Tag Heuer MikrotourbillonS Watch: Double the TourbillonS, Double the Fun

Tag Heuer’s cutting edge MikrotourbillonS watch is proving that two is better than one. With two Tourbillons and a double barreled dual-frequency movement as part of its “Mikro” platform, their latest invention is blowing their competition out of the water.
The visual concept of the watch is as unique as the mechanics. With half of a textured black dial, half revealed mechanics, the MikrotourbillonS puts the “S” in style (fun fact: the “s” is capitalized to emphasize the multiple tourbillons).

This watch is the latest step in the “Mikro” platform watches produced by Tag Heuer which boasts high-precision mechanics with extremely high frequency chronographs. Mikrographs can range from 1/100th to 2/10,000th seconds.
The double tourbillons build on the Mikro platform, with one tourbillon regulating the time, the other the chronograph functions. In spite of the double duty of the mechanics, the watch still has a 45 hour power reserve. Not bad for the most accurate set of tourbillons on the planet.
Tourbillons are now seeing something of a resurgence. Once prized for their accuracy during the 1800s and their ability to remain precise in spite of the wear and tear of everyday life, the arrival of the quartz watches nearly put tourbillons out of watch wear.

However, as watch designs focus more and more on the artistry behind the mechanics, tourbillons are once again gracing luxury watches. Tourbillons are the ultimate feat of watchmaking and for Tag Heuer to intermingle two of the functions is certainly a first.
Though the indices and chronograph faces still have the classic looks of a Tag Heuer, their juxtaposition against the mechanics provides a nice balance between fun and functional. The design has just enough of a steampunk air with the exposed black and rose gold mechanics without going into costume land.
The sleek design also lends itself to the watch: the watch is actually made of tantalum—a material that is highly resistant to corrosion. Combine the nigh indestructible tantalum with the durable comfort of the alligator strap and you have a watch as that can last.
The Tag Heuer MikrotourbillonS watch is a pleasing combination of technological ambition and an attention to detail and aesthetics. Forward thinking, fun to watch, and a conversation starter, the MikrotourbillonS seems like it is only the beginning of a whole of Tag Heuer feats of watchmaking.

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