Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS/12.M

by Jerrica Tisdale

If you’re in need of a great new watch, then consider one of the Bvlgari watches. These sleek timepieces are expensive looking, but affordable. They also have a unique style that many luxury watches don’t possess. If you buy a Bvlgari watch you can expect a lifetime of quality.

If you like simple bracelet like watches then you might want the Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS/12.M watch. The stainless steel piece captures the eyes of many admirers. It’s simple, yet unique. The stainless steel clasp wristband makes it classic and the mother of pearl clock window give it a modern edge.  Here are some other features:

    • Diamond like circle notches in the clock window instead of numbers
    •  Quartz movement
    • Scratch resistant crystal
    • 22 mm diameter
    • 30 meter (99 feet) water resistant

If you don’t like the colors, but like the overall design then there are many choices. But one really similar one but different colors is the Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS.S watch. They have all the same features. Their only differences are that the Bvlgari B.Zero1 BZ22BSS.S has a black dial window and the Bvlgari B. Zero1.BZ22BSS/12.M has a blue mother of pearl one. They are also priced differently. The Bvlgari B.Zero1 BZ22BSS.S originally retails for $ 2,600 and the BZ22BSS/12.S watch costs $3,300 . So there aren’t many differences between the two watches so picking between them may depend on very small factors of colors and price.

The watch has many great features, but there are some flaws that can’t be overlooked. Here are a few:


  • It’s small enough to fit on almost any female wrist and not be too big
  • It looks expensive, but it’s affordable
  • The blue window and stainless steel blend together well


  • It looks almost plastic and fake looking in the pictures, this might kill the appeal to some women
  • The lack of numbers may make it hard to tell time
  • It looks more like a bracelet then a watch and that might kill the appeal to many people

Bvlgari B.Zero1 Women’s BZ22BSS/12.M watch is beautiful, affordable, and great for bracelet lovers. This watch will look great on your wrist. It also won’t bankrupt you buying it. It’s a great watch that any woman or girl might love. The only glaring flaws are that you can’t really use it to tell time, and it almost looks too much like a bracelet to get labeled a watch. Great choice for an additional piece to add to your jewelry collection,  but not a good choice for a watch to tell the time of day.

BVLGARI B.zero1 Quartz Women’s Watch BZ30BSL Review

By Erin Brogan

Like the Black House | White Market clothing, this elegant, silver and black classic timepiece will get a second glance from onlookers.  The BVLGARI B.zero1 Quartz Women’s Watch BZ30BSL is simple, yet chic.


  • Simple yet elegant
  • Small in diameter
  • Adjustable leather strap
  • Water-resistant
  • Scratch resistant crystal
  • Crown not visible

The face is a solid, sheen black, matching the hatched black leather bracelet. The 7 inch straps are adjustable with a clasp and pin.  Displayed against the black dial are the bold manufacturer’s name (BLVGARI) and below that, the italicized collection (B.zero1).  When you are out with the kids and still trying to feel tasteful, there is no need to cry over spilled milk because this watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters or 99 feet.

In place of diamond hour markers like the BZ30BSL/12, the BVLGARI B.zero1 Quartz Women’s Watch BZ30BSL includes white triangles pointing in towards the center hands marking each hour.  The silver hands shine brightly against the black background and easily read the time.  The crown, or button that turns to change the time, is located in the back of the case to avert the eyes only to its sophisticated appearances. This is all protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The entire 30mm/1.18cm case is made from a strong stainless steel, polished and ready to sparkle.


  • Price
  • Blatant Advertising

Name-brand is the way to go, but BVLGARI takes it just a notch overboard by branding the stainless steel bezel twice with their logo to the point of resembling a coke bottle top.  Now, the traditional look of this watch allows this emblem to fade into the background a little, but the engravings still overpower the classiness.

While the price is on the lower side for BVLGARI watches, it still may reign too much for anyone other than the reserved elite.  The cost of this well-designed, Swiss-made wristwatch lists at $2200.00.

BVLGARI has been conducting Italian Magnificence for 125 years.  While at a party to celebrate this marked anniversary, Jessica Elbe can be seen sporting BVLGARI jewelry, as seen in US Town & Country magazine.

Julianne Moore poses for an ad for BVLGARI wearing elegant clothing, the B.zero1 ring collection and a snake-like, vibrant watch.

If these gorgeous, well-to-do women can pull off such a ravishing, designer look, so can you. The BVLGARI B.zero1 Quartz Women’s Watch BZ30BSL is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It’s versatile, classic nature can be worn on any occasion and is a first-rate cost.

Bvlgari B.zero1 Women’s Heart Watch BZ35BHDSGL/2 Watch Review

Written by: Laura Barber

Let’s try an experiment. Close your eyes and imagine a watch with three big hearts on the dial. Are you picturing it? I bet whatever picture you’re seeing in your mind probably looks pretty cheesy, and not like any design that would belong on a luxury watch. In an attempt to eliminate the tackiness that can easily be associated with hearts, the Bvlgari B.zero1 Women’s Heart Watch BZ35BHDSGL/2, approaches this shape from a classy and sophisticated direction that many will love.

Unfortunately, with a strong connection to Valentine’s Day, it will probably never be possible to take all of the cheese factor away from the heart shape. However, Bvlgari makes a solid effort with the design of this watch. Outlined in tiny diamonds against the black dial, the hearts appearing on this timepiece are kept sleek and presented with an element of class. Not only are these hearts elegant, their shape is used to create an interesting pattern on the dial. That is to say, while you can tell that there are hearts on the face of this watch, they are interlocked in such a way that from a distance they create a visually interesting and almost abstract looking design.

