TAG Watches Get Their Own Museum

Long known as the avant-garde of watch making, the TAG Heuer watch company embodies a 150 year heritage of creating timepieces that capture the wearer’s imagination.  So, it is no wonder that they decided to celebrate this history by displaying the innovation, technology, and precision that has made this company an icon of celebrated Swiss chronograph tradition.

With such well known collections as the Formula 1, Carrera, Monaco and Aquaracer, TAG Watches are the only brand to offer instrumentation in their watches that is accurate to one tenth, one-hundredth, and even one-thousandth of a second.   In the world of timekeeping for performance sporting events, TAG Heuer has even created a stopwatch that is accurate to within 1/10,000th of a second.

It is this commitment to accuracy and precision that has made TAG watches worthy of their own museum.  From the entrepreneurship of its founders Edouard Heuer and his great sons Charles-August and Jules Edouard, to the current CEO and President, Jean-Christophe Babin, the TAG Watch company has long been associated with high-performance “prestige” sporting events.  This obsession spawned the development of the oscillating pinion and led to the invention of the world’s first mechanical stopwatch.

Now, at the TAG Heuer company’s eco-headquarters in Switzerland, they proudly welcome visitors to the TAG Heuer 360 museum.  This architectural marvel was designed to house a revolutionary 360-degree conic movie screen, which is the first in the world of its kind – hence, the museum’s name – TAG Heuer 360.  This 360 degree screen is managed by a battery of twelve computers, which can process over one million images per hour, and presents the company’s daring quest for exceptional technology and innovation.  If you plan a visit to Switzerland, don’t miss this dynamic presentation of the company’s unrivaled heritage, and you will be sure to come away with the impression that with TAG Heuer, anything is possible…

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