Give Mom the Perfect Boyfriend for Mother’s Day – Watch That Is!

Mom may be expecting the perfect boyfriend this Mother’s Day – Boyfriend Watch that is. Yes Mother’s Day is only a few hours away, if you haven’t found a gift for her yet Boyfriend watches are all the rage now.

Fossil Boyfriend watches are available in array of appealing styles and colors sure to captivate the heart of any Mom this Mother’s Day.


Cecile (Style AM4540) is a multifunction Boyfriend watch that’s sure to capture Mom’s attention. It presents with a 40mm case which is complimented by a turquoise or mint colored dial. The dial features three sub-dials: week day, minute and 24 hours indication. Roman numerals are located at 2, 4, 8 10and 12 o’clock and luminescent hour/minute and hour indication marks. The case and bracelet are finished in a beautiful polished rose gold tone stainless steel. $145

Fossil Cecile Boyfriend - Style AM4555

Cecile (Style AM4555) multifunction Boyfriend watch present with a lovely lavender color dial set in a silver tone stainless steel case and bracelet. The second hand is a lovely violet color and sweeps across the lavender dial. It is as Fossil describes it fresh and fashionable. $125

Fossil Cecile Boyfriend - Style 4549

Cecile (Style 4549) multifunction Boyfriend is another fresh and fashionable watch that captures attention with a bright orchid pink dial which is perfectly contrasted by rose gold tone sub-dials, case and bracelet. The orchid pink dial gives it a perfect feminine touch that’s sure to woo Mom with its timely charm. $145

Fossil Original Boyfriend - Style ES3494jpg

Original Boyfriend (Style ES3494) is Fossil’s tried-and-true classic style watch possessing all the traditional tomboy elements of a Boyfriend watch. It presents with a smoky brown dial complemented by rose gold tone hour indicator marks with sub-dials at 12, 6 and 9 o’clock and a date aperture window located at 4 o’clock. This is indeed a classic Boyfriend watch with a 38mm case in rose gold tone and matching interlinked bracelet. $125

All of the watches have an impressive 11 year warranty. Fossil also has an array of Boyfriend watches with clear stones embedded in the bezel. There is be a Boyfriend watch in the perfect style and color that’s sure to woo your Mom this Mother’s Day.

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Michael Kors Oversized Watches: The New Go-To Accessory for the Young and Famous

Written by: Holly Troupe

Michael Kors Golden Oversized Runway
The Michael Kors Golden Oversized Runway Chronograph

In a new world of hand held media devices and smart phones that come equipped with analog clocks, it was thought by industry insiders as recently as 2008 that the watch was going to go the way of the dinosaur and the walkman cassette player. Anemic designs paired with redundant function caused watch sales to drop drastically—especially in the wake of the recent economic meltdown. However, there has been an upsurge of timepiece-sporting amongst young celebrity taste-makers. Oversized or “Boyfriend” watches are suddenly seen on the wrists of the youthful glitterati. Their favorite designer? Michael Kors.

In 2004, Michael Kors launched his line of Oversized Chronograph watches with Fossil, at a time when many people were casting their watches aside in favor of cell phones. The pieces were large, festooned with flourishes and delicately braided bracelets; they were jewelry. Now, young stars are seen at awards shows, at premieres, or just out and about adorned with those chunky golden timepieces.

Dakota Fanning wearing Michael Kors Golden Oversized Runway Chronograph
Dakota Fanning: Twilight Saga star and fancier of Michael Kors Golden Chronograph

Dakota Fanning, star of the films The Runaways and the Twilight Saga, is frequently seen flaunting her Michael Kors Golden Oversized Runway Watch. This piece has a substantial 45mm case and a 24mm golden bracelet. The dial is gold brushed with gold accents and has a date window between the four and five and a three eye chronograph.

The Mid Size Runway Watch has been seen gracing the wrist of Hayden Panettiere, most known for her role on the TV series “Heroes.” This watch has a 39mm case with chocolate brown watch face and a rose golden accented mother of pearl dial and a date window between the four and the five. The bracelet is stainless steel with rose golden stainless steel panel.

Reality stars Kim Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari both wear Michael Kors Jet Set Horn/Gold watch. This watch is goldtone cased with three sub-dials and a date window between the four and the five. The watch face is golden accented cream, and the bracelet is horn and shiny goldtone.

Michael Kors watches are more than just timepieces; they are the go-to accessory for the young and the chic. Said Kors in an interview with the New York Times, “Considering how casual most people dress on a day-to-day basis, a glamorous watch is one of the few accessories that can be at once sporty, luxurious and utilitarian.”