Other visual featuresof the BZ35BHDSGHL/2 include:

• Black leather bracelet with stainless steel folding buckle
• 18-karat pink gold plated stainless steel case
• Black dial with sunray effect

This watch is not just a pretty face; it also has the brains to back it up. As it is a Swiss-made timepiece, you can rest easily knowing that its quality is ranks right up there with some of the best in the world.

With that said, its technical features are:
• Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
• Precise Swiss quartz movement
• Screw-in case back
• Push-in crown
• Water resistant up to 30 meters (99 feet)

So, do you think this is the right watch for you? Or maybe you’re still not too sure about it. Either way, here are some reasons why you should get this watch:
• Cute and stylish—would make a great gift
• Price—I know that $4,450 is a lot of money for a little watch, but compared to other Bvlgari watches, this one is almost a steal
• Good quality

And now for the flipside—here’s why you might not want it:
• The hearts on the dial
• The price—like I said before, $4,450 is a lot of money
• The lack of any numbers on the dial might make it difficult to read

If you like this watch and you either absolutely love its little heart-shaped details, or can learn to love them, then this is a good option for you. If hearts are definitely not your thing, but you really like the style of this timepiece, then you might want to check out the rest of the Bvlgari B.zero1 collection.

Bvlgari’s B.zero1 women’s quartz watch BZ35WHDSL/2 Review

Written by Laura Rensing

Some women may wear their hearts on their sleeve, but the Bvlgari’s B.zero1 women’s quartz watch BZ35WHDSL/2 allows you a more fashionable option.  Stylish, chic, and Bvlgari, this watch will having you falling in love with its classic design.

Bvlugari’s prowess with jewelry stands it in good stead when making watches that do more than just tell you the time; they make a statement as well.  Bvlgari believes in a holistic approach to watch making and follows their products from the design room to the showroom, which means that the final product is unique to Bvlgari and ensures that each timepiece is as finely crafted as any of Bvlgari’s jewelry collection.

With a beautiful mother-of-pearl dial and heart diamond accents, this watch will set your own heart pounding.  The watch isn’t overloaded with gaudy diamonds, but tastefully creates a unique design with the same attention to cut and purity that Bvlgari applies to all of its collections.  Bvlgari design infuses craftsmanship and style with wearability and comfort. Bvlgari’s delicate design showcases the jeweler’s skill in setting the diamonds with just enough glitz that reflects the wearer’s personality instead of stealing her shine.   The stainless steel case and scratch resistant crystal help keep this watch looking new and allows this watch to transition easily from day time to nighttime while the leather watch strap allows for a comfortable fit.


  • Comfortable leather strap
  • Mother-of-pearl dial with diamond accents
  • Sapphire scratch resistant crystal
  • Stainless steel case
  • Quartz
  • Elegant design


  • No numbers or even tic marks make this a difficult watch to read.  The exceptionally tiny minute and hour hands do not make the watch any easier to tell the time.
  • The pure white design is chic but also can easily show dirt, particularly on the white leather band where it can be difficult to clean oil and dirt off of the crevices.
  • This watch prides itself on simplicity, so if you’re looking for bells and whistles, you’ll have to look elsewhere.  (If you like this style but want a bit more data for your watch, I suggest Bvlgari’s DG35WSDWVDCH/8 which combines the pure, clean look of this watch with the date and time capabilities of a chronograph watch).
  • If you like the idea of the design, but not the color scheme, try the BZ30C2HDSL/2 or BZ35BHDSGL/2 which include the same quality and heart motif without the monochrome scheme.


Overall the Bvlgari’s B.zero1 women’s quartz watch BZ35WHDSL/2 is as timeless as it is unforgettable—though whether you’ll remember what time it is after you look at it may be another issue!

Bvlgari B-Zero1 Women’s 22mm Watch BZ22BSL/12 Watch Review

Written By: Jessica Mangiameli

Bvlgari is a very well respected designer and happens to be a favorite among many women.  The Bvlgari women’s B-Zero1 watch is a trendy time piece designed for fashion gurus everywhere.

This classic style accessory is certain to make you be the envy of all of your friends.  The blue mother of pearl dial is sure to be the cause of why this particular watch catches your eye.  The movement of this watch is quartz.  The dial is protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal to save you during casual accidents.  Around the dial the brand name Bvlgari is spelled out.  The jewelry styled time piece is very small with the stainless steel case measuring at 22 millimeters in diameter.  The bezel is also stainless steel.  The dial contains luminescent minute and hour hands but no second hand.  There are diamond indicator hour markers.  The leather bracelet measures at seven inches in length and has a pin and buckle type clasp, ensuring that this watch will be secured to your wrist at all times.  A great feature of this watch is that even though it’s very fancy it’s still water proof, it can go as deep as 90 feet or 30 meters of water.  A screw down crown is there to make sure no water will ever make its way into the Bvlgari B-Zero1.  This watch retails at $2,400, making it a very expensive item to own.  This watch is perfect for dressy occasions.

The watch is available in many different styles and colors, as well as prices.  This same watch is available with a black dial as well as a floral print dial.  There is also an all white variation of this watch available for sale.  If you like the style of the face but you’re not a huge fan of the bracelet, have no fear, the Bvlgari B-Zero1 is available with a thin stainless steel bracelet.


  • Water resistant up to 99 feet or 30 meters
  • Classic style
  • Leather bracelet
  • Small case
  • Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Luxurious designer brand
  • This watch is available in many different colors, styles and prices.
  • No second hand
  • Very expensive
  • This watch is often replicated and sold on the internet

If you are genuinely interested in purchasing this watch it is best to do so through an authorized Bvlgari dealer.  Bvlgari is often counterfeited on the internet so if you’re willing to spend this much on a watch be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth!  The Bvlgari B-Zero1 women’s watch is sure to catch everyone’s eye.