Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus by Citizen @ BASELWORLD

In Basel, Switzerland at the annual BaselWorld exhibition, Japanese watchmaker Citizen recently unveiled a new timepiece. The new timepiece is part of the Eco-Drive collection, and is being called the Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus.


The Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus features a round titanium case that measures 51.5mm in diameter. Nestled into this elegant case is a matte black dial with white luminescent hour markers and hands. At the 3 o’clock position is an aperture which reveals the date. The dial of the Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus is protected with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal dome. Additionally, the Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus is water resistant to 200 meters.


Within the Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus beats the caliber Citizen Eco-Drive J280. This movement features a altimeter, electronic compass, power reserve indicator, and a solar charger. Sensors within the electronic compass and altimeter provide an incredibly precise reading of direction, depth, and height. This measurement is accurate up to a height of 10,000 meters and to a depth of 300 meters below sea level.


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-Written by Selena DiGiovanni

East Meets West – Kari Voutlainen 28 Sarasamon

Written by Evan Gabriel


After studying at Finland’s Tapiola and the International Watchmaking School, the Finish-born Kari Voutilanine knew where his life’s dream would take him: straight to the top of the watchmaking industry. Now, with some help from a partner, Voutlainen has released a timepiece that is sure to rival many of his subsequent creations.

For nearly thirty years, Voutilanine has focused all of his energy on handcrafting exceptional watches. It is no surprise that for the new 28 Sarasamon, Voutlainen teamed up with Unryuan, the famous Japanese lacquer studio to bridge the gap between East and West.


Chic rose gold and lacquer have been applied to give this timepiece its rare-antique feel, which Voutlainen is no stranger to.

By employing Saiei Maki-e and Somata Zaiku techniques, the artists at Unryuan studios were able to put together an exquisite dial.

Now for a little linguistics: the 28 Sarasamon’s dial was designed using gold dust (kinpun), gold lead (jyunkin-itakane), the shell of great green turban (Yakou-gai) and abalone shell from New Zealand (Awabi-gai).

While the plate is made up from German silver, the wheels offer a sharp contrast in rose gold. The 28 Sarasamon contains an astounding 21 jewels that demand the attention of spectators.

The case measures 37.00 mm in diameter by 10.80 mm in height.

The dial is very simple, with twelve, three and nine o’clock clearly displayed, while the notorious Voutilainen emblem takes the place of six o’clock.

Aesthetically, what’s most impressive about Kari Voutlainen’s newest piece is the intricate color-scheme of the dial. The variation of rose gold, green, purple and blue play off each other like the feathers of a peacock.

The interior and exterior curve vibrate at 18,000 vph.


Interestingly, on the bottom side of this watch, you can view the direct impulse escapement, which features two escapement wheels.

Romain Jerome Shines with the Moon Invader 40

Romain Jerome symbolizes our achievements with the remarkable Moon Invader 40 watch. Mechanical precision and an inspirational reminder of past moon landings deliver a striking timepiece that calls out for a chance to be appreciated.

The Moon Invader 40 is part of the Romain Jerome Moon Invader Collection which uses authentic lunar elements such as moon dust, fragments of the Apollo XI and fibers from an International Space Station spacesuit. The rounded case is actually made from a union of steel and spare parts from Apollo XI. The four screws and four ball and socket joints that surround the case are reminiscent of the feet of the lunar landing pod. The traditional X pattern on the dial is a lattice array. This design was inspired by the woven metal strands on the tires of the lunar roving vehicles. The beveled case size is 46 millimeters and shows as a pleasantly rounded cushion shape.

The case-back features a grainy moonscape-textured small disk in Moon Silver representing, of course, the moon. Moon Silver is a combination of precious metal with certified and authenticated moon dust. The Moon Silver obtains a unique finish upon contact by the owner. With all these special features and materials, the Moon Invader 40 watch is sure to summon memories and the glory of the lunar mission.

The aesthetics of the dial are unique and create a grid work pattern which is new to the watch industry. The hands and inner bezel rings are coated with superluminova which shows as an exciting blue at night.

The ball and socket joints that represent a lunar landing module are mounted on axles that are moored to the case and hold the lugs of the wrist strap. This allows the strap to adjust to any wrist size. The Moon Invader 40 arrives with four color options: Heavy Metal Auto, Black Metal Auto, TI Auto or Prune.

Romain Jerome was founded in 2004 and has become known for their unique concept of bringing the “DNA of famous legends” into the watch industry. Each of their timepieces pays tribute to an event or special moment of history during the last century such as steel from the Titanic and ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

The Romain Jerome Moon Invader 40 watch is a fascinating concept that has been captured and brought to life on the wrist. A chance to claim a piece of history may be enough to tempt watch aficionados but the exceptional design and characteristics of the Moon Invader 40 will provide a definite lure.

