essential upgrade, yet still maintains the original qualities that people originally adored. The Omega De Ville Ladymatic 425. is a modern, stylish watch for today’s fashionable woman.



Omega Constellation Brushed Chronometer


Written by: Krystal Esquillo

An improved, redesigned version of the now-famous Constellation Manhattan, the Omega Constellation Brushed Chronometer is a mixture of tradition and originality and is an instantly recognizable timepiece for the modern woman.

In a move that garnered recognition for the Omega brand, the company launched a distinctive wristwatch in 1982 called the Constellation Manhattan. The unique “griffes” (or claws) wrapped around the bezel left an impression on the public, and now the Constellation is one of the most easily recognized watches in the world. Omega has recently updated the collection, changing the timepiece’s features slightly for a more current look that appeals to new fans as well as its original admirers.

Important features of the 1982 design are still echoed in the new Constellation collection. The subtle-yet-significant star still graces the dial at its familiar 6 o’clock position. The horizontal links of the bracelet have improved in comfort while remaining as visually distinctive as its predecessor. Most importantly, the new collection retains the defining griffes that have captured our attention for the last 30 years. These prominent four claws have been contemporized and are a little more refined and polished.

Omega has also added a few new features to the popular design. The Constellation Brushed Chronometer has a rich blue dial with a striking seashell effect emanating from the star. In lieu of Roman or Arabic numerals, 11 brilliant diamonds surround the dial with a date window at the 3 o’clock position. Diamonds also collect around the red gold bezel like sparkling stars in the night sky. Adding to the stellar effect are the faceted, luminous hands made of 18-carat gold and coated with Super-LumiNova. These phosphorescent pigments are activated by both artificial light and sunlight, emitting an afterglow that radiates in the dark for hours.

An upgrade wouldn’t be complete without improving the technology. The new design is a COSC certified chronometer—it has been thoroughly tested for precision. Omega’s designers have also ensured that each new Constellation continuously stays accurate thanks to the added Co-Axial Escapement technology. The modern collection is also equipped with a water resistance of up to 100 meters.

– 31 mm case diameter
– COSC certified chronometer
– Steel-red gold case and bracelet with horizontal links
– Diamond-embellished red-gold bezel
– Blue dial with shell effect and diamonds
– Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
– Transparent case back
– Omega Caliber 8520 self-winding movement with Co-Axial Escapement
– Water resistant to 100 meters
– 50 hours power reserve

The Omega Constellation Brushed Chronometer is a unique, identifiable timepiece that is part of a very popular family. The colored, diamond-embellished dial reflects a heavenly beauty and makes for an attractive accessory.

Some women are not fond of highly-embellished jewelry. Though the bracelet is fairly simple, the decorated dial isn’t. These contrasting elements might be an ingenious pairing for some or an awkward match for others. A great thing about this collection, however, is its variety. You can find a Constellation in a variety of sizes, dials, accents and metals. Omega has done a good job of creating enough variety to satisfy most women.

The designers at Omega have done a great job revamping a popular design to create this Constellation Brushed Chronometer, which is available here. This timepiece keeps the essence of the original design while incorporating more contemporary features and should therefore keep a lot of women happy.


Cartier Baignoire Mini Watch WB520028



Written by: Krystal Esquillo

A mixture of gleaming diamonds and soft satin, the Cartier Baignoire Mini Watch WB520028 looks like it’s fit for a princess. In fact, this watch’s innovative, elegant design is a reflection of its royal beginnings. It encompasses feminine qualities and has proven to be an admired accessory among women since the early 20th century.

The Cartier brand has long been a presence in royal circles– a fact which is evident in the Baignoire’s design. Its elegant aesthetic draws from a diamond and onyx piece that Louis Cartier designed for Grand Duchess Pavlovna in the early 1900s. The eye-catching oval-dialed creation was named “baignoire,” the French word for the fixture it resembles: bathtub.

Round diamonds adorn the 18-carat pink gold bezel, while another lustrous diamond is set in the 12-sided crown. The identifiable oval case is elegantly aligned with the fabric, creating a sleeker, slimmer design ideal for a small wrist. The black Roman numerals are slightly altered to better contour the dial’s oval shape. A simple Cartier logo and signature blued-steel hands are the only other embellishments on the classic sunray-silver dial.

At only 25 millimeters in diameter, the Cartier Baignoire Mini Watch fittingly rests on a smaller wrist. The soft fabric strap and 18-carat pink gold ardillon buckle secure the timepiece comfortably and add to the overall look of refinement.




– 25.30 mm x 20.795 mm, 7.73 mm thick
– 18-carat pink gold case
– Silvered dial with sunray effect
– Fabric strap
– 18-carat pink gold ardillon buckle
– Diamond-set, twelve-sided crown
– Sapphire crystal
– Quartz movement caliber 059
– Water resistant to 30 meters

This is an iconic timepiece from a respected, sophisticated brand. Of all Cartier collections, the Baignoire most epitomizes classic feminine beauty. The simple, minimalist design makes it timeless, while the diamond accents highlight the grace and natural beauty of a woman. Its enduring style makes it appropriate for all ages and all occasions.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and wrist size will of course vary. This watch’s delicate design may not fit well on wider wrists and may look too small, especially considering that it is the smallest model in the collection. The good news: Cartier does have larger watches in the Baignoire collection. While they vary in design, all maintain the sleek, elongated curves of the imaginative oval dial.

This watch became an instant classic for good reason. Simply put, it is perfectly designed for a woman, both reflecting and complimenting her beauty. The Cartier Baignoire Mini Watch WB520028 is an exquisite accessory that has upheld its timeless sophistication across the generations.




