Herbert Nitsch Announces Attempt in Breitling Extreme 800

Written by: Lisa Pearson

Since 1884, Swiss watchmaker Breitling has been making high-end time instruments for professionals. Breitling watches are frequently branded by their polished cases and bracelets with large watch faces which are designed to increase the readability of the watch in a variety of environments. They have a worldwide reputation for creating luxurious, versatile, and durable timepieces. Their brand maxim of performance, precision, and sturdiness has made them the brand of choice for experts in the diving and aviation spheres as well as those who live high-end lifestyles.

Photo of the Breitling Flying Fish Chronograph inspired by Herbert Nitsch
The Breitling Flying Fish Chronograph inspired by Herbert Nitsch

The dependability combined with the attractive design has made Breitling the official watch supplier of world aviation. Breitling is also one of the rare companies to produce its own mechanical chronograph movement, which is entirely developed and manufactured in their own workshops and is also one of the last remaining independent Swiss watch brands. As Breitling keeps its finger on the pulse of all things extreme; they sponsor an event called the Breitling Extreme 800 which is an 800 foot free dive in the ocean. Free diving involves diving underwater without the use of any external breathing devices or scuba gear. It is an extremely deep dive on a single breath of air and who better to attempt this amazing feat than the Breitling sponsored Herbert Nitsch?

Herbert Nitsch is an Austrian airline pilot and free-diver who is the current world record champion in free diving. Known as the “deepest man on earth,” he has achieved thirty two official world records to date. Nitsch who has been nicknamed “The Flying Fish,” has been a Breitling representative for years and has a watch named after him called the Chronomat 44 Flying Fish. Nitsch recently announced that he is preparing for the Breitling Extreme 800 in Greece which is an 800 foot free drive off of the isle of Santorini in the Aegean Sea. Nitsch plans on utilizing a “no-limit” sled to aid him in his ultra-deep dive.

Herbert Nitsch, Austrian pilot and free diver
Herbert Nitsch, Austrian pilot and free diver

He has documented his training efforts and videos of his progress can be seen online where he can be seen wearing Breitling watches. This is truly a testament to just how durable and dependable these premium timepieces are. Breitling reports that Nitsch’s highly successful trials have provided the opportunity to check the performance of the “torpedo sled” facilitating the champion’s descent and ascent, complete with its underfoot ballast system, as well as the overhead inflatable buoy for bringing the diver back to the surface – all on a single breath.

Nitsch states that he plans on attempting a 900 then his ultimate goal of a 1000 foot dive after the Breitling Extreme 800 which is to take place in the summer of 2012.