Ferrari Picks Movado for 2013 Watch Line

Movado has landed the honor of designing, producing and marketing a new watch line for Ferrari S.p.A., the iconic sports car manufacturer and race team. The agreement is a multi-year, worldwide license that will give Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari brand a new partner and new outlets for distribution.

Ferrari chose to end their relationship with their previous partner, Panerai, in the hopes that the Movado Group will reach a wider audience with their more affordable luxury watches. Ferrari intends for the Scuderia Ferrari watch line to be more accessible by the general public which Movado should be able to help accommodate. Movado will use their wholesale distribution outlets to market the watches globally, as well as Ferrari stores and the Ferrari online store. The watches will also peak at $2,000 which is a dramatic decrease from the prior watch line.

Chief Executive and Chairman, Efraim Grinberg, of Movado Group, Inc. announced that the “Ferrari Formula 1 cars and Ferrari Road cars will provide great inspiration” to their design group. The watch collection is expected to include captivating, recognizable designs combined with the high quality expertise and skill that is part of Movado’s reputation. Grinberg stated that Movado “looks forward to collaborating with them to design an innovation collection and to satisfy the requests of Ferrari enthusiasts” all around the globe.

Movado has a history of partnering with well-known brands to create elegant and stylish watches. Founded in 1881, the Swiss company has formed a solid reputation as one of the world’s leading watchmakers and has earned 200 international awards for their watch design and time technology. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, ESQ, Lacoste, Ebel and Hugo Boss have learned that a partnership with Movado Group is a sure and successful method of broadening their accessory line.

What should fans expect? The new watch line will, no doubt, be of expert craftsmanship and innovative technology with an elegant design and distinction. With the inspiration of cars that reek of speed, grace and beauty, the partnership of Movado and Ferrari is sure to produce outstanding timepieces that will have fans eagerly waiting the unveiling next year.

When should we expect to see the new Movado-Scuderia Ferrari watch line? It was announced that the collection will be ready for launch at the 2013 Annual Watch & Jewelry Fair which is held in Basel, Switzerland in March of every year. The wait is sure to keep watch aficionados counting the days.

CVSTOS Presents Challenge Pilot RC Limited Edition Watch

CVSTOS has designed the Challenge Pilot RC Limited Edition watch inspired by the Formula 1 champion, Ringo Chong. The inspirational watch has been imbued with traits of the young victor – originality, love of speed and the spirit of sportsmanship.

CVSTOS, Latin for “guardian,” is a Swiss company launched in 2005. The brand quickly became known for their innovative and high-tech approach to their one-of-a-kind timepieces. The two partners, Antonio Terranova and Sassoun Sirmakes have combined their designer skills, technical knowledge and flair for marketing into a successful Swiss company. CVSTOS strives to find the perfect balance between traditional watchmaking and state-of-the-art innovation.

The Singapore racing champion, Ringo Chong, is a “seasoned pro” and one of the youngest drivers in the regional racing circuit. His wins include both the Rally of Singapore and the Tour de Singapore. He has also won the Marina Bay F1 circuit in the Aston Martin Asia Cup F1 and was crowned Overall Champion in the Ferrari Asia Pacific 458 Challenge. It seems CVSTOS has good cause to join forces with Ringo Chong.

The CVSTOS Challenge Pilot RC Limited Edition watch certainly gives the appearance of being unique. Its black case is barrel-shaped and made of steel and aluminum alloy. Sharp yellow, a take from Ringo’s Ferrari, stripes and inserts provide a nice contrast against the black and charcoal background. Sub dials sit at the three, six and nine o’clock positions for the chronograph counters and the automatic movement comes with 48 hours of power reserve.

The bright yellow coloring is also seen in the stitching along the Alcantara wrist strap, which is a suede leather that was developed for the F1 race cars as the seat or steering wheel covering. The color pattern continues with “Start/Stop” and “Reset” buttons placed on the right side of the watch. Their design is made to resemble the pedals in a race car. The “Date” button rests on the left side of the watch. To complete the package honoring Ringo, his name has been placed inside a small rectangular red box on the dial to the left of the 12 o’clock position.

CVSTOS has boldly stepped into the future with the design of the Challenge Pilot RC Limited Edition watch. The innovation and technical knowledge that has been displayed is a tribute to, not only Ringo Chong, but the brand. CVSTOS has shown that they are a powerful watchmaking brand that can create a new concept and fulfill it with their inherent skills and mechanical timepiece expertise.