Cartier Ballon Bleu Automatic Women’s Watch WE902048

Written by: Krystal Esquillo


The Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watch WE902048 proves that there’s no ignoring a diamond, especially when it is elegantly incorporated within a superior, luxury timepiece.

Whether you’re out for the night or celebrating a special occasion, this accessory will be gleaming. The entire 18-carat white gold watch is coated in rhodium, a precious metal in the platinum group noted for its silvery-white appearance. This reflective, hypoallergenic metal is becoming an increasingly popular choice for jewelry plating due to its ability to give white gold, silver and platinum a more brilliant finish.

Cartier’s Ballon Bleu collection has an immediately recognizable look, its name a reflection of the watch’s visual weightlessness. Rounded on both sides, the pebble-like case appears to hover above the wrist. The crown’s deep blue sapphire cabochon also tricks the eye, almost floating within the protective bubble created by the rhodiumized white gold arch.

A sea of diamonds sparkle on the dial, slightly magnified under the rounded sapphire crystal. The absence of hour markers ensures the focus remains on the brilliant-cut diamonds. No Roman or Arabic numerals compete with the dazzling display—only the Cartier logo and trademark blue, sword-shaped hands stand out against the silver-white field.

– 33 mm in diameter, 9.96 mm thickness
– Dial and bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds
– 18-carat rhodiumized white gold case
– 18-carat rhodiumized white gold bracelet with hidden folding clasp
– Blue sapphire cabochon set in fluted, 18-carat rhodiumized white gold crown
– Sapphire crystal
– Self-winding caliber Cartier 076 mechanical movement
– Water resistant to 30 meters

The beauty and elegance of the Ballon Bleu de Cartier WE902048 is undeniable. Minimal additional features enable the diamonds to stand out on their own in a simple, yet exquisite way. The status and sophistication of this timepiece make it a great accessory for special evenings and celebrations—and a great gift for that special someone.

Though many women appreciate diamonds, this style may be overly-extravagant for some. Perhaps another Cartier design with just a diamond-set bezel would be sufficient. Also, the Cartier caliber 076 is an automatic movement, so if it’s not worn daily, it will require frequent winding. Many women do not wear diamond-accented jewelry every day, so that factor may be a deterrent.

If you want an accessory that makes a statement every time it’s worn, the diamond-paved, radiant Ballon Bleu de Cartier Women’s Watch WE902048 is the right decision.


Omega Specialties Olympic Timeless 321.

Written by: Krystal Esquillo

The Omega Specialties Olympic Collection Timeless 321. is a very distinct watch. The unmistakable Olympic logo and eye-catching diamonds create an elegant, sparkling tribute to the Olympic Games and their 80-year history with Omega.

It was an unprecedented event: in 1932, Omega was named the exclusive timekeeper of the Olympic Games. Every event of the games was timed by a watch that was supplied and managed only by Omega. To celebrate the lasting relationship Omega has formed with this worldwide sporting event, the Olympic Timeless Collection was created. Each piece honors the Games in its own way: the Timeless 321. is a stylish, brilliant homage to the Olympics.

This model in the collection is actually a Speedmaster 5-counter Chronograph. Lined in emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds, the counters are arranged into the widely-recognized symbol of the Games, the five colorful interlocking rings. The usual white background of the logo is represented in the watch as a white mother-of-pearl dial which beautifully accentuates the blue, yellow, black, green and red colors of the stones. In fact, the remainder of the watch forgoes any color, which makes the interlocking rings the focal point. Blending in with the pearl dial, the hour markers, hands and Omega logo are a subtle silver, while only a small date window and black “Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronometer” text slightly interrupt the monochromatic background.

Set in a 44.25 mm white gold case and white leather strap, the watch has a classically elegant design with a graceful, feminine quality all around. The clean design of the structural aspects of the watch allow the centerpiece to really stand out – the dial and bezel. A circle of diamonds surrounds the stunning center, adding even more sparkle to the jeweled dial. The bezel is vividly paved with 60 full-cut diamonds, with another 120 diamonds lining the minute track.

The dagger-shaped minute hand travels along this procession of diamonds, and the arrow-shaped hour hand adds an interesting detail to the mix. In addition to the hour-minute hands of the central counter, there is a continuous small seconds counter, a 7-day totalizer, and a 12-hour and 30-minute totalizer. Powering each function is the Omega caliber 3888, a self-winding chronograph movement that has been certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. Omega has also incorporated its revolutionary Co-Axial Escapement which employs a free sprung balance and newly designed shock absorber. The certified Swiss-made movements of this collection are a prime example of why Omega has solely been entrusted with Olympic Game timekeeping.

– 44.25 mm case diameter
– COSC Certified chronometer
– 18-carat white gold case
– White mother-of-pearl dial
– Diamond-paved bezel and minute track
– Ruby, emerald, diamond and sapphire accents
– White leather strap
– Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
– Omega Caliber 3888 self-winding chronograph movement
– Water resistant to 100 meters
– 52 hours power reserve

The stunning design of this timepiece is unquestionable, but all the features that contribute to its dazzling beauty could also hinder some from purchasing it. With all the diamonds and other multiple jewels incorporated into the dial, the $42,940 price tag shouldn’t be a surprise. But before spending that amount on a watch, you should consider how often it will be worn. While the Olympic logo is beautifully incorporated into the watch face, it so clearly stands out that it may be more appropriate to wear it only during Olympic season.

The Omega Specialties Olympic Collection Timeless 321. is a radiant watch that celebrates the brand’s legendary history with the Olympic Games. The clean design, incorporation of dazzling jewels and dependable Omega technology make a pricey, yet perfect purchase for the woman who truly appreciates this watch’s significance.