TAG Heuer’s MONACO Calibre 12 Chronograph 39mm Automobile Club de Monaco Black Edition Sports Watch- Ref: CAW211M.FC6324

Written by Debra Stoddard


TAG Heuer’s MONACO collection allures watch and sports enthusiasts around the world.  Their new MONACO Chronograph races ahead of the pack with its midnight black opalin dial, titanium carbide coated case, and a transparent smoked sapphire case back flashing the ACM logo.  The tradition of the Automobile Club de Monaco began in the late 1890’s.  The current name was adopted on March 29, 1925, and the first Monaco Grand Prix was held on April 14, 1929.  The new MONACO collection holds true to the notorious Steve McQueen MONACO in shape, but that is where it stops.


While Steve McQueen’s MONACO version made the collection a must have, this version appeals to the edgier sports enthusiast. The hand-applied, rhodium-plated indexes and white, luminescent markers on the minute and hour hands contrast skillfully against the black dial.  The titanium carbide coating hugs the steel case like a racecar on the final lap. The second hand has an orange tip making it easy for timing purposes.  The chronograph push buttons are high polished, and they have titanium carbide coated protectors.  At the finish line, the watch wraps around your wrist with a black leather strap with an orange “Sahara” lining matching the second hand’s tip.  The steel folding buckle completes the look, and its added protection includes a safety push button release on the clasp.


  • Light weight
  • Edgy appearance
  • Limited in quantity
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters
  • Transparent smoked sapphire case back
  • Steel folding clasp helps lengthen the life of the leather strap
  • Cool contrast on the interior of the strap
  • Very easy to read


  • The earliest availability will be May of 2013.
  • If the strap is not fitted properly, the watch will not keep time as accurate as if it is sized to your wrist. (This is true for all automatic movements.)
  • It is not meant for small wrists.

Things to Avoid:

  • Wear:
    • Do not leave the watch siting for long periods of time without wearing it.  The automatic movement needs to stay lubricated.  Just like a car that sits in the garage for a long time stalls before starting and parts get worn out, your watch is the same.  The movement needs to be oiled by wearing or winding it.  If you don’t, the seals break down over time, and the movement dries out.
    • Make sure the watch fits on your wrist properly.  If it doesn’t then it will not be able to keep accurate time.  Automatic movements are powered by the movement of your wrist.  If you watch circles around on your wrist, then the movement is not getting the power it needs to keep the watch wound.  It will lose time if it is not sized correctly.


The new MONACO Calibre 12 Chronograph is a 39 mm timepiece.  This means the watch looks best on a medium build or larger.  It’s a very cool looking watch that attracts attention from all generations of men, but the limited availability and $8,200 price TAG Heuer keeps it just out of reach for many watch fans.  Overall, it is a great timepiece to own as a collector, sports or watch enthusiast, or to gift to someone celebrating a grand accomplishment.



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