Cartier, Don’t Buy Fake

Authentic Cartier, Worth Waiting For

Yes, replicas of famous watches, handbags, and even shoes are sold regularly.  I even have a beautiful Gucci “replica” satchel.  I love it, but when it comes to Swiss made timepieces…I draw the line.  You must not forget the hard work of all the brilliant watchmakers.  You don’t just create a reputable name, you earn it.  That is what Cartier has done.

If you’re shopping for a good deal, you can find Cartier watches on sale or even at an estate sale.  These are true vintage timepieces and sought after by collectors.  There is no shame in purchasing a pre-owned Cartier.  The point is that it be real and authentic.  The styles of Cartier are timeless.  Many of their designs from yesterday have the same classic, characteristics.  The elegant features and fine craftsmanship hasn’t changed over the years, and that’s why Cartier is a legendary designer.  From their jewelry creations to their watches…Cartier is exceptional.  Even if you can’t afford the more expensive Cartier watches, there are pieces in the collection budgeted for you, and they are genuine Cartier.  Go for a classic watch that you can wear for years and you won’t go wrong.  Cartier is a great name…and behind that name, quality.

Authentic Watches From Cartier

Cartier, Authentic Watches

Cartier is such a fabulous watch line.  Today let’s look over some authentic watches from the Cartier Collection.  The La Donna dates way back and has been a long standing staple in the Cartier line.  The La Donna is a stainless-steel women’s watch with a highly unusual serpentine type link bracelet.  The Super polished steel shines and gives off a true luxurious look and feel.  This authentic Cartier has an octagonal shaped dial, with a synthetic, faceted spinel.  The Cartier name is traditionally placed at the 12 o’clock mark, and lovely Roman numerals adorn the face.  This women’s watch comes in the small and large sizes.  The La Donna by Cartier also has a diamond version, which retails for just around $30,000.  I know, that’s a pretty penny, but we are talking about an authentic watch here.  If you like a more traditional look, maybe the Cartier Tank has a watch for you.  The Tank is a well known Cartier look.  The rectangular dial and polished stainless-steel link bracelet have been a long loved Cartier style.  The Tank caters to someone who is drawn to the classics.  This look will never go out of style, and you can be sure to be wearing it years from now, with pride.  Authentic watches are real treasures!

Filtering authentic watches from others qualitatively

An authentic watch
A Rolex is costly, but an authentic one will last a long time

So you want to buy a watch. Who doesn’t? Wristwatches have been a celebrated item of garb since they were first introduced a century ago. Some people view them as a mere accessory to just add to a look, but others see it as an item that becomes one’s trademark; in a sense it becomes your defining look. With this in mind, you want to make sure you browse through only authentic, higher class watches.

The price range in watches is very diverse and you need to take care to carefully choose your most treasured item.

Quality is a huge factor in buying a watch. The brand names which decorate many watches are not just there to let the buyer show off their expensive attire, but also claim to be a seal of approval and reassurance that your watch is precious qualitatively. You want to know that you are getting connected to a piece that will be with you for a long time. Imagine buying a dog you knew was going to die the next year. How depressive, right? Well, that’s the same with watches. Don’t buy a watch that’s bound to break shortly after buying.

This is why so many have opted to buying more expensive brands of timepieces even though they don’t consider themselves to be huge spenders in other areas.

A case for authentic watches

It’s not hard to understand why some people would choose to by a replica of an authentic watch.  A TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 costs roughly a grand, while a Breitling Bentley is almost 100 hundred times that.  Even a savvy buyer looking for a genuine watch on the used market knows it will cost him at least a few hundred dollars.  Because of the high cost associated with luxury brand watches, a replica seems like the perfect deal: a chance to wear a Rolex or Omega watch for a fraction of the price either cost.

What these seemingly smart shoppers miss is that there’s a reason authentic watches come with a high price tag.  Watches that carry a luxury name are hand-crafted under stringent quality controls, feature accurate movements, and are made from the finest materials.  Replicas, on the other hand, feature inferior movements, cheaper materials, inconsistencies, and can even have contaminants like hairs trapped underneath the crystal.

With all of the inaccuracies and inconsistencies that come with replica watches, it’s easy to say that you get what you pay for.  But there is one other thing to consider when looking at the authentic versus replica decision: people who wear authentic watches have the satisfaction of knowing that the watch on their wrist is the real deal, and the people who wear them know this can’t be underestimated or understated.

Authentic Watches: Worth Every Penny

With so many replica watch companies selling fake Rolexes, Tag-Heuers and Movados, you might think the more expensive authentic watches would be suffering, but just the opposite is true. In some respects, the replica watch craze has increased the value of genuine watches by giving more visibility to a brand than it would otherwise receive.
Just the fact that replicas are being made of a specific brand – like Michele, Tissot or Cartier – elevates the status of the brand. It makes the prospect of wearing a real luxury watch even more attractive. Wearing authentic watches also makes sense from a financial perspective. Even though they will cost a lot more than a replica up front, a high-end luxury watch will last for many years to come. It may even be passed on to the next generation; and in many cases it will increase in value.

Sure, if you just want the fashion “look” of a designer watch, you can still go out and buy a bunch of fake watches at a lower price, but only authentic watches will stand the test of time. Whether you choose a Swiss chronograph, Cartier cocktail watch or a new touch-sensitive Tissot Platinum T-Touch, you are certain to get more long term satisfaction from a genuine luxury timepiece.